7 Little-Known UX Mistakes That Could Be Causing Negative User Experience from Your Website  

7 Little-Known UX Mistakes That Could Be Causing Negative User Experience from Your Website

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  • Allan
  • January 9, 2023

Every website visitor has a specific goal for going to that URL. And what will satisfy them is if they find what they are looking for right away. An aspect that makes website goers happy, even at some point amused, is its brilliant design. The integration of colours, photos, and other visuals like borders and text speech shows the work put in. At the same time, easy use of features and carefree navigation strike a fancy with the netizens. This is how an innovative user experience looks.  

This post will tackle what user experience design, or simply UX design, is and what are its key concepts: what are website must-haves, and what websites should be following as law dictates. Let’s also look at some UX design errors only a few realise and take inspiration from them in building a user-friendly website for your staffing agency.  

How did the idea of user experience start?  

UX, or user experience, is more than just the website’s components arrangement. User experience encompasses all end-user interactions a customer has with a company and its services and products. Superb user experience brings the customer what they need without fuss or hang-ups. Whether dining at a fine restaurant or inquiring through your agency’s website, both require thoughtful user experience. 

Interestingly, user experience finds its roots all way around 6000 years. Feng Shui refers to the spatial placement of objects to encourage the easy flow of energy, and it is a principle primarily used in interior design. But come to think of it, it is all about arranging things for ease of use, similar to what UX is promoting. 

Even the Greeks had something to do with this intuitive placement of objects. Ergonomics, or the scientific discipline of the relationship of humans and elements within a system to optimise well-being and system performance, is also concerned with positioning that works. Hippocrates described how a surgeon should work so that their tools reach and will not cause obstruction. Isn’t this akin to user experience? 

User experience has gone a long way since then. Voice authentication, motion sensors, and automation: are just some of the features companies use to give their customers and clients a wonderful experience beyond the products and services they cater. Your staffing agency can deliver the same high-quality service through your website.  

There are seven key principles in user experience.  

If the concept of user experience still sounds Greek to you, start with the basics first. The UX Design Institute identifies seven critical principles as good starting points in understanding UX and ultimately incorporating it into your website: 

  • User-centricity. While business goals are integral, a user-centric website listens to the needs of the website visitor, who is ultimately the customer. Happy customers lead to better branding, and more patrons mean more profit. User-centricity will eventually lead to business goals, so why rush?  
  • Consistency. Consistency has different layers when it comes to UX. One way to practice this is to ensure the website provides the same experience on the user’s device. Does your staffing website adjust when viewed on a laptop vs. a phone?  
  • Hierarchy. Information hierarchy is about presenting info on the website based on importance. Visual scale, on the other hand, ranks visual elements. That said, whatever the user wants from the website must be easily located based on hierarchy. 
  • Context. When it comes to your agency’s website, who are the people who will visit it? What device would they use? Are they jobseekers, company leaders hoping to avail of your services, or both? Understanding the context of your website users is also key to creating a brilliant user experience. Understanding these users further will reveal critical elements of your website design.  
  • User control. This principle pertains to how much power the website user has over their experience. Navigation is only one aspect of it. How about if they create spelling mistakes? Can they redo their inputs? User control is being mindful of letting users go back as much as possible instead of giving up entirely.  
  • Accessibility. Is everyone able to navigate your website? This particular principle considers the differently-abled if there are accessibility features incorporated into the design. Color-blind users might struggle with differentiating visual elements, and those with mobility issues can’t use a mouse to go through your website. Keep them in mind when designing your website.  
  • Usability. This is a summative principle: is your website easy to use? Can visitors learn to use it quickly, can they fulfil their goals right away, and will they be satisfied?  

What are the least known errors when it comes to website user experience?  

Neglecting accessibility is one of the most significant errors website owners may commit. What is worth pointing out is that, in most cases, this is unintentional. Incorporating elements that will allow the differently-abled to engage with websites is rare knowledge. Still, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act for Standards for Accessible Design, everyone has to. You wouldn’t want your staffing agency subjected to lawsuits, which has happened in the past with other companies.4 

As for some other errors, here is a list of choices some website owners are making without them realizing it’s costing them their customers and generating good website traffic:  

  • Aesthetics over function, and vice versa. This is a balance that is a challenge to strike. While a website must be functional, some creativity must be present to design the website well. Remember that the website also carries your staffing agency’s brand, which must be well-depicted in all instances of contact with the customer. Sit down with your website service provider to develop an excellent visual interface that represents your brand and captivates all website users. Do test runs for functionality, and wait to put the website up until all its cogwheels run smoothly.  
  • Using trends haphazardly. “Everyone’s using it. Why can’t we?” There could be a long list of answers to this question, and the trend complicates the website’s algorithm. It goes against your agency’s recruiter brand. Simply put, you don’t need it. Take time to discern if the website trend is something you’ll find helpful, not only today but for a long time.  
  • Serving search engines, not people. We know that ranking high on Google is a must for the business, but putting undo efforts for SEO might make your website lose focus on who it should genuinely serve. The thing is, your website can be SEO-ready but also still help out your potential hires and clients. Just keep sight of your goals as a staffing agency.  
  • Ignoring multi-device functionality. In a generally tech-savvy global community, candidates will likely try to visit your website via their smartphones. This is when things can go haywire, as website functionality for computers differs from smartphones and tablets. Talk to your service provider to make your website have the ability to morph its interface to the device at hand.  
  • Putting all efforts on the home page. Of course, it’s what welcomes visitors. But website UX is all about navigating an entire website and finding everything a visitor needs on the home page is impossible. When discussing your website design, leave a mental note not to make the home page your favorite. Give time to others, too.  
  • Ignoring user feedback. Repeat website visitors probably have a great first time with you. But for those who had some words about their experience, it’s best to follow the advice than hear similar feedback from another set of visitors. Take some time within a month to evaluate website performance and if users have some suggestions or frustrations. An error-free website also bodes well for your reputation as a company.  

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