Automation 102: Steps for a Successful Implementation

Automation 102- Steps for a Successful Implementation Blog Post

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  • Jeff
  • August 25, 2021
Now that you have decided that in fact, you need automation for your staffing processes, you’re going to need to know what the next steps are. In this continuation video in our automation series, Allied Insight Founder Jeff Pelliccio talks about how to successfully implement automation into your staffing agency’s workflow. Automation, digitization, and experience management are some of the hottest topics in the staffing industry today. If you plan to keep up, there are four vital areas that you should focus on; communication, evaluation, education, and implementation. First off, you must begin by establishing communication that is initiated from the top. Your leadership team plays a significant role in the success of your automation efforts. Make sure they are communicating effectively with the whole organization that automation is a company-wide priority. Make sure that monitoring is handled properly and a timeline is observed. Building strong lines of communication within your leadership team can help rally support from your management teams down the line. Evaluation comes next. Take an anonymous look at what the process looks like today. Anonymity ensures objectivity. If you go through your current candidate experience as you are known to your team, they will be prone to put their best foot forward and that will only result in false positives. It’s important to get an authentic feel of what your candidate or client experiences when they interact with your brand. Then, you can measure what needs to be automated, entirely removed, improved, and retained. Third on the list is education. After having all these processes in place, you have to bring your frontline people up to speed on what your evaluation found as well as the expectations for their roles. Make sure that everyone is on the same page on the best practices, training, and processes to help them execute their roles flawlessly, moving forward. The last step is implementation. After everything has been set, you have to get a full handle on what automated options are available to you with the tools you have. Whether your main hub is an applicant tracking system (ATS) or a customer relationship management (CRM) system, make sure you master all of its features. Then move on to explore what marketplace partners offer in terms of augmentation and customization that can help you push forward the remaining portions of your automation plans. For more tips on launching a successful automation campaign and other best practices, Contact with us


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