Holiday Marketing 2022: 7 Tips for Overcoming Challenges in Year-End Recruitment

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  • Allan
  • December 1, 2022

There are two types of people: one who enjoys the sparkle and festivity of the year-end months and one who dreads the holiday rush. There is a stark difference between people who would like to slow down and use the end of the year to kick back and reminisce. At the same time, others live by the words “business as usual” and keep themselves busy despite the commemorative mood.  

Speaking of busy people, professionals doing marketing know no holiday. This is a year-long endeavor, especially during holidays, because riding on the celebratory feel is a great way to sell products or services. This can be particularly daunting to staffing agencies; holiday marketing or “selling” their services is quite challenging for an audience that may only have celebrations in mind at the moment.  

Do not fret. Catering to your staffing agency’s causes amidst all the tinsel and merrymaking is still highly possible and, frankly, has a lot of benefits if you do it at this specific time of the year. Please keep an open mind and roll up your sleeves as we dive into why holiday marketing has rewards.  

Why is it hard for staffing agencies to market during the holidays?

It’s the season to be merry and celebrate. While it’s easy for other companies in different fields to think of ways to incorporate the holiday feel into their products and services, staffing agencies have it the other way around. “Do you want to find new work this holiday season?” doesn’t really roll off the tongue from a marketing perspective.  

What adds to this preoccupation is holiday fatigue. All the work-related buzz gets drowned out when people want to rest and celebrate, which happens mainly during the holidays. There are even notions that staffing agencies are on holiday mode too. Why disturb them during this festive time?  

Holiday Marketing Tips for Staffing

But contrary to popular belief, this is an opportune time to market your agency. Here are some holiday marketing tips that could work for staffing agencies.  

Hone in the holiday cheer. 

You can always find some cheer and excitement during the holiday season. Companies like to hone this excitement and tie it to their products and services. Your staffing agency should be doing the same. The prospect of a new job or letting in new hires has some anticipation to it, so use that to do holiday marketing.  

Go heavy on mobile marketing.  

Americans are predicted to spend up to 900 million hours on mobile shopping apps in the last quarter of 2021. That is a lot of time spent on one’s phone, and this has not yet included other functions such as Google searches or social media.  

Harness this increased use of mobile devices into reaching potential hires or company clients. Send them messages on social media like Facebook or LinkedIn, especially since consumers can see text messages more than emails. While email marketing still finds its space in attracting leads, some changes in handling mobile marketing are fundamental this season.  

Give holiday discounts or other attractive deals.  

Especially for prospective corporate clients, knowing they can get more bang for their buck if they avail of your services now is a good idea, especially since the concept of holiday discounts is not new. Sit down with your team to decide how to give discounts, so your offers will be even more enticing this time of the year.  

Do a “year in review” marketing copy.  

Inform your prospective hires and clients what your agency has achieved in the past year, then end with: Let’s achieve more this coming year. Tell them they could be part of next year’s accomplishments, so strike up a conversation with your agency now.  

Make your marketing content all about human emotions.  

It’s a given that you have to make your messages and advertising visuals on a theme. But you can bring this up a notch by alluding to emotions, like the joy of community or the height of success to be celebrated these holidays. After all, ads with emotional content perform twice as well as those with rational content. 

Turn user-generated content into the holiday marketing content you need.  

While we’re on the subject of human emotions, what makes your marketing copies or social media posts a lot more relatable is by incorporating user-generated content. Look for past reviews or ask your clients or current hires to narrate blessings they’ve gotten since working with your agency.  

Use testimonials. 

The holidays are full of stories about miracles, conquering the impossible, and celebrating. Fill your website and other marketing platforms with true-to-life encounters with the same festive spirit the holiday has with people who have found a job or anyone getting employment services through your agency. A tad cheesy? Yes, but it’s forgivable. It’s the holidays, after all!

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Keep Recruitment Marketing Efforts Going

Amidst the busyness during the holidays, there is a stillness an agency like yours can use to its advantage. It would be best if you did not stop your recruitment marketing efforts even when December bells start ringing, and here are some reasons why:  

  • Job hunting is at an all-time high during January. Last 2021, 4.3 Americans decided to call it quits with their current companies. Many attribute this to the year-end bonuses employees won’t receive if they leave the job earlier. Others find it fitting to start anew with the New Year.   
  • There was recently a survey conducted by the career site Zety on what workers want to achieve in the year 2023. 60% of their 1000 respondents admitted to leaving their job altogether if forced to return to the office. These numbers still reflect similar sentiments related to the Great Resignation, which also showed COVID-related reasons for leaving one’s job.  
  • Whether it’s the pandemic or just wanting to change jobs altogether, January is coming to be a busy month for staffing agencies, with many professionals looking to get new employment and companies losing a big chunk of their workforce. But will you wait for January to market your staffing agency? The holiday season is the time to work on this projected demand.  

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  • Companies want to make sure next year’s workforce is covered. There’s no surprise that corporations are familiar with the numbers presented above, why employees choose to resign. during December. And similarly, they will need the help of a staffing agency to rake in new hires and secure their workforce when the New Year enters.  
  • The challenge here is that you don’t know which companies will need your service. This is why holiday marketing is necessary during the holiday season. This is your company’s way to earn those clients or companies looking for recruitment services during the holiday season.

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Get marketing services any time of the year through Allied Insight.  

Whether it’s the holiday season or any season at all, efforts to market your agency and work towards brand consistency should always be in your mind. Allied Insight is your premier source for ideas in creating online content and coming up with strategies to weather changing corporate initiatives throughout the year. Reach out to us, and we will help you achieve that unique value proposition and attract business opportunities further. Through Allied Insight’s arsenal of marketing ideas and resources. 


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