Goodbye Clicks and Say Hello to Zero-Click Content! 

Goodbye Clicks and Say Hello to Zero-Click Content!

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  • Judd
  • December 19, 2022

Time is ticking fast, so no person wants to spend it on content and a platform that doesn’t give what they truly need. It’s no fun for the audience to click through a post and scroll through a blog with a thousand words or a video that lasts for 20 minutes to find the information that they need.  

Clicking through posts and scrolling content may be all right for some, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Now, you can say goodbye to clicking and say hello to the innovative zero-click content! 

What Is Zero-Click Content 

When your site does not require people to click a link or go to another site, as it already displays the answers they need for their query, it is known as zero-click content. An example that you would more likely encounter is when you access Google.

Through the site’s upgraded Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you no longer need to go to a particular site to convert kilometers to miles or dollars to euros.  

Zero-click content provides users with a brief overview of the information they need. For example, from a 60-second TikTok video or a Twitter thread, users can now quickly get a sense of what they read or watch. This approach still provides value to the creator, but you might wonder, how is that possible when no traceable visits are recorded? 

Pursuing zero-click content is like a leap of faith for content creators, marketers, and organizations. It all depends on how you manage your brand’s content and boost the impressions gained from users, even if it means deprioritizing clicks.   

For the users or audience, zero-click content means more time on what’s necessary and less time on what’s not. With this technique, they can easily filter the information they need without going through thousands of words in a blog post or watching a 30-minute YouTube video.

Zero-click content will also help users recall creators who are generous enough to give the most salient takeaways, which they can refer to for future searches.   

Therefore, having a strategic plan to catch the users’ attention by giving them the information they need right away and allowing the algorithm to reward your content can contribute to your brand lift. Fingers crossed, you want them to more likely remember you as a brand that gives them valuable information. 

What Makes Zero-Click Content Work 

1. They have focused content that keeps their readers engaged. 

Since zero-click contents are usually brief, the information should also be clear and easy to comprehend. Focusing on a single topic and analyzing whether the pieces of information available are relevant is important. It keeps the readers interested, and at times, it also becomes a way to convince or actively persuade them

2. They provide easy-to-digest pointers. 

Clarity plays a crucial role in creating zero-click content as it’s a straightforward way to share by eliminating irrelevant information. Having a clear and organized structure keeps your copywriting neat and quick to absorb. It also helps the audience identify the key ideas you want to convey. 

3. They use images as part of their blog or website. 

Another thing the audience like about zero-click content is that it allows them to digest information more effectively through visual learning. The images or any media helps them further process the concept in a way best suited to their liking or learning ability. It also compels visual interest that keeps the audience engaged and entertained through graphics. 

How To Make Zero-Click Content 

1. Be persuasive yet concise.  

The beautiful thing about zero-click content is that it saves the user’s time. Make sure you stay true to this intent by concisely giving out your main ideas. Your content must already have pertinent information in a 200-word post or a minute-or-less video.

Catching the audience’s attention through enticing punchlines and including a thesis statement that provides an overview of your promotions page or event website is one way to be memorable for the audience. 

2. Summarize the idea through bullet points. 

Outlining is a clever way when it comes to creating zero-click content. Organizing the ideas, visualizing the structure of a text, and further developing it by determining its key points will allow you, as a content creator, to squeeze the juice out of your work and find its potential. In addition, arranging the ideas in bullet will improve the text’s overall readability and clarity. 

3. Always be on your defense. 

One downside to creating zero-click content is that your audience can easily misunderstand your message, especially if you fail to share your idea in a short and justified way. To address this, always be ready to meet their expectations.

After the engagement gained from your short statement, prepare a longer piece explaining your topic’s ins and outs. This will show the reader that you’re knowledgeable enough about the topic that you’re writing about and can defend your claim. 

Zero-Click Content Clicks! 

Users are often skeptical when visiting a site for the first time, regardless of how trustworthy the site may seem. If you don’t demonstrate your abilities immediately, it will only take one misstep (or misconception) to force users to hit the back button.  

The zero-click content strategy is your best choice to impact your brand positively. Using this concept, you can be sure that people will be hooked on the information that you are providing, which can, later on, increase conversions.  


Allied insight is a full-stack marketing agency that integrates your entire digital strategy into your business ecosystem and tech stack. We are a team that vows to deliver quality services and business recommendations in the fastest way possible. Like zero-click content, time will be well-spent when you are with Allied Insight.   

Contact us now, and let’s discuss how we can improve your marketing strategies! 


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