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Automation 101 – Why, How, and What It Can Do

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Inbound Marketing, Web and Tech

Automation has become a buzzword in the staffing industry, but many agencies are still unsure how to get started with it. In order to understand why you need automation and how to use it, you need to know what it can do for your agency and the staffing industry in general. It’s also important to understand where automation fits into your business model. In this video, Allied Insight Founder Jeff Pelliccio answers some of the most commonly asked questions about automation so you can get started on incorporating it into your agency as soon as possible.

Today, most industry events are centered around the role of digitization in staffing. Why? Because automation is a natural progression if you want to stay on top of your business goals. In general, automation revolves around the idea of reducing labor costs, improving accuracy, and increasing efficiency and productivity. Who wouldn’t want that?

In particular, automation frees up your front-line sales team and recruiters from doing menial and redundant tasks. This means having more time for things that actually matter such as building relationships with your candidates and clients and other tasks that require high-touch human interaction.

To get started, look at your database first. See where the most potential for success is with the least amount of fallout in your start record. Your start record holds all the vital information for all the people involved in your plan to automate. These are your candidates, hiring managers, sales team, and recruiters. It’s important to leverage these data for accuracy so that you can identify where the gaps are.

Jeff also talks about the specifics of what automation brings to the table. Sending out alerts, setting reminders for you and your candidates, preparation for onboarding, and candidate feedback can all be managed through the use of automation tools. Automation also plays a huge role in the creation of marketing resources which can pave the way to conversions and lead generation.

These are just the basics of automation in staffing. For an in-depth discussion, reach out to us at