Consider Consumption

Ep 3 - Consider Consumption

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  • Jeff
  • May 18, 2021
Hey everybody, Jeff Pelliccio here with Allied Insight, and today I want to talk to you about a concept. Consider consumption. So just to get some housekeeping out of the way, if you find this information helpful and think others in your network would benefit from it, please don’t forget to Like, Share, and Follow. Also if there’s a topic that you want to see us cover, just simply leave a comment below and we’ll try to include it in a future episode. Let’s all get enlightened and consider consumption for just a second, shall we? So what do I mean when I say consider consumption? What I’m talking about is consider the individual that you’re trying to interact with and that moment that they’re going to be consuming the information that you’re giving them. This really holds true across the entire funnel system, whether it be a sales funnel, a recruiting funnel, a marketing funnel, onboarding, etc. You want to really consider what that recipient is dealing with. What equipment they’re using, how much time they may have, what time of day it is, etc. You want to try to identify as many components as you can in order to deliver them content that is not only meaningful, but also very thoughtful. That is how you kind of get to that next level of sales, of recruiting, of marketing, of automation. When you’ve taken the time to generate an authentic valuable message and you’ve combined that with the consideration of the individual who’s receiving it the recipient, and what they may need in order to best digest that content. You have yourself a home run. It’s going to work. So, again, when you’re sending out emails, if you’re going to send out any sort of communication, if you’re creating assets, if you’re going to be communicating on social media, when you’re meeting individuals that are in your network, whether they be active customers active pipeline or simply investigating you and seeing if it’s something that they want to participate, always consider how they’re consuming it. If you’re working on any projects at this point that really have this component in there where you want to start considering the consumption and you want to try to bring your valuable message into the field while incorporating this consideration for the recipient, and you want some help, just reach out to us go to our website at We’ll be happy to have a conversation with you and see what it is that we could do to provide some suggestions and feedback.


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