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We hope you enjoyed our webinar on Coordinated Lead Generation: Accelerating Your 2024 Pipeline with Jeff Pelliccio, Shannon Khan, and Ashley Bowlin! We had a blast diving into the latest B2B market trends and strategies.

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  2. Lead Gen Campaign Review: Let’s amp up delivery, smooth out the rough spots, and boost that ROI.


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Coordinated Lead Generation: Accelerating Your 2024 Pipeline

Here’s a recap of what we covered:

  • Consequences of siloed efforts within staffing firms
  • What successful lead generation efforts need from your team
  • Outline of tactical development metrics and project creation
  • Campaign metrics for measuring effectiveness and ROI


In our commitment to support your staffing firm’s success, we’re pleased to offer you access to valuable resources. Whether you missed any part of our presentation or simply wish to revisit the slides, you can easily download them here.