Authenticity in Marketing

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  • Jeff
  • August 18, 2021
Are you having trouble engaging clients and candidates in your marketing efforts? In this video, Allied Insight Founder Jeff Pelliccio discusses authenticity in marketing. In today’s digital age, where almost all content is created with the help of technology, there is an evident lack of human touch. This leads to an apparent disconnect between a staffing agency’s marketing efforts and its audience. When an organization plans to create a marketing campaign, best practice tool, industry analysis, or market trends, it’s usually done with the organization in mind at the forefront. What drives these strategies might be to meet deadlines or just plain business imperative. Somewhere along the way, authenticity suffers. In what place do your hiring managers and candidates land on your priority list? The truth of it is; authenticity is really a matter of perspective. In order to authentically connect with your audience, you have to make them your top priority. Take a moment to look at the campaigns you’re developing at the moment. Does it cater to the best interests of your audience? This video tackles the heart of the matter – before you even begin to consider what your marketing efforts mean for your organization; you must first understand what it means for your hiring managers and candidates. The key to an authentic marketing strategy is putting people first. In order to bridge the gap between your organization and your audience, you have to be genuine in your campaigns. Always have the best interests of your hiring managers and candidates at heart. Know what your audience needs today. Use that as a baseline to make sure to deliver valuable insights. This will enable you to provide them with vital, relevant, current, and useful information when they need it. Connect with us for more information on how to incorporate authenticity into your marketing strategies. 


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