3 Ways to Provide Your Partner Employers with More Value

3 Ways to Provide Your Partner Employers with More Value

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  • Jade
  • December 19, 2022

Every company has individuals working hard behind the scenes to turn a profit and create jobs. People still run businesses unless we successfully make cybernetic overlords that will eventually take over the world and run our businesses for us. Sometimes it is easy to forget that your partner employers are humans who thrive when valued.    

When sustaining a healthy relationship with your partner employers, look at people, processes, and the ubiquitous technology they use. This is how you can figure out how to improve your partner employee relationships with them. How does each partner integrate these three factors and their functions into your partnerships?   

1. The Business of People Relations   

Managing different business relationships can be a challenge. Each business will have its preferences in handling its hiring process. Some will want to oversee the performance of the hired candidates themselves. Others will want to establish a partnership with you that goes beyond the first few hired candidates. Here are ways you can sustain partnerships by managing people well:   

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of your client businesses.

Touching base with your client businesses can involve an in-depth analysis of your partnership. You can study the candidates that the client hired after you processed them. It can consist of the performance of these candidates and how each candidate fared in their respective companies. Ask your clients what they liked about the candidates and hires you processed. They always have questions or comments about each one, so listen carefully. They may also have data you can use regarding your people and how the recruitment process works for each candidate.   


  • Listen to what your client is saying.   

 Active listening is a practice of communication applied by many businesses eager to utilize the powers of emotional intelligence. When you listen actively to your client businesses, you will be able to know their actual needs and desires for improvement. Remember to acknowledge any positive feedback and sentiments that they may have. Work on addressing the negatives that they express to you.   

  • Communicate and connect as a team   

As digital communication takes center stage, there is the danger of losing the rawness of a conversation experienced face-to-face. Humans rely on social connections. So allow your team of recruiters to have a relationship with the client business they help by scheduling an in-person coffee break or lunch out meeting. 


2. From Awareness to Process Efficiency  

Efficiency in business leads to long-term viability and profitability. Your processes are a reflection of how much you care. Process documents require the appropriate and efficient implementation to function the way you want. It can expand into networks that bring in new business while strengthening existing ones. After carefully analyzing the people in your networks, awareness leads to process efficiency.   

  • Reduce Operational costs

Businesses should account for every penny since many rely on the company’s cash flow for sustenance. Hiring new employees can cost money and time. The latter is a non-renewable resource, while the former is a dependent variable. Provide your partner businesses with cost-effective options to reduce the money and time required to complete their contingent workforce.  

  • Transparency in Services Provided

There could be times that the budget earlier proposed needed to be revised after it had been implemented. It is also possible that a competing company had poached the direct hire you have closed through a higher salary and more flexible agreement. Be transparent to your client business about matters you could not prevent nor foresee. Follow it with a proactive solution within the set time frame. This could endear the client to you more since you were transparent and proactive in honoring your contract.  

  • Set Mutual Expectations

Transparency in expectations is also a practice of respect for yourself and your client’s business. Expectation setting allows for your client business to feel that extra care you do have for them. As each client’s business is unique, transactions and interactions will also be. Using ubiquitous technologies to allow your clients to know your deadlines and the processes behind the work you do together will help you navigate the relationship with stronger intent.  

3. The awesomeness of using Ubiquitous Technologies  

The exponential growth of technologies today can help you provide better services to your client businesses. Unlike most businesses, some are willing to spend money if it means high returns. As a staffing firm, you need to be up to date with the latest in recruitment and data analysis technologies. Other ways you can incorporate technology in improving your business relationships with partner employers are:   

  • Dedicated Concierge Services

The convenience of communication today can allow you to provide a dedicated concierge service to your client business. Further developments in artificial intelligence can now make it easier to provide natural-sounding yet automated responses from feedback banks through textual data analysis. These can be set up and monitored by fewer people than having multiple emails or chat specialists overseeing messages.  

  • Branding and Touchpoints

There are about 12,000 staffing agencies in the US alone. Staffing and recruitment agencies connect better with branding and touch points. Consistency in your branding can require a more updated website or the use of the latest technology routes. Touchpoints that can be automated can preserve branding in communication and other transactions that new hires in your own staff may take a while to absorb. Even staffing companies that hire employees who do more physical labor still need to be updated regarding the latest technologies the client business uses in their warehouse or hospital.   

Make Your Clients Feel Prioritized

Corporate objectives, commercial requirements, and sales activities may lead to an imbalanced relationship with our clients. A staffing firm can be viewed as a supplier of the labor commodity. When we focus more on what they can do for and give us than on how we can better support them, the imbalance becomes easiest to see. Ultimately, your client must see the value you put into providing the services and labor they need. Take into account that whatever the compromise, it does not reduce your existing strengths as a staffing firm and a business. Examine your tech, people, and processes to determine if you can find any value additions.    


Allied Insight is a B2B Fractional CMO and Growth Marketing Delivery Agency explicitly designed for staffing companies like yours. We provide services incorporating your digital strategy into your company’s technological infrastructure and environment. Our company stands on Accessibility, Impact, and Development.   

Beyond just executing marketing campaigns, Allied Insight will work with you to create brand-centric competitive advantages and productized services to protect their brands, offerings, and market positions. Let us work together to provide your partner employers with more value!! 





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