The Editing Room: How To Be an AI Wordsmith by Creating Impactful Articles with Artificial Intelligence 

The Editing Room: How To Be an AI Wordsmith by Creating Impactful Articles with Artificial Intelligence 

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  • January 10, 2024

Creating content that stops readers from scrolling your blog posts or social media is tougher when you’re churning it out 24/7. From blank page dread to writing yourself in circles, producing memorable narratives for your staffing biz can be straight agonizing. But what if we told you AI could tag in as your writing sidekick?

That’s right. We’ll showcase how human creativity and artificial intelligence can fuse forces for seriously standout articles – the types of compelling stories that command attention from perfect candidates. So, get ready to assemble some sharper content with your AI writer!

The Rise of AI Sidekicks 

Artificial intelligence has stepped in as content creation’s new co-pilot. Where writing was once a solo human endeavor, AI tools now provide major assistance.

But AI-powered article writing isn’t just about typing in any random topic then taking a step back – effective human-AI teamwork is critical. Studies show collaborating with chatbots like ChatGPT can decrease writing time by 40% while boosting quality by 18%.¹

When these powers combine, content creation transforms.

  • Instant Topic Brainstorms: AI data analysis conjures up killer niche ideas, saving you from boring old blank page staring contests.
  • Comprehensive Research at Lightning Speed: Algorithms dig up stats, perspectives, and info from the web faster than you can spell “deadline.”
  • AI Structures for a Lighter Workload: Focus on the vision while your AI writer handles wrestling content into logical narratives.
  • Increased Output Without Burnout: Humans steer toward quality while AI handles extra content, so you don’t collapse.

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Wielding AI’s Creative Magic 

Harness your AI writing tool’s power for seamless content writing.


Brainstorm Brilliant Topics

Blankly staring at an empty page? Let your AI writing tool suggest a pile of prime story ideas to smash through writer’s block. Just tell it about your goals, audience and themes. AI’s content generation prowess creates captivating headlines and angles to choose from based on that sweet data.

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Here’s how:

  • Set Your Goals: Clearly define your content objectives. For instance, if your aim is to highlight company culture, AI can propose topics like “Navigating Remote Work Challenges” or “Showcasing Team Achievements.”
  • Understand Your Audience: Provide insights into your target audience. If targeting tech professionals, AI might suggest topics such as “Emerging Technologies in the Staffing Industry” or “Career Growth in IT.”
  • Identify Themes: Specify the key themes or topics you want to explore. For diversity, equity, and inclusion, AI could generate ideas like “Building an Inclusive Workplace” or “Spotlight on Diverse Leadership.”


Outline Like a Pro

Once you’ve picked a direction, your robot buddy can concoct an optimized article structure guaranteed to intrigue. Feed it your main themes and talking points. If your focus is on talent acquisition, AI can structure sections like “Identifying Top Talent,” “Effective Interview Techniques,” and “Onboarding Strategies.”

Offer key talking points or ideas you want to emphasize. For instance, if discussing employee engagement, AI can organize sections highlighting “Creating a Positive Work Environment” and “Employee Recognition Programs.”

Watch as AI transforms your input into a well-organized outline. It ensures a logical flow, guiding readers seamlessly through the article.


Boost Readability

Draft done? Hand it off to AI to enhance flow and comprehension. Its algorithms meticulously assess vocabulary suitability, sentence structure, transitions, and more.

AI evaluates your vocabulary choices to ensure they align with your target audience and industry. The tool refines sentence structures, making them clear and concise for easy understanding. It also works on seamless transitions between paragraphs, creating a smooth reading experience.

You give the thumbs up, then it works its magic so readers glide through effortlessly.


Sprinkle Personality

Don’t forget that signature human touch! Scour your AI-generated draft and identify areas where adding personality could enhance engagement. Build upon the AI’s foundation by injecting your distinctive voice, humor, and emotion into the narrative.

Use the AI-generated content as a canvas to craft long form content that resonates with your audience, making the information more memorable and enjoyable. Blend your AI’s efficiency with your individuality to produce content that blends professionalism and personality.


Avoiding the Robo-Vibe: Finding Your Authentic Voice with AI 

So, you’re worried your blog post sounds like it was written by C-3PO? Totally get it. Nobody wants their brand voice drowned out by robotic monotony. But AI content writing doesn’t mean sacrificing your human touch—it’s more of a dynamic duo situation.


Inject Your Company Culture

Take the AI-generated draft and sprinkle in your brand’s humor, witty remarks, or inside jokes. AI might be clever, but it’s not comedian-level yet!

If your staffing firm has an office dog mascot who makes candidate interviews less stressful, work in a cheerful reference. AI may miss those personal touches. Don’t forget to integrate elements of your company culture, values, or team dynamics to give the content that unmistakable human touch.


Stick Around for the Editing

Sure, an AI writer can whip up a decent draft, but it’s not the end of the story. Don’t hit that “publish” button just yet! Take a beat. AI can handle heavy lifting, but the finesse is all you. Set aside dedicated time for editing to transform the draft into a polished gem.


Infuse Emotional Intelligence

AI nails the technicalities, but emotional nuances? Not its forte. Add your emotional touch for a genuine connection. When tackling staffing challenges in a competitive market, share a personal success story over a similar hurdle.


Tailor Tone to Your Audience

While AI can grasp your industry jargon, it won’t truly understand your audience like you do. Swap robotic phrases for your vibrant voice. Keep it professional yet approachable. Instead of “strategic talent acquisition,” opt for “smart hiring moves” for better resonance.

Or if you’re targeting tech-savvy candidates, you can insert tech-related humor or language that resonates with that audience.


Showcase Industry Expertise

AI offers info, but your expertise shines. Tailor your content to align with your reader’s preferences and expectations. You can use real-world cases or recent industry trends to highlight your deep understanding of the staffing industry.

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Humanize Data

While AI can handle data, you’re the storyteller. Narrate the data in a way that’s relatable and impactful. Break down complex stats into digestible insights. That means, instead of presenting raw statistics, tell the story behind the numbers – how a strategic hiring approach led to a significant boost in a client’s productivity.


Find The Right Balance

In editing AI content, strive for a hybrid blend of machine efficiency and human touch. Retain data-driven phrases while infusing empathy, wit, and charm. The outcome? Content with AI’s readability and a human heart.

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Ready to step up your content game with AI writing? We’ve only scratched the surface of AI’s potential for crafting killer narratives. At Allied Insight, we’ve helped numerous staffing firms revamp their approach to content marketing. From topic ideation to brand voice fine-tuning, we strategically incorporate AI to amplify impact and originality while respecting human creativity.

Want a piece of that action? Our content marketing pros specialize in finding the right equilibrium to tell unique yet highly readable stories. Let’s connect to explore how AI-generated content can take your staffing firm’s brand to the next level.


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