Expert Weigh-In: Is Generative AI the Ultimate Weapon for Marketing Delivery? 

Expert Weigh-In: Is Generative AI the Ultimate Weapon for Marketing Delivery? 

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  • Jane
  • September 27, 2023

Since the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, the workforce landscape has witnessed a surge in innovations. Innovation has continuously picked up, forcing companies to ride the waves and use the changes to their benefit.

From all the current technological breakthroughs, specifically, the ones trending today, Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making a name for itself across many industries.

Because of how useful AI has become in marketing, professionals can’t help but wonder, is generative AI the ultimate weapon for marketing delivery? Although this is a debatable topic, one thing’s certain: Generative AI is more than a trend and it’s here to stay. This is proven by the variety of tools with different functions available to anyone.

An Overview of Generative AI 

Generative Artificial Intelligence are tools that have the capacity to produce various types of content. Whether you’re looking to generate a picture or written text, there are programs that can do it for you!

They study patterns and structures of data inputs and then generate new products with similar features and characteristics. So, the more data you program into an AI tool, the higher quality the content it can churn out.

Depending on the way the tools were programmed, generative AI can either have unimodal or multimodal systems. Tools with unimodal systems can process only one type of data. For example, ChatGPT is a unimodal AI system that only processes text input and responds using the same type of data.

On the other hand, multimodal systems combine different data sources. They can receive images, videos, and texts and learn from them. An example is ImageBind. It’s an open-source generative AI tool created by Meta. It is programmed to integrate six different types of data to allow machines to better analyze different forms of information.

Regardless of the systems built into generative AI tools, they still serve the purpose of creating what people want.


Generative AI in Marketing Delivery 

As recruitment marketers and staffing leaders navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, the integration of generative AI presents a compelling solution to enhance marketing efforts and engage potential candidates.

It saves both time and money as it gives professionals the ability to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks. In fact, according to research done by Mckinsey, companies that are annually increasing their market share by at least ten percent are usually those that utilize AI and machine learning through advanced technology.¹

Generative AI allowed companies to efficiently make personalized content. This is a game changer, especially for Business-to-Business marketers that focus their campaigns on the gathered data regarding their potential clients. By organizing data, analyzing it, and making content based on the results, audience targeting has never been easier when you have AI to help!

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List of Tools and Where to Use Them

It’s undeniable how beneficial generative AI can be in marketing and content creation. The only question is: which programs should you be using in your effort to sell your products and services? The following are examples of generative AI tools for marketing worth checking out!


Generating Images and Graphics 

  • Microsoft Designer – This is an AI-powered platform that can generate images and art from text descriptions within just a few seconds.
  • Artisto – This app focuses on transforming images and videos into more appealing ones by adding various styles and filters you can choose from.
  • Adobe Sensei – As an AI platform, it integrates Adobe’s creative software to create and edit videos, images, and other multimedia content you might need.
  • DeepArt – You can use this tool to transform already existing images and photos into artwork using famous artists’ styles!
  • Pictory – With a focus on generating videos, Pictory is an AI-driven tool that lets you generate still and moving pictures based on selected texts or scripts.


Social Media Management and Content Creation 

  • Predis.AI – A tool designed to streamline social media management by analyzing online data and suggesting audience engagement to enhance content.
  • Hootsuite – A a well-known social media management platform that allows you to plan, create, and analyze your content for your chosen social media account.
  • Flick – This program prioritizes fast content creation and uses hashtag generation to make your posts more relevant and popular to your chosen audience.
  • Socialbakers – Socialbakes is an AI-driven management tool that provides audience insight so that you can understand your audience’s behavior and preferences which can make optimizing your content strategies much easier.
  • Publer – Focusing on scheduling, Publer is an AI-powered tool that relies on algorithms and patterns to suggest optimal posting times along with effective content and hashtag suggestions.


Writing and Editing Long-Form Content 

  • Claude2 – This is an AI-powered writing assistant that can create and edit long-form content by analyzing fed data and generating insights from its context.
  • Notion AI – Leverages information on the internet to help you improve grammar, sentence structure, and content quality in creating long-form content.
  • Jasper.AI – By providing prompts, topics, and instructions, this tool can help you write high-quality texts suitable for marketing content.
  • Perplexity AI – This AI-powered writing tool can help you create long-form content based not only on the prompts and instructions you provide but also on valid sources it finds on the internet.
  • Quill – Powered by Narrative Science, this generative AI tool can transform information and data into well-written summaries and factual narrative reports.


Website Development 

  • 10Web – Driven by AI, this tool can help you build a website by automating design, optimization, and maintenance based on the prompts and preferences you input.
  • Wix ADI – Already a well-known platform for website creation, Wix ADI offers numerous editable designs, layouts, and features based on your answer to their automated questions.
  • Grid – Using generative AI, this tool develops a website with visually engaging designs based on your preferences as well as the data you provide.
  • Firedrop – This is a web design platform that uses chatbots to gather information from its users which it will use to create a personalized website design.
  • Bookmark – Instead of creating the website for you, this generative AI platform gives you easy-to-use tools for you to customize your own site while also providing insights and suggestions along the way.


Search Engine Optimization 

  • SEMrush – It uses analytics to give suggestions regarding keywords, backlinks, and SEO rankings for website optimization.
  • BrightEdge – This tool provides SEO solutions by helping in keyword research, SEO performance tracking, and even content optimization to enhance online visibility.
  • Frase – Gives you the ability to create high-ranking content by giving data-driven insights and recommendations that would perform well for both viewers and search engine rankings.
  • MarketMuse – As an AI=powered content optimization tool, this can help you optimize your SEO performance by giving suggestions based on an analysis of what content target users usually consume.
  • Ahrefs – Offering comprehensive SEO insights, Ahrefs can aid you by analyzing backlinks, keywords, and competitor performance you could leverage to improve your overall content and website optimization.



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1 Deveau, Richelle, et al. “AI-powered Marketing and Sales Reach New Heights with Generative AI.” McKinsey, 11 May 2023,



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