Your Brand Is Unique. Your Blogs Should Be Too! 

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  • Allan
  • January 6, 2023

Blogs started as a means of self-expression and almost like an open diary to the entire Internet. From its inception as early as 1997, blogging allowed netizens to bring out their inner writer and pour their thoughts out through the written art form. Who remembers owning a LiveJournal blog back in the early 2000s?  

Now, blogs are a powerful marketing tool. Companies use these blogs to generate more website traffic and address customers’ various needs, especially in partaking knowledge. As a staffing agency competing with other recruitment companies, how have you been utilizing your blog? Providing information and increasing SEO points are good, but your blog can do more.  

To rise above the competition, your staffing agency must stand out, and the best way to do this is to create a brand that will capture the attention of current and potential clientele. Read this post to find ways to improve blogging efforts in creating a one-of-a-kind brand that caters to your marketing needs while giving your brand a standout presence. 

Don’t Just Provide Information—Solve Existing and Recurring Problems 

Blogs are a wellspring of information specific to the industry of a certain company. It’s also a chance for organizations to show how much they know and build authority through knowledge. More often than not, netizens are searching for information that is relevant to them. You can bridge their need for answers and your agency’s pursuit to be an expert by leveraging the experiences that you can provide.  

One way to do this is by staying updated and keeping up with the pulse of the recruitment industry. What are emerging concerns out there when it comes to hiring, employee retention, and so on? Ask your team what they are doing to stay in the loop of current events in your field. There are many ways to stay current: subscribe to journals, always read the news, and join in online conversations.  

On the other hand, the effort you must always make is to keep in touch with your current and former clients. The hires you’ve had or the companies you’ve helped may have had problems where they would have appreciated some help. You can turn such special stories into blog features. Basing your blog discussions on real-life problems grounds it further on what readers need and may even turn them into leads.  

Remember, though, that for your readers to become leads, they must feel their concerns will be taken care of and they’re not mere prospects for profit. Jay Fuchs, Managing Editor at HubSpot, emphasized that success in marketing through blogging can be seen in how readers relate to the education aspect of the blog more than its promotional intention. 

Include Interactive Content 

Vibrant photos are already a given in bringing out a unique brand. How about bringing the blog experience to newer heights by enticing your readers to be involved in discussing the actual topic or issue at hand? Engaging website visitors through interactive content stimulates their creativity and curiosity, and it would also be good for a brand to inspire involvement, even in small ways.  

Look into using these interactive content examples: 

  • Personalized videos. Videos you found on YouTube may have been posted elsewhere. How about creating your videos? While these will require a lot of effort, the payoff is exceptional, as the videos will be unique in catering to your own brand. 
    Videos can be as simple as interviews of experts within your staffing agency or from your client companies introducing what they can offer potential hires. You can even invite current clients or employees on what their take is on pressing events. How about hosting live events on your social media handles that let viewers comment on discussions as they happen? Upload these videos on your blogs after and announce the next Q&A video event for more content. 
  • Interactive demographics. Take a look at this sample interactive demographics. While it serves to give new info, it’s also exciting and captivating at the same time. Instead of plainly placing numbers and explanations, it surprises the reader with a unique presentation. 
    Demographics are surefire ways to show the breadth of your knowledge and experience in the staffing industry, and adding a touch of interactivity will surely engage readers. While creating interactive demographics sounds daunting, you can start by using Prezi. This PowerPoint alternative creates presentations that can be embedded in your blog.  
  • Quizzes. You’ve seen these on sites like Buzzfeed, which are usually about quirky topics or pop culture-related discussions. But more than just personality sorters or ways to determine which movie character you are, you can use online quizzes to discuss serious topics. 
    Think of a quiz allowing readers to check if they are at the right job. How about a short test to check readers’ awareness of trending terms like quiet quitting or Great Resignation? Furthermore, these test results will reveal to readers how much help they might need in these topics, so make sure to include a call-to-action to assist them as a staffing agency.  

There are many ways to create online quizzes, and most of them are free. Simply decide which topics will have a better-boosted discussion with a quiz, then compile your questions. Make sure to try out the tests for a streamlined user experience. 

Come Up with Original Data 

Quoting your own research or getting information from your experts well within your staffing company: how does that sound to readers? Instead of finding data elsewhere all the time, your blog can be a valuable source. Think of readers quoting your agency instead!  

Take time to compile research about your past hires and clients, and see if certain trends in information can be used for your future blogs. Then, create a database of findings that your blog writers can use for their discussions.    

If there are also resource persons within your agency or the clients you handle, invite them to share their thoughts as well. A way to achieve brand uniqueness is through thought leadership. By establishing that your agency doesn’t rely too much on getting information from outside your own resources, you’ll create a brand that stands out because of its level of expertise.  

Take a look at how Allied Insight celebrated the valuable contributions of its own experts through these blogs: 


You have more tools at your disposal beyond your blog. However, in establishing a unique, cohesive, consistent brand, you’ll need the help of a marketing firm focused on helping staffing agencies like yours. Allied Insight is your partner in driving brilliant online content that will not only attract more website traffic but will turn readers into clients.  

Lead generation, website revitalization, SEO optimization, and more: find more ways than one how to drive more business opportunities for your agency. Find that unique quality of your company and turn it into your value proposition. Contact Allied Insight now. 



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