Make the C-Suite a “Connect-Suite”: How to Engage Busy Executives

Make the C-Suite a “Connect-Suite”: How to Engage Busy Executives

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  • Vincent
  • February 13, 2023

How does your staffing firm reach out to your C-suite clients lately?

For staffing firms, reaching the C-suite is vital for marketing and recruitment activities. C-suite executives are THE decision-makers in a company. Let’s face it, though. C-suite executives are not very easy to reach. They are often preoccupied and have an extremely demanding schedule. This is why they have assistants and staff to deal with people and other matters on their behalf.

Since C-suite execs call the shots within the organization, staffing firms need to establish excellent rapport with them and get them to trust and believe that their agency can do wonders when solving their recruitment needs.

The fact that hiring top talent has gotten to be more and more challenging these days bodes well for staffing agencies. However, with the presence of staffing firms out there, you need to raise your marketing several notches higher to reach these C-suite executives and to be THE preferred staffing agency of a company.

So how do you do just that?   

Here are six actionable steps that you can take to level up your marketing and recruitment activities as a staffing firm and make your agency a hit among the C-suite.


1. Address Specific Needs of the C-Suite.

Start by answering this question: “What do C-Suite execs need the most when hiring top talent?”

A study from the Harvard Business Review revealed that CEOs worked an average of 9.7 hours per weekday. Seventy-nine percent of them also work on weekends for 3.9 hours on average, while 70 percent still work 2.4 hours daily even when on vacation leave.

Based on this extremely demanding schedule, chances are not that anyone from the C-suite will read your correspondence if it’s long and winding or too general.

Respect their time by being direct to the point.

You must have thoroughly researched what a prospective company or sector needs beforehand. What are their hiring challenges? What particular aspect of talent placement can your staffing firm best help them with?


2. Get Their Attention!

No matter how significant your message is to C-suite executives, your pitch cannot be successful if it is not presented to them well. Being on point is good, but being so plain about it won’t get the job done either.

Creatively do your pitch. Compile everything there is to know about your staffing firm and competitive advantage. Include powerful testimonials and concise text. Busy executives do not have time to read lengthy paragraphs. As much as you can, use bullet points, tables, charts, and diagrams creatively. C-suite execs will surely appreciate this.

As a staffing firm, there is wisdom in investing in your marketing team.

Curate and attend events that would attract the C-suite. Be strategic in attending conventions, sending out email blasts to a specific event tailored to executives, and placing ads on platforms C-suite executives patronize. Your staffing firm’s omnichannel presence should give your brand some significant familiarity in the C-suite circle.


3. Be Credible at All Times.

Be sure that you have a high level of knowledge and expertise specific to the needs of the C-suite and the particular sector you are reaching out to. This expertise involves two kinds.

First, you should be at the top of your game. You must have command of your hiring strategies and the methods you do exceedingly well as a staffing firm. This should be at the tip of your fingertips.

Second – and this is not negotiable – is that you should also have mastery of the sector and business of the C-suite execs you are reaching out to. Furthermore, you should be able to convincingly demonstrate this expertise without taking up too much of your time.


4. Instead of Just Hiring, Focus on Growth.

Another study from the Harvard Business Review shows that the C-suite level is rapidly evolving. Skillsets are changing, and the attributes being demanded of individuals who will fill the C-suite are also changing by the day.

As a staffing firm, once you start marketing to the C-suite, aim to focus not just on their hiring needs. Instead, focus on growth for the company and how your staffing firm can help them achieve their growth targets.

By doing so, you are setting your staffing firm up for a longer partnership with the company. They will not forget your agency after you have provided them with their short-term recruitment needs. Instead, they will want to work with you for their future hiring needs and the new roles that will arise due to the continually changing labor market and the disruptions brought by Industry 4.0.


5. Showcase Your Tech Stack but Maintain Focus on the Human Connection.

Despite recruitment and hiring talent becoming more digital with hiring software and applications that can streamline recruitment processes, you must keep in mind that the core of your work as a staffing firm still relies on building relationships.

A good relationship with clients and job candidates is crucial to the survival of your staffing firm. Unfortunately, your tech stack can sometimes hinder your ability to establish these relationships in a digital setting. When reaching out to the C-suite, presenting your tech stack must be complemented by an equal focus on the human connection.

More and more C-suite execs are looking into social skills in considering people to join their ranks. Because of this, as a staffing firm, you also need to emphasize how you personally reach out to your job candidate pool and select specific candidates to refer to your partner companies. This creates the impression that you are adept at referring the most suitable candidate to your partner company.


6. Become an Important Resource for C-Suite Execs.

In marketing to decision-makers, you will be most effective when they view you as an authority or as an expert in human resources for their particular sector. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that you get to model this persona of authority to them.

Platforms such as LinkedIn or Medium are popular among the C-suite. Consider becoming a resource that regularly publishes material for these platforms. Then, grow your following and see your posts and articles reposted on their walls. Once you have achieved a significant following, they will serve as another vital layer of your agency’s marketing arm.

Furthermore, the C-suite is attracted to individuals who can provide great insights about its sector and what it needs. They will be eager to partner with your staffing agency once you earn their belief and trust. This is what millennials also call influencer marketing.



While there are plenty of staffing firms, only a few are able to fully leverage their core competencies and truly rise above the competition. This is also why very few of them can truly impact C-Suite executives to partner with their staffing firms.  

Allied Insight is a full-stack marketing agency dedicated to supporting staffing firms and helping them reach their full potential in this very competitive job market. When you partner with Allied Insight, we make sure that you tower above the rest.   

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