Buzz-Worthy B2B: Swipe Right for Success With Bumble’s Marketing Lessons 

Buzz-Worthy B2B: Swipe Right for Success With Bumble's Marketing Lessons 

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  • February 14, 2024

You’ve most likely heard the phrase “busy as a bee” which was coined after the insect’s naturally industrious nature. And why not? Bees are intelligent, creative, and innovative, and the similarly named dating app, Bumble, is no different. After only seven years on the market, Bumble boasts a market capitalization of almost 2 billion USD, and 58 million users annually.¹ 

Drawing inspiration from Bumble’s remarkable success story, we’ve identified six key marketing strategies that staffing firms could adopt to elevate their own brands and operations. Let’s see how Bumble used to take their company from underdog to unicorn in virtually no time at all. 

Bumble’s Winning Strategies 

Bumble began in 2014 after Whitney Wolfe Herd, former co-founder of popular dating app, Tinder, parted from the company following a sexual harassment incident.  

In its early days, Bumble used rather inexpensive marketing strategies, with Wolfe Herd opting to hand out branded cupcakes and pizzas at colleges, despite having a ten-million-dollar seed funding. Wolfe Herd’s ingenuity paid off, however, and Bumble’s usage skyrocketed.  

Notwithstanding, you don’t get to a 903 million USD revenue amount in a single year by only handing out cupcakes, so here are six ingenious marketing strategies that built Bumble into a billion-dollar business. 

Solve a Pressing Problem 

When she began Bumble, Herd set out to empower women and shift the dating culture to much less misogynistic and toxic paradigms. Bumble is currently the only dating app that puts women in the driver’s seat, giving only the woman the choice to initiate contact with a potential match.  

With most dating apps tailored to cater to the male perspective, Bumble’s female-centered approach hit a blue ocean: a previously unexplored market with untapped potential. Bumble solved a vital problem for many women who felt like the dating scene was full of pitfalls, putting them back in control of their relationships.  

No matter what industry you play in, you can find opportunities to solve problems that your contemporaries haven’t even yet discovered. Whether it’s tackling challenges like streamlining hiring, improving candidate experience, and addressing skill gaps, you differentiate your firm, build trust, and deliver real outcomes. 

Leverage Social Media 

Bumble’s genius lies in its savvy use of social media, particularly with engaging campaigns like #OverheardBumble, showcasing humorous conversations from users.² This approach has garnered them a massive following of over 500,000 and counting.³

They’ve also capitalized on events like Valentine’s Day like handing out yellow roses to passerby on the street and campaigns like #LoveEquals, sparking conversations around love and garnering significant online buzz.⁴

Additionally, Bumble’s YouTube talk show targeted towards their Indian market called Dating These Days. This show features several Bollywood stars sharing their opinions, views, and experiences on love and dating.⁵ Their channel also features several other engaging relationship-centered segments, such as Dating 101 for 2021, Don’t Text Your Ex, and Hive Minds are Better Than One.  

Emulating Bumble’s social media strategy can be a game-changer. Use platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to demonstrate your expertise, interact with your audience, and build a community around your brand.  

Take a cue from Bumble’s playbook and get creative with your content—whether it’s sharing industry insights, hosting Q&A sessions, or spotlighting success stories. This proactive approach not only boosts your visibility but also fosters trust and connection with clients and candidates alike. 

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Form Strategic Partnerships 

Bumble’s knack for strategic partnerships has set them apart, exemplified by their clever collaboration with Babe, a wine company. This joint effort helped women navigate post-breakup challenges during the lockdown, featuring moving trucks adorned with a playful slogan: “Your Ex is Cancelled, Babe and Bumble are Here to Help You Move On. Literally.” 

Given that Bumble’s main audience consists of young Gen Zers in their early twenties, this partnership deeply resonated with their fanbase. This partnership is one of the many collaborations that are part of the Bumble B2B marketing strategy.  

B2B marketing is important because it can generate sales leads from an entirely different audience and market if it’s done correctly. When you collaborate with a business in a different niche but with a similar audience demographic, you can attract important prospects and increase your sales.

Leverage Your Aesthetics 

Another effective Bumble marketing strategy is their careful choice of brand visuals. Color, typography, logo design, and every other element that can be visually perceived is tailored to evoke a specific emotional reaction from their users. The Bumble branding strategy uses a bright cheery yellow, which aligns with their female-centered approach and symbolizes the youthfulness and innovation their brand is reputed for.  

For instance, if your staffing firm specializes in the tech industry, incorporating sleek, modern design elements can reflect the innovative nature of the sectors you serve. On the other hand, if your focus is on creative industries, a more vibrant and dynamic visual approach can better represent the creativity and uniqueness of the candidates and companies you work with.  

Aligning your aesthetics to your brand values makes it easier to reach your target audience. 

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Build a Community Around Your Product 

Bumble excels at community building by customizing uplifting marketing to diverse needs. Their winning formula includes: 

  • Partnering with micro-influencers to capture college students’ attention and affection. 
  • Taking a stand on social issues, appealing to socially conscious audiences. 
  • The Bumble Hive—a unique offline space for making connections. And they’re currently the only online dating app to have successfully transited offline. 
  • Tailoring content to cater to various demographics. 

You can replicate this success by engaging on social media and teaming up with industry influencers. Champion causes that matter to your audience and consider hosting events or forums to facilitate face-to-face connections. Building this community strengthens ties with clients and fosters lasting loyalty among them. 

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Continuously Innovate 

Bumble is continuously finding new opportunities for expansion and evolution. The company recently launched a new app, dubbed Bumble BFF, which helps facilitate platonic connections in much the same way the original iteration of Bumble does.  

Additionally, the Bumble app contains a mode called Bumble Bizz, which helps connect users who are simply looking to network and are not seeking a romantic connection.  

Bumble has also recently rolled out an Artificial Intelligence function, which helps suggest conversation starters to users who may be more socially inept. You can find areas in your organization, or niche, where you can either improve a process or product and be the leading face of innovation in your industry. 

For example, AI-powered applicant tracking systems (ATS) can automate resume screening and candidate matching, saving time and improving efficiency. Chatbots powered by AI can provide instant support to job seekers and clients, enhancing communication and engagement.  

Moreover, AI can offer insights into market trends and candidate preferences, enabling firms to make data-driven decisions and anticipate future demands. 

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Bumble’s groundbreaking strategies allowed them to connect and captivate their audience. In the staffing industry, standing out requires more than just a strong candidate pool—it demands a powerful marketing strategy that resonates with both clients and candidates. At Allied Insight, we excel in delivering services, tailored to meet the distinct challenges and opportunities within the staffing sector. 

Our strategy leverages different media platforms to foster a vibrant community around your brand, initiating strategic partnerships to broaden your agency’s reach to render your firm truly memorable. Ready to elevate your staffing agency beyond the competition? Contact us today, and let’s initiate a dialogue about steering your firm towards a prosperous future. 


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