Friction in the Funnel

Ep 2 - Friction in the Funnel

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  • Jeff
  • May 13, 2021

What is friction in the funnel? In this video, Allied Insight Founder Jeff Pelliccio discusses what it is, why it’s important, and how you can identify whether or not your staffing agency is experiencing this friction. 

Friction in the funnel refers to anything that causes a delay between your staffing agency and a candidate or client. These might be caused by a number of things such as process-driven factors or automated ones. Friction can exist in a marketing funnel, sales funnel, candidate funnel, and even onboarding. It can appear anywhere! 

Why is Friction in the Funnel Important

It’s important to know whether there is friction in your processes because if you don’t, it can cost you precious time and money. Without a smooth process and good communication with all parties involved, opportunities for your competitors to take your business opens up.  

So, what can your staffing agency do to identify whether or not you have any friction in any of your funnels? First, don’t assume anything and do your due diligence. Just because it’s built into your training modules, written in your manuals, or have tenured people calling the shots, it doesn’t mean that they’re following the prescribed procedure as laid out by your organization or that there’s no room to optimize your processes.  

Next, map out those client and candidate journeys. Take a closer look at every single interaction they have with your agency. Where do turnoff points occur? After evaluating those interactions, address the tech stack. What is your technology providing you? Do you automate where you can? Make sure that your tech tools are functioning the way they were intended; to help and assist the conversation and progress it along. Lastly, survey your people. Get feedback from clients and candidates. What were their experiences like? Did they encounter any trouble?  

It’s never easy to do a deep dive into your own process but if you do them regularly and incorporate them into the way you do business, it can open doors for improvements that can take your business to the next level. It can decrease your sales cycle, increase your revenues, and make your employees, candidates, and clients happier.

If you need help dealing with friction in your funnels, go to and connect with us. We’d love to chat with you and see what we can do for your staffing agency. 


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