5 LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing Ideas

5 LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing Ideas

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  • February 24, 2022

If you’re trying to execute an effective recruitment marketing strategy, you’ve probably already considered social media as your employer brand development tool for your clients. Why wouldn’t you? Social media helps you reach a huge potential audience at little to no cost.

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media platforms specifically built for professionals with nearly 800 million users in more than 200 countries. Navigating the waters of LinkedIn can help you get unbridled access to its talent pool, exponentially lift your employer brand, and broaden your network. In this article, you’ll further realize the potential of LinkedIn and how you can amp up your client’s LinkedIn recruitment marketing efforts. 

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing promotes your brand and your culture to attract talent to come to you. It involves using a combination of tactics, tools, and methodologies to engage and nurture potential candidates. 

Recruitment can be a daunting task, given today’s competitive hiring landscape. No matter how strong your employer brand is, candidates need to know exactly why working in your company is so great. That’s where recruitment marketing comes in. 

What better networking platform to do recruitment marketing and build awareness and visibility around your brand than LinkedIn? LinkedIn offers tools that will surely make recruitment easier.

LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing Ideas

Here are five tips on how to make the most out of LinkedIn’s marketing features:

  1. Set a content sharing schedule for your client’s LinkedIn Company Page

Start with keeping the followers of your client’s LinkedIn Company page well-fed. This particular audience will not be hard to engage with since they’re already interested in your company. Identify when’s the best time to post and build a schedule around that. Be consistent and make sure to incorporate employer branding in your content. The idea is to gain momentum and keep your audience posted on what you do. 

  1. Let your client’s employees be brand ambassadors

Encourage your client’s teammates to share the content you post. This will enable you to reach a much broader network of people. On top of that, referrals are a source of high-quality hires. If the people connected to your employees on a professional or personal level see them promoting your brand, they’re more likely to trust the post and apply. 

To ease the work, you can set up an alert on LinkedIn that automatically sends notifications to your client’s employees when you post content on your company page. It would also be good to set up referral incentives and other employee perks for sharing content and tagging your page.

  1. Invest in sponsored content and recruitment ads

Should your LinkedIn recruitment marketing budget permit, invest in reaching your desired audience through recruitment ads and sponsored content. This will not only increase your reach but also get your content in front of your desired audience. Here are two types of useful paid advertising methods:

  • Recruitment Ads

To reach an unfamiliar candidate pool, you need to invest in recruitment ads. Usually, when you publish company updates, it’s automatically visible to the people who follow you, just like on Twitter. With LinkedIn recruitment marketing ads, you can reach the people who don’t follow you and drive engagement to your LinkedIn newsfeed. 

  • Sponsored Content

It’s not just job vacancies you can run but all types of content that can endorse your employer brand. Spark interest and broaden your network by using content that inspires and sets your company apart. 

  1. Set up your client’s career pages

Your client’s career page on LinkedIn caters to candidates wanting to know more about job opportunities and any employment-related content in your organization. 

These pages should effectively showcase your company culture apart from your usual marketing content. It also lets you showcase your company story, diversity, and employee testimonials. By creating a holistic career page, you can drive awareness and encourage candidates to apply. 

LinkedIn has made setting up your career page easy. You can customize views to targeted industries, such as sales, engineering, healthcare, and others. Moreover, it automatically shows recommended jobs and insights to candidates through the Jobs tab. 

  1. Use LinkedIn’s Pipeline Builder

LinkedIn lets you build a targeted pipeline of talent already interested in working in your company. It helps you search less and hire faster. The pipeline builder features a one-click “I’m interested” button, which flows into LinkedIn’s built-in candidate management platform called Recruiter

In particular, Pipeline Builder helps you spark the interest of your potential candidates with personalized landing pages. Then, when you have a pipeline of warm candidates, you can get them to fill out an application even before you have a vacancy. This move makes you one step ahead in your recruiting game. 

LinkedIn Recruitment Content Ideas

You might already know about LinkedIn’s marketing features but are lost on what exactly to post. Here are some content ideas to keep your audience engaged:

Event Promotion

Your client does not have to be an event-based organization to promote your company events on LinkedIn. If they’re asked to speak at a conference, present at a showcase, or attend a networking event, share them on LinkedIn. This is important because it gives your audience the idea that you’re actively out and about in the real world. 

Company News

Regularly posting your client’s company updates to LinkedIn keeps your network in the loop. It creates transparency with your audience and, in turn, builds a stronger connection with them. Letting your target audience know about company changes moves your corporate narrative forward. And it brings your followers along for the journey.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership content is a great way to educate your target audience. Let them know deeper about what your company does, provide valuable insights, and establish your LinkedIn profile as a great resource for information. It represents an insight-driven and quality-focused approach to content, showing how engaged your brand is with your mission. 

Thought leadership content also has the added benefit of establishing your client’s brand as the best of the best in your industry. This is particularly attractive to top talent who aspire for companies that have meaningful and impactful messaging. 

Employee Updates

Content featuring individual stories of your client’s employees showcases how much they care about them and their interests. Prospective applicants can have an idea of how they cultivate employee relations within their organization. Success stories can inspire them and make them want to join your team even before reading a job vacancy post. 

Bridging The Gap Between Recruitment and Marketing

Strategies for hiring the right people and strengthening your client’s employer brand should not be mutually exclusive. Sending out a message that your client’s company is a great place to work for is imperative for both. Bringing these two strategies together will allow you to make an impact that can drastically change how a sea of professionals perceives you. Keep in mind that your goal is to attract top talent – and you can’t catch a big fish with a small hook. 


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