Everything You Need to Know About Indeed’s New AI Job Matching Tool

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  • July 1, 2024

The job market is a strange paradox these days. Companies struggle to fill open positions, while many qualified applicants feel stuck in a cycle of unanswered applications and dead-end searches. It’s frustrating for everyone. But here’s some good news: Indeed, the big employment website has devised a solution. They’ve created new AI-powered job-matching tools to make hiring faster and easier.

These tools work for both sides. Job seekers can find jobs they want, and employers can find people who are a great fit for their team. It’s a shortcut through all the hassle. For staffing firms, this is a big deal. These new AI tools can help you match candidates to jobs more quickly and accurately. That means happier clients and candidates and less time wasted on mismatches.

Let’s look at how Indeed’s new AI job-matching technology is changing the game for everyone involved in hiring.


The Power of Smart Sourcing and Indeed Profile: AI-Driven Matchmaking

Indeed’s latest innovations are transforming the hiring landscape. These AI-based job search features benefit employers and candidates, creating a more efficient and effective recruitment process.

Key Components:

  • Smart Sourcing: AI-powered tools for employers
  • Enhanced Indeed Profile: Dynamic profiles for job seekers


How It’s Changing the Game:

  • Reduces time-to-hire for employers
  • Improves job match quality for candidates
  • Streamlines the overall recruitment process


These tools provide staffing firms with a competitive edge by swiftly connecting qualified candidates with the right opportunities from a pool of nearly 300 million workers with profiles and resumes on the platform.

The updated Indeed Profile empowers job seekers to showcase unique work experiences, skills, and preferences beyond traditional resumes, ensuring personalized job recommendations and stronger connections with relevant employers.

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Improving the Efficiency of Talent Sourcing and Hiring for Employers

A recent Indeed survey identified finding qualified job candidates as a big pain point for hiring managers. The study stated that 64 percent of hiring managers struggle to find qualified candidates. Among those who find it “somewhat challenging,” nearly 99 percent face difficulties. On average, they spend 13 hours per position to find enough quality candidates for successful hires.¹

This shows that traditional hiring practices are like chasing shadows. Employers have wasted time searching for and reaching out to potential candidates who lack the necessary skills or experience or are not interested in changing jobs.

Smart Sourcing uses artificial intelligence to streamline hiring to connect the right people with the right opportunities, making job hunts faster and easier.

Say your firm receives an urgent request from a tech company to fill 10 software developer positions in two weeks. With this AI hiring tool, you quickly identify a pool of 50 highly qualified candidates, send AI-generated personalized messages, and schedule interviews for the top 20 within days.

This efficiency is made possible through several key benefits that make AI-driven sourcing an exceptionally effective tool:

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Wide range of qualified job seekers.

While Indeed Resume’s search works well, creating 69,000 successful connections between employers and job candidates daily, a Harris Poll survey revealed that 74 percent of hiring managers prefer matching with skilled talent based on their abilities and relevant experience rather than searching manually.²

AI job-matching does just that—employers can easily switch between their Indeed job listings using a drop-down menu to instantly see recommended candidates.

Indeed’s AI job-matching learns your preferences over time as you approve or decline candidates. This helps customize your matched candidate results, like how you personalize a playlist on Spotify.

You have the option to search and filter resumes yourself or use automated suggestions to speed things up. The candidate matching is also based on how well keywords in your job post match with resumes, applicant’s activity on Indeed, and how recently they’ve used the site. This helps Indeed show you candidates most interested in new job opportunities.


Ability to find and assess good candidates easily.

Indeed suggests candidates that match what employers are looking for. This includes AI-generated summaries of candidates that explain why they are suitable for a position, making it faster to review applicants. These summaries also highlight reasons why some candidates shouldn’t be dismissed, such as having slightly less experience than required.

Employers can then easily invite suitable candidates to apply directly through the platform. When invited, these matched candidates are 17 times more likely to apply compared to finding the job themselves.³


Immediately connect with candidates using AI-powered messaging.

Indeed introduces AI-powered customized messages to save time and effort by automating candidate communications’ writing, personalization, and proofreading. This means you can create personalized messages based on the candidate’s resume and your job posting. You can also generate different message versions with your desired tone and adjust them before sending them.

The AI-powered messages are highly effective because they’re tailored for each candidate. It’s impressive how the AI selects important details from a job description to highlight the job’s strengths and uses information from a candidate’s resume to explain why it’s a good match.

With a Professional subscription, you can also automate follow-up messages after reaching out to candidates. Message analytics track how well your messages perform, giving you useful insights into candidate interest and helping you maximize your investment.

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Improve how you hire and help your team work better.

Recruiting and hiring can be complicated, involving multiple people and platforms. Smart Sourcing Professional Subscriptions make it easier by letting you invite others to join sourcing projects. They also speed up candidate feedback using collaborative task management tools.

For example, if you’ve used AI job-matching to create a list of good candidates who respond quickly, you can share their profiles with your team. Take notes to monitor each candidate as they move through the hiring process and ask the hiring manager for feedback.


Land Your Dream Job: Finding Opportunities That Align with Candidate Expertise

Candidates need a better way to show their skills, qualifications, and preferences so employers can reach out about relevant jobs. Indeed uses AI to suggest ways to improve Profiles to match people’s desired jobs. The more information you add, the more Indeed can personalize your experience. This means you’ll see job recommendations that perfectly fit you, helping you land the right job faster.

Consider a marketing professional looking to transition into a more data-driven role. Using Indeed’s AI-powered work experience writer, they highlight their analytical skills and successful data-driven campaigns. The multi-resume feature allows them to create versions emphasizing different aspects of their experience, leading to more relevant job matches and interview opportunities.

Now, let’s discover the exciting new features available on Indeed Profile that make scenarios like this possible:


Engage with Employers

With a new toggle in Indeed Profile, candidates can appear visible to employers and open for outreach. This lets them be considered and contacted for relevant jobs, bringing more opportunities directly to them.


Work Experience Writer

Indeed has an AI-powered tool called the work experience writer, which helps job candidates write better descriptions of their work experiences. It suggests relevant keywords and highlights achievements to make their descriptions more effective.



Candidates improve their chances of getting hired when they customize their resumes for each job they apply to. In fact, 55 percent of applicants change their resumes or create new ones for different job applications.⁴ Soon, people will be able to save and access up to five versions of their resumes in their Indeed Profiles.

Understanding these candidate-focused features is crucial. Leveraging Indeed’s AI-powered tools help guide candidates to create effective profiles and resumes, boosting their placement success. This enhances candidate satisfaction and speeds up matching with clients’ positions.



Finding the perfect fit can feel like swiping left on endless profiles. But just as Indeed’s new candidate matching tool uses advanced algorithms to pair candidates with suitable job opportunities, Allied Insight can also use strategic marketing techniques to make sure you find ideal matches.

We take the time to understand your goals and preferences and then apply our industry knowledge to efficiently introduce you to ideal candidates or employers matching your specific criteria. Prepare to bid farewell to endless rejections and wasted time. Partner with us today and find your happily ever after… in the hiring world, at least.



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A hand reaching for a pixelated cursor on a blue background, with "Allied Insight" and logo in the bottom right.

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