10 Examples of Best Recruitment Landing Pages

10 examples of great recruitment landing pages

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  • April 14, 2022

One of the main goals of recruitment marketing is to convert potential candidates into applicants or leads in a talent network. For staffing firms, this is a matter that can make or break their business. 

You might have thought you’d done it all: a perfect pitch, personalized InMails, an impeccable recruitment brand. You might also have gotten your employees to repost job vacancies on social media. Yet, you still aren’t getting top talent.  

You might even be a staffing firm with an important message to share and an honest set of core values. In truth, none of that matters without a good career page that entices candidates to hit the apply button. This article shares the best recruitment landing pages and the features we love about them, which you can adopt for your website.  


What is a post-click landing page? 

A post-click landing page is a standalone web page that uses persuasive elements. This can be in the form of an attention-grabbing headline, engaging media, valuable social proof, or other content created to convince visitors to take action or accept an offer.  

In the staffing industry, a post-click landing page is more commonly known as a recruitment landing page. It has very specific conversion goals: finding the right talent for your company and getting a pipeline of applicants for you. 


Recruitment Landing Page Don’ts 

? Never try to sell anything to potential candidates with pop-up ads 

? Never make it hard for your potential candidates to find relevant links to career opportunities 

? Never use language that makes candidates feel inadequate 

? Never provide incomplete information 

? Never use stock photos as much as possible 

? Never use cliches in job descriptions or titles, such as “ninjas” and “rockstars” 


Recruitment Landing Page Do’s 

✔ Always have a relevant and high-resolution banner image at the top 

✔ Always have a captivating headline underneath or overlaid on the banner image 

✔ Always use persuasive content that answers why joining your company is the best choice 

✔ Always have a clear call to action 

✔ Always have a form to collect potential candidate information 

✔ Always keep it short and simple 

✔ Always have a clear answer to the question: “Why should I work for you?” 


10 Best Recruitment Landing Pages 

In theory, these do’s and don’ts are quite easy to comprehend, but it’s tricky to get it right in reality. To inspire you, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best career pages out there that not only got it right but went beyond: 


What we love about it: Airbnb’s career page has perfected the way they share their mission statement and core values. It moves and inspires you. They also use inclusive language, which focuses on an individual (you) with the line: “Small teams, global mission.” Lastly, their benefits section headline is: “Live your best life.” 

However, they did deviate from the norm. It’s not technically a standalone landing page and has a few tabs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that their page is hard to navigate, but it does take a few clicks to get around. 



What we love about it: Pinterest’s career page is definitely Pinterest-worthy! Since Pinterest is a visual platform, the overall look of their career page matches their brand perfectly. It’s trendy, colorful, and full of pictures and videos of people.  

Their call to action is the first thing you see. It also clearly states its mission and features employee testimonials. Even though it’s also not a standalone page and more like a separate website entirely, it’s easy to navigate with a keyword search bar.  



What we love about it: Hotjar’s career page doesn’t fool around and dives straight into discussing their company culture. Their narrative is inclusive, and even the banner image is a group photo of their employees with open arms. There’s also a clear list of employee benefits and a very informative video featuring employee meetups. Another highlight is their laid-out step-by-step recruitment process. 



What we love about it: Slack makes it practically impossible for their potential applicants not to want to apply! The branding is on point. Their message is very clear, from their core values, respect for work-life balance, flexibility, and commitment to a candidate’s professional development, health, and well-being. You wouldn’t expect anything less from this messaging platform. 

Slack’s message shouts diversity, education, opportunity, and growth. They have captured the essence of showcasing an evolved and modern workplace. 



What we love about it: The way Virtue markets its employer brand showcases what they do as an award-winning creative agency. Simply put, Virtue’s career page speaks for itself. Virtue really connects and resonates with creatives.  

On top of that, its career page also contains its values and stance on current issues. It advocates for change and starts a meaningful discourse, which shows you it’s an industry giant that can make waves. Virtue also works with some of the biggest brands across the globe! 



What we love about it: We absolutely adore Swapfiets’ banner image – a photo of its employees holding a sign that says, “We don’t sell bikes.” It’s so original and quirky!  

Swapfiets is a rent-a-bicycle company with over 270,000 members in nine countries. It advocates for sustainable and healthy living, which is clearly reflected on its career page messaging. 


The Student Hotel 

What we love about it: The Student Hotel career page shows how fun, energetic, and vibrant it is, not just through its company slogans but also a significant part of its working lifestyle. It effectively used brand elements to create a distinctly youthful and high-spirited feel to its page. 

On top of that, The Student Hotel did a marvelous job of using social proof from its employees. Conscious, curious, fun, and bold – exactly what this brand’s career page is. 



What we love about it: Nuuvem has perfectly designed a recruitment landing page that appeals to its specific audience – gamers. The minimalist style, dark color scheme, and use of popular gaming characters all work together perfectly to give the page a techy feel. It also directly answered the question as to why you should work at Nuuvem and a dedicated FAQ section. 


Betty Blocks 

What we love about it: This particular career page leaves no question unanswered. Betty Blocks has a “Discover our Departments & Traineeships” section where you can learn everything about its product development, services, and revenue departments. You’ll also learn the tools and strategies this company uses from this section.  

Betty Blocks also display a list of benefits and the whole candidate journey. It also has a section dedicated to the recruitment team, which displays the company’s LinkedIn accounts as well, making it easy for candidates to reach out and connect. 



What we love about it: Teamleader’s career page opens with a very bold statement overlaid on an employee group photo: “Join us. You won’t regret it.” It’s simple and straight to the point. Even the text below the photo speaks of simplicity and clarity! 

Teamleader’s career page carries a warm and distinct aesthetic, making the company look very inviting. This brand also uses multiple videos, employee testimonials, and recruitment process infographics. 


Start Building Your Staffing Agency’s Career Page 

Looking at these samples, creating your career page might look like a difficult task. But it’s all worth it when these pages can do more than just convert. Take this as a chance to delight your target personas by providing them with value and reaffirming your employer brand. 

There are also many other options you can consider in building a landing page. You can partner with an in-house marketing web team, work with an agency, or implement a software solution that enables you to publish web pages.  



If you need help creating a recruitment landing page that delivers an impactful message and resonates with top talent, give us a call! We at Allied Insight will share your mission, vision, and values, and we’ll let the whole world know it, too! 

Allied Insight is a fractional outsourced CMO and Growth Marketing Agency for staffing companies. We aim to elevate your employer brand by delivering strategic marketing solutions. Contact us today for a partnership, and who knows, maybe your career page will be the next one on our list of best picks! 


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