9 Out of Every 10 People Have a Flawed Candidate Feedback Strategy. Are You One of Them?

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  • Allan
  • January 11, 2023

You’ve probably heard this somewhere: “The best professionals are those who are open to feedback.” Even the most brilliant individuals succumb to the thought that there is always something new to learn, which is why they welcome feedback. This is what makes them brilliant: the fact that they know a lot about the world already but would still like to learn more about it. Everyone is entitled to continuous learning.  

Even recruiters and leaders in a staffing agency have a lot to learn from each other and the candidates they help get employed. But the thing is, are you giving candidates a chance to speak up to give your agency a better perspective of what can be improved with your processes? While going straight to them to ask for feedback isn’t exactly the way to go, staffing agencies need a foolproof system for asking about what went wrong and what went right in their recruitment efforts.  

If your staffing agency has yet to build a candidate feedback strategy, this article might be for you. But even if you already have one, it could use some review. So let’s look at common mistakes in asking for feedback (or lack thereof) and the viable steps to take to ask your candidates how else you can improve your services. 

What Are The Common Mistakes When Asking For Feedback? 

Of course, the biggest error here is not having a system at all. But for those with a system already in place, there might still be a snag that needs fixing. Are you guilty of these errors in asking for feedback? 

  • Making the candidate do too much work. We may want to get as much information as possible to better our processes, but if we bombard our feedback forms with multiple questions, the candidate might find it too cumbersome to submit a response. Take note that a lot of them may be exhausted throughout the hiring process, so a list of open-ended questions or pages of boxes to tick might not be a good idea.  


  • Using apps that might confuse its users. There are a lot of apps that can aid in gathering feedback, which can be accessed through any smartphone. But some companies are mesmerized by these apps and how they bring a “tech-savvy” image to their brand. Others might find it cumbersome to go through these apps and give up giving feedback altogether.  

If you are hell-bent on using apps to get feedback, make sure to test them first to see if they are user-friendly. Also, using simple form apps like Google Forms or Survey Monkey is not a bad idea if the goal is to gather info.  


  • Letting bias get in the way. Even with other companies, there will be disgruntled customers who can have choice words about some aspects of your services they did not enjoy. There are two things you can do to rectify bias in your feedback.  

First, collect as many as you can. Chances are situations are isolated, and getting more candidates to speak about the recruitment process will give you a holistic view. Next, coin your questions carefully. For example, “What part of the process did you not like the most” invites ranting, while “What improvements in the process do you think are needed,” asks for suggestions.  


  • Cleaning up the feedback form. Simply put, make sure your surveys have been proofread and edited. True or False questions that ask for input between 1 to 10? Questions that ask for two things at once? (i.e. How quick and convenient was the hiring process?) The trick is having more than one person double-check the feedback forms. These errors may irk candidates, and this frustration may translate to negative reviews. 


Streamline Your Strategy, Look At The Customer Feedback Loop

Feedback collection will be a forever endeavor for your staffing agency in light of continuous improvement. The best way to understand this ongoing effort is through the Customer Feedback Loop. This loop, in particular, has four stages: 

  • Gather. This is where your agency is looking for as much feedback as possible. Whether you are asking for feedback through email or sending a link to an online form, ensure that these means to send feedback are working. Some staffing agencies even have links to feedback forms in their electronic communications, so candidates have enough ways to speak up.  


  • Segment. Different candidates and clients, different experiences. It would be helpful to collate your feedback according to a specific system your agency is comfortable with. Many staffing agencies handle more than one client, so it’s best to divide feedback according to the client that the candidates are applying for. Chances are these clients may have disparities in recruitment steps, so know which feedback applies to whom.  


  • Analyze. Take time to sort out your feedback and list comments and ongoing similarities. When candidates are pouring in feedback about a specific step in the recruitment process, it’s highly possible that something is going on in that particular step.  

During this analysis portion, don’t skip on positive feedback, too. This is good in commending recruiters for a job well done. Also, you’ll have great use for this positive feedback later on. Publish them on your agency’s websites and social media handles, so future candidates and clients will know what you are doing well as a staffing agency.  


  • Act. When is the best time to apply necessary changes as per candidate feedback? Right away. Once your team has identified needed rectifications in the hiring process, go through it again and agree on necessary modifications. If you don’t act right away, chances are you’ll receive the same feedback, which will only waste your time. 

Once the changes have been made, gather feedback again. When changes are done right, you’ll find that feedback has become either menial or only about praises for a job well done. 


Get Into These Trends for Processing Candidate Feedback 

As mentioned earlier, mobile apps that collect feedback for your staffing agency are a good option, provided they have been tested for a smooth user experience. In 2021, approximately 66.6 percent of the global population are mobile phone users, and 59.5 percent are active on the internet.6 Using mobile phone technology will help your agency easily collect feedback.  

Social media also boomed in the past years, and recruiters are even delving into social media hiring to gather talent. Interacting with candidates through social media to get feedback is also not bad. With over 2.82 billion people using social media, many of them are your candidates. Sending feedback links through social media messengers can reach candidates right away, and since a lot of them are on their mobile phones, why not ask for a few minutes for feedback?  

Want to turn the collection process up a notch? Look into these other customer feedback software trends

  • Speech analytics. Submitting voice-recorded feedback? Absolutely! Especially for the differently-abled, this is convenient and also makes the feedback experience more candid. Even software can detect emotions in one’s speech, giving more insight into feedback analysis.  


  • Feedback filtering systems. Customer feedback software can segregate collected responses based on keywords found in them. This system makes the “Segment” step a lot easier.   


  • Feedback follow-up. Additionally, there are apps that ask for feedback and follow up on the request through email. These follow-up emails are personalized per candidate. 



If there’s one feedback you should hear right now, it’s this: You are unique, and the world must know about it! Allied Insight aims to aid staffing agencies with successful marketing with the help of professionals in content planning, lead generation, brand uniformity, and more. We will bank on what sets your agency apart from others and work from there in building your recruiter brand and inviting further business opportunities.

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