Improving the Candidate Experience – Webinar Supplement

Candidate Experience Leveraging Automation to Generate ROI

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  • Jeff
  • August 4, 2021

In this video supplement to the webinar Candidate Experience: Leveraging Automation to Generate ROI, Allied Insight Founder Jeff Pelliccio shares additional resources for improving the candidate experience alongside setting up a staffing agency for automation.  Whenever you plan on improving the candidate experience you provide, Jeff recommends starting with an in-depth look at your existing process. This gives you an opportunity to assess and outline your candidates’ journey in their interaction with your brand.

To do this, begin with testing your processes anonymously to remove all possible biases. Then, evaluate them and identify process issues, training needs, inconsistencies, and any other gaps. After that, you can then pinpoint which areas to automate to free up your frontline recruiters from doing menial tasks.  The key is to keep your candidate in mind throughout the entire candidate journey. In the recruitment funnel, the first point of entry is when candidates send in their applications. This is where you can set candidate expectations within your auto-response. Take a moment to update your system’s auto-response default message into something that reflects your brand.

Moving further down the funnel, recruiter meetings, submittals, and interviews are good points to get feedback loops. These will provide insights into what the candidate liked or disliked about the experience they went through. Use the end portion of your recruitment process to add value and extend bundled offers to your candidates in order to keep them engaged even after placement.  Keep in mind that letting your candidate get a good grasp of the whole process helps improve the entire experience for all parties involved. An informed candidate will perform better, appreciate all the systems you put in place, and more likely lead to a positive outcome.  For additional resources or assistance with workflow automation assessments, candidate/client engagement campaigns, lead generation, or strategic and corporate initiative alignment, connect with us at

Hey everyone, this is a supplement to the webinar candidate experience, leveraging automation to generate ROI that was hosted by myself, Jeff Pelliccio of allied insight, as well as the herefish automation team at bullhorn. So our webinar had gone over a little bit. And these are some of the slides that unfortunately we weren’t able to get to, but I wanted to make sure that you had access and could use them as a resource. Basically the section that we didn’t get to was improving the candidate experience while you’re setting up all your automation. So, let’s get into it.
Whenever you’re considering improving the candidate experience, I would always recommend starting with your existing process. The reason why is that it gives you an opportunity to further outline your candidate journey, as well as assess the existing process that you’ve prescribed for your staffing agency. Now that said, I’ll also give you I guess a pro tip. My recommendation would be to test these processes, anonymously. The reason why I want you to test them anonymously, is it removes any potential for bias, and it really gets you down to the quintessential elements of what’s working, what’s not, what’s consistent and what’s not. Once you’ve done this audit, then you can overlap your journey and your process in order to identify process issues, training needs or inconsistent delivery. It’s a really good opportunity to assess those gaps at this stage. After that, you can then look to replace menial tasks that your frontline recruiters are handling, you can look to increase touch points, and you can also find opportunities to set expectations in order to improve the experience. Now from the list that’s in front of you on the screen, you know, when you’re looking at your application that is the very first entry point for a lot of candidates with your brand. And, at that stage, you can set expectations within your autoresponder, so many of you already have autoresponders in place and you might be using the default messaging, I would encourage you to look at that messaging and align it a little bit more closely with what your brand and processes in order to be able to set those expectations for candidates and improve their experience overall. An informed candidate will perform better through your process, as well as appreciate the systems that you put in place, and likely result in a more positive outcome. When you have your recruiter meetings and submittals and interviews. Those are great times for feedback loops, those feedback loops will provide you the insight into how that experience went for that candidate, again, it will help you identify issues that you may be having with consistency, or training or it may even be able to identify some issues that you might have with your hiring managers or with your client accounts. At the end, he could look at your start and end dates redeployments things of that nature, again just to further extend offers and continue to keep that candidate engaged even post placement. From here, I would start to look at bundling offers. And so what I mean by this is assessing your existing offers and packaging them in a way that allows you to present them to your audience as a brand new offer. Here are some simple ways that you can kind of go about this one is defining your processes and experience guaranteed. This speaks to perhaps some of the things that you already have in place. Perhaps you already have a 24 hour call back guarantee, or maybe your firm responds to every application, you can even just share your team structure that would be a valuable asset for the candidate to know what the process is and who they might be encountering during their journey. The next would be packaging the elements of your existing process. So, you know, bundling these things together and branding them as an offer, would allow you to take things like a LinkedIn audit resume refresh and maybe an application strategy and put those together in some new version of a package. The next might be something like a salary review professional goal setting and then career mapping. Again, these are just some ideas off the cuff, but you can certainly dig into your processes and what you offer, and maybe find some other opportunities there. Last, always look to leverage your service partners. These can provide educational services or networking. Anything that allows you again to further extend the value to the candidate while they’re engaged with you. And then, you know, quite honestly, leveraging your service partners would also strengthen your partnership with those particular vendors. So all of these things could be really valuable to the extension of the candidate experience and really improve it overall. Now once you’ve resolved those first two areas of your existing process and then maybe bundling some offers, then I would look to adding new value. Now, some of these things may already be a part of your campaigns and your strategy throughout the year, but if it’s not, here are some recommendations as to where you can add additional value by providing some additional resources. Salary guides are a no brainer. First, they provide insight into what the projections of the salaries are going to be for the upcoming 12 months, that’ll be really important to them as they go about looking at their career mapping. It’ll also help them to understand what the market conditions look like and what the demand might be. Conversely, It also provides leads for your recruiters. So, these are really good opportunities that not only extend value, but also provide leads to your staffing agency. The next might be something like a best practices tool again candidates who are educated will go through your process smoother, faster and also be more delighted by the way in which they were handled, if you have these best practices living behind a landing page. It also can provide leads for your recruiting team. Next is like an industry analysis and predictions. This here is really a matter of like providing some additional thought leadership, and really flexing your expertise in the field. It also provides you an opportunity to be able to push out some PR and get some additional recognition to your brand. You can also look at something like an alumni program Alumni Programs are fantastic for individuals that have already interacted with your brand, individuals who have already been placed in a role, or even just people who have been submitted, you can at least qualify those individuals to be people that you want to keep nice and warm in your database, and that you’d like to interact with again, over and over. Last, what about premium access, what would you do for the individual that refers you all of their friends, or has been successfully placed on redeployments two or three times, or has been placed into a manager role and brings you in as the preferred vendor, there may be opportunities to provide some additional value to those individuals that will really make them advocates for your brand. So to keep this short and sweet. Those are the elements that were missed again if you’re looking for additional resources and assistance with workflow automation assessments or candidate and client engagement campaigns lead generation campaigns or anything sort of strategic and corporate initiative alignment, feel free to go to our website, Allied insight. COMM And connect with us, we’ll be more than happy to jump on a call and see what we can do give you a hand. Thank you so much, And good luck, improving the candidate experience.


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