Crafting Stories Like a Pro: 3 Insights from Ragan & PR Daily’s Award Winners 

Crafting Stories Like a Pro: 3 Insights from Ragan & PR Daily's Award Winners 

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  • Ayah
  • March 20, 2024

As traditional media fades into the background, content marketing steps into the spotlight, becoming the friendly face that connects with fresh audiences. Because, honestly, who can resist a great story? And those winners of the Ragan & PR Daily Content Marketing Awards?  

They’re the true champions of storytelling, spreading the word about their brand with captivating narratives, engaging content, and inspiring leadership efforts. We’ve picked out some truly inspiring winners from the 2023 awards to shine a light on their winning strategies, methods, and solutions. 

Let’s look at what made them successful and how their innovative approaches can inspire and guide others in the industry. 

Spotlighting Excellence: The Ragan and PR Daily

PR Daily is your ultimate stop for everything PR, offering the latest scoop, news, advice, and performance benchmarks. You can find it all on their website, at their awards, during their conferences, with their memberships, in their newsletters, and more. 

Their team of award-winning journalists and producers creates opportunities for learning, growth, and networking for communicators, marketers, and digital strategists. PR Daily hosts several events, such as: 

  • Media Relations & Measurement Conference 
  • The Writer’s Conference 
  • Writer’s Certificate Course 
  • Social Media Conference 
  • Brand Storytelling Conference 
  • PR Daily Awards 

The Ragan and PR Daily Awards celebrate top-notch communication, PR, marketing, and employee well-being efforts. Ragan Communications, a big name in organizational communications, recognizes those who excel in promoting best practices both internally and externally. 

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Unearthing the Best: Insights from Ragan & PR Daily’s Award Winners

These winners are the top dogs who know how to cook up stories that grab your attention in the online world’s chaos. They’ve found the secret recipe for making content everyone wants to read and their knack for creativity is certainly impressive. After all, it’s led to big wins for their teams and clients. 

1. Strong PR Resolves a Negative Review for Bellabeat Ivy 

BPM-PR Firm spearheaded the momentum boost for Bellabeat Ivy, a women’s health app. Their efforts secured the Grand Prize for Strategy of the Year in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards. 

Bellabeat Ivy is a one-of-a-kind health tracker tailored for women. This wearable device monitors daily activities and bodily responses, syncing data with menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and factors like symptoms or moods. 

The issue: Bellabeat faced a setback when a critical TechCrunch review deterred consumers and investors from their new product launch. They turned to BPM-PR to tackle the issue during the crucial 2021 holiday season and build a robust media presence in early 2022. 

The solution: As Bellabeat updated its mobile app, BPM-PR shifted focus from the tech industry to fashion, lifestyle, and wellness media. They brought in actress and model Olivia Culpo for endorsement, highlighted Bellabeat’s International Women’s Day campaign, and addressed issues like the Roe v. Wade reversal and privacy concerns.  

They also collaborated with OBGYNs, fitness experts, and meditation specialists. They featured experts on the Bellabeat Podcast, covering nutrition, menstrual cycles, postpartum depression, sexual health, and overall wellness. 

BPM-PR’s campaign gained substantial traction across numerous national and global media platforms, including Time, Fox News, “Good Morning America,” Digital Trends, and others. Bellabeat saw a surge in coverage within technology-focused media outlets, earning positive reviews in publications like The Verge. 

The campaign secured over 195 media placements (excluding television coverage), estimated at a remarkable ad value of $34 million, reaching over 3 million unique visitors monthly.1 

The strategy to replicate: If one media channel isn’t delivering results, it’s time to change direction. Instead of persisting with a strategy that isn’t working, explore different avenues for positive media coverage. 

