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Illinois Search and Staffing Association

The Midwest Staffing Owners and Executives Retreat is a space to challenge the status quo and be exposed to new innovative ideas. During my session Building a Brand-Centric Competitive Advantage, the opportunity is in repurposing the elements of your staffing firm that make you inherently unique to develop meaningful offers for your employers and candidates. The standardization of the offer and optimization of the message accelerates adoption with your prospects and your organization.
ISSA Illinois Search and Staffing Association

New Is RARELY Easy

But You’ve Got FREE Resources

As a courtesy to the members of ISSA, I personally want to make sure you have the resources you need to embark on this journey to drive a greater wedge between you and the competition.
    • If you missed anything from the presentation and want to review the slides, you can download them here.
    • If you need help getting started, I’m offering ISSA members 1-hour on my calendar to ask the necessary questions to overcome obstacles you may be facing. Access my calendar below and block out time that works best for you.
Building a Bulletproof Brand-Centric Competitive Advantage