15 Staffing Podcast You Should Tune in to Stay Updated

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  • May 19, 2022

Are you looking to stay up-to-date in today’s fast-paced staffing industry? You might want to give listening to a staffing podcast a try. These podcasts are packed with valuable insights, tips, and tricks for staffing professionals. They cover everything from best practices for staffing agencies to approaches for managing a more agile workplace. 

No matter your staffing needs or interests, there is a perfect podcast for you. So, check out our list below, and start subscribing today! 

Benefits of Listening to Podcasts 

A podcast is a compilation of digital audio recordings that you can download or stream online. Podcasts are frequently hosted by one or more people who hold a debate, tell stories, or provide news updates. Most podcasts are downloadable, making them easier to access by users on the go. Thus, you can listen to podcasts anywhere. 

With a staffing podcast, you can get some inspiration and motivation as you strive to grow your own staffing business. 

15 Staffing Podcasts You Should Listen To 

In today’s market, staffing agencies need to stay current. We have curated a list of the most beneficial staffing podcasts you can play. We also classified them into different categories, so there’s sure to be a perfect podcast for you, whether you are interested in staffing management or experts’ advice. 

Focus on Innovation and Automation in the Field of Human Resources 

The podcasts in this category cover a wide range of staffing issues and topics. If you’re into recruitment automation, human resources innovation, and staffing management, you may want to check out this list of staffing podcasts. 

1. Recruitment Hackers Podcast  

Max Armbruster, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Talkpush, invites talent acquisition leaders who are nailing the recruiting game to guest in his show. The Recruitment Hackers podcast has new weekly content, ranging from recruitment automation to optimizing candidate experience.  

2. Distinctly Digital: A Modern Recruiting Podcast  

Join podcasters Steve Gipson and Ryan Berger as they discuss how to modernize the recruiting profession. Moreover, the duo will tell you how to bridge the gap between the Rolodex and the smartphone. These guys have you covered from sourcing to staffing and recruiting to retention.  

3. Recruitment on the Go by Caitie & Mingus  

Caitie and Mingus will help you find the newest recruitment trends. The duo will also provide you with actionable tips and techniques and equip you with tools and resources to help you stay on top of your recruitment game every episode. Everything is in a portable, bite-sized format.  

4. HR Uprising Podcast by Lucinda Carney  

Lucinda Carney’s HR Uprising Podcast delves into popular HR themes such as talent and succession management, establishing new ways of working, and internal mobility as a talent management approach. This podcast is all about taking evidence-based action.  

All About Recruitment 

Podcasts focusing on recruitment and its various aspects are perfect for staffing professionals looking to stay updated with the latest trends and developments. If recruiting is your thing, then this list of staffing podcasts is just right for you. You’ll get tips and tricks on being a better recruiter and get an inside look at the staffing industry. 

5. Chad & Cheese Podcast  

The hosts, Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash, dub their show “HR’s most dangerous podcast.” You might find the phrase accurate after listening to it. When it comes to the latest news in recruiting and human resources, the two energetic industry gurus don’t hold back.   

6. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast   

Once a week, Hung Lee’s Recruiting Brainfood newsletter is sent to his subscribers. This staffing podcast is a talent management industry newsletter that is a must-read for any recruiter. He hasn’t left any stone unturned when it comes to fundamental staffing themes.  

  1. Nine To Thrive HR

You may want to download Nine To Thrive HR if you want to improve your recruiting skills. It is a staffing podcast designed to help recruiters improve their skills quickly and easily. There’s a lot to discover with new episodes released weekly. It has already amassed over 150 episodes.  

8. Talent Cast Podcast  

Listen to Talent Cast if you’re having a rough day. The Talent Cast is one of the most entertaining recruitment podcasts available. James Ellis, the brains behind the pods, discusses various facets of recruitment in the twenty-first century openly and honestly.   

Consultations with the Experts 

This type of podcast can help you boost your knowledge and expertise in the field. Our list of staffing podcasts includes some of the leading names in the industry, who are more than happy to share their staffing expertise with you. 

9.  Recruiting Future by Matt Alder  

Matt Alder interviews industry thought leaders and practitioners on various issues in this weekly podcast focusing on HR innovation. That isn’t all, though. This is a wonderful method to review the interview material and listen to it afterward. 

  1. The Staffing Show

The Staffing Show is a podcast that features tools, insights, and techniques from top executives and thought leaders in the staffing and recruiting sector. It’s one of the most popular staffing podcasts that aims to help listeners improve their businesses.  

11. DriveThru HR  

When you need the perfect lunchtime companion, DriveThru HR is for you. William Tincup, Nisha Raghavan, Crystal Miller Lay, and Michael VanDervort, meet with industry executives to discuss business culture, talent acquisition, HR technology, and hiring strategy.  

12. Recruiter Startup by Dual Doherty  

This podcast is intended for startup businesses and staffing entrepreneurs. The host, Dual Doherty, is a recruiter and business owner himself. He interviews successful agency leaders to learn how they overcame early-stage challenges to succeed in the competitive staffing world.  

Increasing Worker’s Productivity, Work-Life Balance 

These podcasts focus on the staffing industry from a different angle. While some staffing podcasts discuss the business side of staffing, this list focuses on ways to increase productivity and work-life balance. Here are a few of our favorites: 

13. The Productivity Show  

This podcast is great for staffing professionals and anyone who wants to increase their productivity and learn how to balance work with life. The Productivity Show features the latest news, trends, tips, and tricks for increasing productivity both at work and at home.  

14. Work Life – Adam Grant  

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant explores the science of making work not stuck by going into the heads of some of the world’s most unique workers. This staffing podcast also covers topics like retaining great employees, increasing productivity, and the importance of work-life balance.  

15. The Pause Button 

The focus of this staffing podcast is on self-care and avoiding burnout. The hosts discuss their personal burnout experiences and offer practical advice on stress management and self-care, both psychologically and physically.  


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