That means if a particular recruiting channel isn’t giving the desired results, it’s essential to pivot and explore alternative avenues for finding and attracting talent. For example:  

  • Exploring Niche Job Boards: If traditional job boards aren’t delivering, try platforms like Stack Overflow or GitHub Jobs to target specialized talent. 
  • Leveraging Social Media: Engage potential candidates on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram by sharing job openings and showcasing company culture. 
  • Attending Networking Events: Meet industry professionals face-to-face at events and conferences to expand your talent pool and build relationships. 
  • Employee Referral Programs: Incentivize employees to refer candidates from their networks, tapping into trusted connections. 
  • Diversifying Recruitment Strategies: Implement a multi-pronged approach including direct sourcing, passive candidate outreach, and employer branding to attract diverse talent. 

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2. Ecopreneurs: Uniting Salesforce and Fortune for Climate Action 

“The Ecopreneurs,” a project by SalesForce and Fortune Brand Studio, explored how businesses worldwide strive for sustainability. It won the Branded Content Series (B2B) award in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards. 

The goal: Sustainability is crucial for Salesforce, while Fortune prioritizes entrepreneurship. Both organizations aimed to make a meaningful impact by sharing stories about climate change with an audience outside the B2B sector. 

The strategy: Collaboration was the key. Together, these organizations gave birth to “The Ecopreneurs,” a documentary series celebrating the achievements of environmental entrepreneurs and inspiring future leaders to address climate change. Each episode featured breathtaking visuals, from underwater scenes to aerial shots of landscapes like the Andes. 

A content hub was created for each episode to complement the videos, offering additional written and visual materials, including behind-the-scenes content and filmmaker Q&As. Fortune’s social media channels were also used to share this content. 

The results were impressive. “The Ecopreneurs” dominated as the top two most-watched videos on Salesforce+, with the debut episode, “SeaTrees,” garnering over 3.3 million views on YouTube.² 

The lesson learned: Collaborating with the right partner allows you to reevaluate your goals and create stories that connect with people across different channels and platforms. As a staffing firm, partnering with organizations with similar values and objectives can leverage their combined expertise to achieve mutual goals and strengthen employee engagement efforts. 

This collaboration can involve partnering with marketing staffing, industry experts, thought leaders, or even other firms in the same industry. By doing so, staffing firms can gain new perspectives, tap into additional resources, and generate innovative ideas that amplify their message and connect with a broader audience of candidates, clients, and stakeholders. 

3. A Collaborative Executive Profile Strategy 

Mary-Claire Burick, president of Virginia’s Rosslyn Business Improvement District (BID), boosted her local presence using LinkedIn, earning her the Executive Visibility award in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards. 

The aim: Mary-Clair Burick recognized that establishing relationships with community stakeholders was important in her role. Burick collaborated with the BID and the Clyde Group to strengthen her executive presence. 

The approach: They collaborated to optimize Burick’s presence on LinkedIn, focusing on active engagement within the local community. Content was categorized into topics such as organizational development, employee issues, BID management, and workplace culture.  

By tailoring her posts to resonate with local interests, Burick offered a relatable perspective closely intertwined with the community. Burick solidified her position as a thought leader through her active engagement on LinkedIn, tailored content, and recognition from prestigious publications like the Washington Business Journal’s Power 100.3 

The key insight: Focus on customizing your content to match your audience’s needs rather than just catering to your leadership’s preferences. This approach sets the stage for creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships through storytelling. 

In the staffing industry, it’s important to prioritize your audience’s needs and preferences, including job seekers and employers. Consider: 

  • Customized Content for Job Seekers: Offer valuable insights into job search strategies, resume writing tips, interview preparation techniques, and career development advice to meet their needs and support their journey. 
  • Tailored Content for Employers: Provide resources on talent acquisition strategies, workforce trends, employee engagement best practices, and building a strong employer brand to address their concerns and help them attract top talent. 
  • Demonstrating Understanding: By catering content to audience preferences, showcase your commitment to providing value and support, fostering long-lasting relationships and strengthening your brand reputation in the staffing industry. 


Ready to spice up your marketing game? Allied Insight is not just your average marketing agency—we’re your partners in crime, creating award-winning content that’ll have your audience clamoring for more. From quirky campaigns to captivating storytelling, we’ve got the magic customized to your brand’s unique voice and goals. Reach out to us today, and let’s collaborate to create marketing masterpieces together! 


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