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  • Jeff
  • March 17, 2022

Technological advances have both empowered and challenged the usual day-to-day operations of staffing agencies before. One thing’s for sure, though: automation is the game-changer.

With their target market moving to digital platforms, staffing agencies are expected to stay one step ahead always. To remain competitive, businesses in the staffing industry need to employ several tools for automating processes. With the right software, they can easily source new talent and dominate the market.

In this article, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of top ATS software you can choose from for your staffing needs. We’ve picked only the best ones you can use for your staffing agency that we think will surely enable you to scale your business. 

What is an ATS? 

An applicant tracking system or ATS software is a tool that helps staffing managers and recruiters manage their hiring and recruitment process. An ATS allows you to collect information, organize prospects based on skill set requirements, and filter applicants based on qualifications. 

ATS also allows you to focus on other essential corporate tasks by offloading many traditional hiring processes. Its usual features include but are not limited to interview scheduling, communication management, customized data sharing, and assessment generation. 

Today, due to ATS developers coming up with new ways to improve their products, almost all ATS software can be customized. ATS features, old and new, aim to help recruiters streamline the process of screening, interviewing, and hiring candidates. 

How an ATS Works

Once an application comes in, an ATS software automatically screens and sorts them based on keywords. Shortlisted applications will then be passed through to recruitment teams either via email or in-app notifications.

An ATS will store an applicant’s data throughout the entire recruitment process in a secure database. These pieces of data include resumes, interview answers, relevant video recordings, and other hiring requirements. The recruitment team can then easily review all of the information, make a decision, and notify the applicant of their application status.

Some ATS tools can conduct background checks to verify information in a candidate’s submitted forms. ATS can also save the information of the next best candidates who didn’t make the cut. This helps build your database for the future.

Top 10 Best ATS for Staffing Agencies

  1. Bullhorn – Best for CRM plus ATS Solutions

If you’re looking for a customizable ATS to source, recruit, and onboard new candidates, then Bullhorn is for you. The best features of Bullhorn are applicant sourcing and tracking, candidate identification, and automated resume parsing.

Being a powerful ATS for staffing agencies, Bullhorn is equipped with predictive intelligence technology. It knows when and how to reach out to candidates that might be a good match for a specific job description. This tool automatically captures candidate data and streamlines the entire hiring process. 

Also, Bullhorn is fully customizable. Managers can change user preferences, customize record overviews, and create their own submission templates. It can match any agency requirement.

  1. Zoho Recruit – Best for Recruiters and Corporate Hiring Teams

If you need a tool for posting jobs, managing resumes, and creating a custom career page all in one software, Zoho Recruit is that tool. Zoho Recruit is one of the more advanced ATS on this list, being one that has built-in candidate relationship management (CRM) tool. 

Because Zoho Recruit comes with a powerful CRM, staffing agencies can streamline the whole process. You can manage each candidate from sourcing to hiring. Plus, since Zoho Recruit is only a part of the bigger Zoho software suite, you can actually enjoy additional features. 

You can customize every aspect of the recruitment process. This includes pre-screening assessments designed for your staffing requirements, advanced reporting and analytics, and semantic search to get the right candidate match.

  1. CAYPRO – Best for Internal Hiring Teams

Formerly known as Talentnow RecruitX, CAYPRO is an ATS for staffing agencies driven by artificial intelligence (AI). It features job, candidate, client, vendor, and user management tools. It can also handle analytics and reporting, integrations, mass mailing, career websites, and other functions. 

Specifically designed for staffing agencies and recruitment companies, CAYPRO automates the whole hiring process with ease. All you have to do is create a job vacancy in the dashboard to start the process. After that, candidates coming from your career website, Indeed, Jobble, Trovit, or any of your linked social networks are automatically filtered in. An AI then identifies the most relevant opportunities by parsing resumes based on job fit. 

Recruitment managers can easily find candidate matches by searching for specific keywords. The back end has a complete pipeline for tracking. It’s these little details that make CAYPRO stand out. 

  1. Recruiterflow – Best for Fast Recruiting

Simple and steady, that’s how Recruiterflow works. If your staffing agency wants to keep its recruitment process as simple as it can be, check out this ATS for staffing agencies. Recruiterflow has a built-in CRM, interview scorecard template, branded career portal, and email and calendar integration.

Robin, Recruiterflow’s email assistant, can directly pull up relevant information about a candidate directly from your mailbox. You can easily use Robin as a Chrome plugin. Aside from this one-click install email assistant, your staffing agency will also get the best out of Recruiterflow’s powerful dashboard. You can run automated email outreach campaigns and post on multiple job boards to find the best candidates. 

  1. TempWorks – Best for Temporary Staffing Agencies

If you’re a temporary staffing agency, there’s an ATS specifically designed for your needs, too. TempWorks lets you source, recruit, and onboard temporary employees without the hassle of going through all the paperwork.

TempWorks’ frontend and backend are all customizable, which is helpful for temp recruiters. Totally mobile-optimized, it also has its own mobile employee engagement application. It sure makes your staffing activities way easier no matter where you are. 

Once candidates are hired, they can be digitally onboarded through the software’s HRCenter. The HRCenter stores I-9s and W-4s. It even features electronic signature verification. The other features most helpful for the temp industry include time clocks, invoicing, and real-time reporting.

  1. JobDiva – Best for Small Scale Staffing Agencies

JobDiva is an ATS for staffing agencies specializing in candidate acquisition, management, and tracking. For each part of the recruitment process, JobDiva has a wide range of features. No wonder over 30,000 businesses use this software to recruit their candidates. 

The amount of information and data involved in the whole hiring process can be overwhelming. No worries, though, because JobDiva can help you manage that. Its cloud-based system allows for easy accessibility and storage, despite volumes of information.

JobDiva can also manage recruitment, sales, and back-office needs alone. This saves you the precious time and effort of buying and mastering other expensive tools. 

  1. Avionté – Best for All-In-1 Solutions

Next on the list is another complete, end-to-end ATS for staffing agencies. Avionté is packed with a lot of functions, such as ATS, CRM, recruiting, and onboarding. On top of these, it also has payroll, billing, and IT capabilities. 

Avionté’s ATS integrates with third-party job boards such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Indeed for sourcing. It also allows for video interviewing, resume parsing, and background screening. After a candidate passes the initial tests, they are added to Avionté’s CRM for emails and follow-up.

  1. Manatal – Best for Social Media Recruitment and AI Tools

If you’re looking for a new generation ATS for staffing agencies that takes under 15 minutes to learn, Manatal is what you need. It’s an intuitive and highly customizable solution that includes all functionalities for sourcing and managing candidates. Manatal’s easy-to-use pipeline, holistic candidate profiles, integrations, CRM, and search tools can effectively streamline your recruitment process.

  1. iSmartRecruit – Best for Candidate Engagement

If you need an easy-to-use, feature-rich, and affordable ATS and CRM system, iSmartRecruit is the one you need. It features personalized training sessions to help with onboarding. It also features AI-based profile matching, automated resume parsing, and two-way email synchronization. iSmartRecruit aims to help staffing agencies attract, nurture, and hire top talent. 

  1. Pinpoint – Best for In-House Talent Acquisition and People Teams

Last on our list is an all-in-one talent acquisition software with unlimited support. Pinpoint’s easy-to-navigate interface and intelligent software offer front and backend users a fresh approach. Pinpoint uses automated recruitment advertising, career page building, and mobile-friendly application functionalities to attract candidates. It also has fully automated back-end processes for filtering, scheduling interviews, and giving candidate scorecards. 

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