Experience Management, Journey, Process, and Tech

Experience Management, Journey, Process, and Tech Blog Post

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  • Jeff
  • August 4, 2021
In today’s marketplace where technology and automation are incorporated in almost all hiring processes, how would you stand out? What sets your staffing agency apart from the competition? In this video, Allied Insight Founder Jeff Pelliccio shares some insights on experience management in staffing. As much as tech tools help staffing agencies speed up and keep track of a candidate’s progress throughout the recruitment funnel, all other players in the market are probably using the same or similar tools you do. In truth, technology no longer gives you and your staffing agency a competitive advantage. If that’s the case, does that mean you don’t need to employ tech tools in the work you do? Definitely not. Technology allows for a lot of customization and automation in your processes, which are necessary for your staffing agency to stay ahead. The challenge is in standing out by how you manage the experience you provide for your candidates. First, what are the steps your candidates go through in their interaction with your company? How do they interact with your brand? Identify their entry points. Is there friction? Put yourself in the shoes of your candidates. And once you pinpoint problem areas, you can then know where you can improve. Second, evaluate your processes in real-time with anonymous tests. This includes not only looking at your processes from a fundamental perspective but also at how your best practices play out in the grand scheme of things. This enables you to measure your process evaluation against your client and candidate journeys and identify where the gaps exist. Lastly, look at your main hub. See how your applicant tracking system and other tech tools work in the context of your recruitment strategy. Evaluate all of these data to know what changes and improvements to implement. Connect with Allied Insight today to know more about experience management.


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