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  • Jeff
  • September 23, 2021

What is account-based marketing? In this video, Allied Insight CEO and Founder Jeff Pelliccio talks about how to get the best out of account-based marketing opportunities at your staffing agency.  

Basically, account-based marketing (ABM) is traditional marketing done in reverse. In traditional marketing, your funnel starts at defining your audience, qualifying them as potential clients, and ends with your sales team sealing the deal. Inversely, account-based marketing starts with your sales team identifying specific accounts to target.  

Even though ABM is typically a sales team initiative, Jeff advises to get everybody involved to boost the outcome of your efforts. Once you have all the right people in place, start assessing your pipeline. Similar to farming exercises, look out for alignment, potential, and longevity. These are the three main qualifiers you should keep an eye out for.  

In terms of alignment, identify those companies that you can best serve based on your experience and current client list. There is no better alignment than to have a happy client interfacing with your candidates.  

When it comes to potential, look at things that are beyond the scope of just that one individual prospect. This allows you to explore opportunities to expand and go into additional verticals that you support or to get involved with additional managers within the organization.  

Finally, longevity takes effort. Make sure that the strategies that you are building are not positioned solely for short-term success, but rather something that you can build on – month over month, year over year. 

Marketing plays a vital role in the success of your ABM efforts in terms of setting up much needed collaterals, driving the message, and nurturing campaigns. Moreover, don’t forget to dig into your database for contacts and accounts you’re trying to target before launching any campaigns aimed outside of your sphere. This helps your sales team get their foot in the door and facilitate easier conversations with leads who are already familiar with your brand.  

If you need help with account-based marketing campaigns at your staffing agency, contact us! We’re more than happy to jump on a call and see what we can help you with. Reach us at and we’ll be happy to give you additional resources or provide some suggestions and feedback. 

Hey everyone, Jeff Pelliccio here with Allied Insight and today I want to talk to you about Account Based Marketing Opportunities at your staffing agency.
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So before we get into how to take advantage of these opportunities, let’s first talk about what is Account Based Marketing. Easily explained it is sort of the inverse of traditional marketing. So in traditional marketing, you’re trying to define your audience and then qualify them as they go through the funnel where sales would typically be the end of the marketing funnel. Now we’re going to start with the sales team first and identify what are the accounts that we’re trying to target? And then how do we assist in getting better penetration and a long term relationship?
So where Account Based Marketing is traditionally a sales lead initiative, I’m going to recommend getting everybody involved. Your sales managers, your operations, as well as your leadership team in order to really boost the outcome of these efforts.
So now that you have all the right people in place, we want to start assessing the pipeline, and many of you may already be doing this with some sort of farming exercises. But if you haven’t, what you’re really looking for three main qualifiers:

  • you’re looking for alignment
  • you’re looking for potential
  • and you’re looking for longevity

So with alignment, you’re really trying to identify those companies that you can best serve based on the verticals that you have experience in as well as those that would thrive through your process. There’d be no better alignment there then to have a really happy client interfacing with your fantastic candidates.
When it comes to potential, you’re looking at things that are beyond the scope of just that one individual. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to expand and go into additional verticals that you support, or get involved with additional managers within the organization.
Last is longevity. This takes effort, so you’re going to want to make sure that this isn’t something that is a short term build that you’re doing, but rather something that you can build on month over month, year over year.
So from a marketing perspective, what can we do to support? Well, first and foremost is setting up the collateral that you need. The sales team will need collateral that they can amend on the fly in order to customize it for the audience that you’re targeting. So I would say looking at presentation and document file types would give you the greatest level of flexibility while still allowing them to convert it to a PDF before it gets sent off.
Next, marketing should also be driving messaging. When I say that I mean you should be looking at article potential as well as social media. Again, if this is an initiative, let’s turn it into a campaign, put a little bit more support behind it and then provide assets in turn that your sales team can use when reaching out to these people via email or on social media.
This should all be followed up with developing nurturing campaigns. Those nurturing campaigns will go to contacts that have been defined as dormant within the sales process. I usually look at something like 45 or 60 days is a good window that if the person hasn’t responded, or there’s been no contact or outreach that it turns into a marketing contact for a more long term play.
Now that you have the assessment, and you have some additional things that marketing can be doing to support let’s look at one last thing and that’s low hanging fruit. Marketing has already been positioning your staffing agency for your verticals and the services that you provide. There is a very strong likelihood that inside the database already lives contacts at accounts that you’re trying to target. So before you move forward with any initiative, you really want to dig into your database to see who’s already interacted with your brand. That would be an easier conversation to open up in order to help get your sales people’s feet in the door to start moving through that account and trying to develop additional relationships.
If you’re working on Account Based Marketing at your staffing agency, and you want some assistance or talk through some strategy, feel free to go to our website, and connect with us. We’ll be happy to jump on a call as soon as we can do to give you a hand


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