Color Psychology 101: Talk Staffing Through Colors

Color Psychology 101: Talk Staffing Through Colors

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  • Allan
  • January 20, 2023

As the truism goes, life will be boring without color. We can say the same thing about marketing. Can you imagine all logos and advertisements sticking to a strict grayscale when the human eye can process more than just black and white?

Colors have always been a big part of the marketing world, thanks to color psychology. This is why many fast-food chains use a lot of red and yellow and why pink seems familiar when advertising for women. Have you considered using color psychology to spruce up your marketing efforts and attract potential hires and prospective company clients?

Give your knowledge of color some breadth and depth, and get to know some theories on how to use them in the marketing context of staffing agencies. Through this post, you will have an idea of how to represent your unique brand as a recruitment company and make the magic of color psychology work for you.

What Is The Connection Between Color Psychology And Marketing? 

It’s common knowledge that specific colors invoke certain emotions or meanings. For example, red is a popular color for holidays (Valentine’s and the Christmas season, for example), and the brightness of yellow is mostly related to happiness. But the red and yellow combination stimulates one’s appetite, which is why fast-food chains use it. These are only a few examples of color psychology in use.

Color psychology is all about getting to know how colors affect behavior and perceptions. In marketing, this discipline studies how choosing colors and combinations can give brands a good impression and entice consumers to purchase.

Both psychologists and marketing experts agree on the connection between colors and brand perception. For instance, a study determining the impact of colors on marketing revealed that in the first 90 seconds of interaction between people or products, 60 to 90 percent of the decision-making is driven by colors alone.

Other reasons to incorporate colors into your marketing efforts are as follows:

  • 93 percent of consumers allude to visual appearance when making a purchase decision.
  • Among the reasons buyers choose to avail of a product, 85 percent say it’s the color.
  • Brand recognition is improved by 80 percent because of the right use of color.


Will Color Psychology Work For Staffing Agencies? 

While most of the demographics and tenets of info mentioned above mostly pertain to tangible products, the use of color to invite prospective hires and clients has its place in recruitment. Remember that the modern-day marketer must rely a lot on online means to reach customers: social media, websites, or emails with eye-catching graphics.

Take a look at the marketing and advertising efforts of your staffing agency, and ask yourself:

  • Do you have a defined brand guide already? A brand guide will instill consistency and uniformity in how your agency will present itself in various marketing content. The brand guide indicates the visual elements that will be used in your website, social media posts, and so on.

The color scheme is a key factor to be decided on in your brand guide. Usually, companies choose colors based on the values they represent, and it’s always more than one color. Take a look at what emotions or sentiments are evoked through which colors, and partner them with the kind of image you want your agency to portray.

  • Do the colors on your agency’s website have a purpose? While colors in line with your values are a whole topic to delve into, you might also want to evaluate your website. Were the chosen colors only picked because they “look pretty”? Or are they chosen to lure website visitors into taking preliminary steps to avail of your service?

Colors can do more than beautify. They can draw attention to something and retain attention, too. Think of your website as a room and if occupants want to stay in it further or not. The interior design uses color to give a specific ambiance, so why not apply the same principle to your website?

  • Are your chosen colors in harmony? Color theory suggests acceptable color combinations based on the color wheel. This is another consideration you should incorporate in choosing your agency’s official colors, your website’s layout, the graphics for your social posts, and so on.

Another factor to look into is to also create colorblind-friendly palettes. Especially for staffing agencies who would like to make their recruitment processes more inclusive and ADA-compliant, choose a website color palette that balances your agency’s brand and accessibility.


What Are Additional Ways To Use Color To Market Your Staffing Agency? 

When brainstorming how to redo your website or what to include in your social media posts, don’t forget that color has power, and your agency can harness it. While you’ve been pushing efforts to gain the attention of business prospects, put in a splash of color to subtly pull them in.

Red is probably the most used color in marketing, but you don’t have to use it repeatedly. Instead, use it on your landing pages or lead into landing pages. Since these pages are used to get information from leads or to give the website visitor an option to avail of your services, using a color that induces a reaction will be good.

Text links or website buttons can be in this color, even if it’s not part of your brand palette. Just use it in moderation to avoid making your website “too red.”

  • Use hues, tones, shades, and tints. Let’s differentiate: hues are the original colors, tones are created when gray is added, tints are when white is added, and shades are when black is added. You’ll discover more useable colors than the seven colors in the rainbow, which will add variety to your marketing materials.

It’s also a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from other brands or staffing agencies. Take a look at the logos for Starbucks and Spotify. Both have green but in different shades. Playing along with hues, tones, shades, and tints gives both variety and personality to your brand, so take time to experiment further.

  • If all else fails, use blue. There is a simple reason for this: blue is the world’s favorite color. No wonder there is a plethora of companies that use the color blue: Meta, Dell, Pepsi, and so on. Blue is cool to the eyes, has a great lineup of hues and shades, and evokes trust and security, something a potential customer wants.

Blue is also easy to find colors to go along with it, so if you find it difficult to come up with an effective palette, just put blue as the first color, and everything else will follow.



Colors can take you far when creating a brand identity, but staying consistent and cohesive for a long time may need more effort. These are just some ways Allied Insight can help you with your brand so that your staffing agency can attract further business opportunities while you keep your positive recruiter brand intact.

Allied Insight can also assist you with a number of services: lead generation, SEO optimization, website and content review, and so forth. A good color palette is only one step in building a brand. Let Allied Insight teach you the ways of making your brand stand out. Call us now.


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