Is it Time to Jump? Exploring the Differences of an Agency and In-House Marketing Team 

Is it Time to Jump? Exploring the Differences of an Agency and In-House Marketing Team 

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  • Hannah
  • August 11, 2023

Your staffing agency is leveling up, and your team is stepping into the spotlight as industry leaders. While tech advancements make in-house campaigns doable, why not hand off the nitty-gritty marketing to a trusted partner?

In this blog, we discuss the differences between agency and in-house marketing to help you decide which is the right pick for your staffing firm’s needs.

Modern Marketing Experts: The Differences Between an Agency and an In-House Marketing Team 

In the fast-paced world of modern marketing, you’ve got to tap into your team’s expertise to give clients and candidates an exceptional experience that fuels your business growth.

According to a 2019 McKinsey survey, a whopping 83 percent of global CEOs view marketing as a key driver for their business growth agenda. However, 23 percent aren’t convinced their marketing efforts hit the mark.¹

You’ve got to assemble the right crew to make your marketing count. That’s where the choice between an agency and an in-house team comes into play.


What is In-House Marketing? 

An in-house marketing team or department is a group of expert employees, working directly for your business. They take care of all your marketing needs. The team can vary in size based on your organization’s size and the marketing tasks on their plate. Their work can cover various areas, including communications, web development, and social media management.


What is a Marketing Agency? 

On the other hand, a marketing agency is a team of outside experts who help their clients attract customers by reaching out to your audience through all sorts of channels. These pros with specialized skills, knowledge, and experiences.

And you can choose to retain their services for a specific project or work with them over a period of time.

There are several kinds of marketing agencies that each offer a specific specialty. Here are some of them:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Public Relations Agency
  • Creative Agency
  • Web Design Agency
  • Full-Service Marketing Agency


Marketing Agency Advantages and Challenges 

Want to determine which of the two will work best for your staffing firm? You first need to know the pros and cons of outsourced marketing work and conducting your marketing in-house.



If you find your team struggling to attract clients and candidates through your current strategies, it might be best to explore hiring a dedicated agency to help out your brand.


1. You can select the exact solutions you need. 

Marketing agencies often have their own superpowers. So, you’re in control – you can totally hand over the reins for specific parts of your marketing game that need some extra oomph. Or, if you’re riding solo without an in-house marketing team, you can go all-in and let them handle the whole shebang. The choice is yours!


2. Working with agencies saves you bucks and time. 

Teaming up with agencies is like hitting two birds with one stone. It’s pocket-friendly and a time-saver too.

Listen, outsourcing your marketing mojo often costs less than hiring a full-time squad. No headaches over benefit plans or gear for your in-house crew. And agencies can tailor their marketing campaigns to fit your budget. No unnecessary trial and error – just smooth sailing.

Plus, you’re not tied down. Need a short-term fix? No worries. Get them on board for a project. And if the spark fizzles out, no hard feelings. Switch lanes and find the perfect match. Your call!


3. Agencies can bring you fresh, expert ideas. 

Agencies are experts in their field and letting them manage your marketing processes can provide you with new ideas you’ve never tried before. Why? Well, they live, eat, and breathe this stuff. Trends, research, past gigs – they’ve got it all stored up.

So, brace yourself for some serious outside-the-box thinking that could rock your campaigns and strategies. Who knows, you might just discover your next big hit!



It’s not all smooth sailing when working with agencies. Here are some of the pitfalls.


1. Some agencies might have their off days. 

Doing your homework pays off! You’ll find some agencies that ace every corner of your marketing game – blogs, websites, design – you name it. But brace yourself for a curveball or two.

Imagine you’re checking out their portfolio, loving their campaigns. Then, you stumble upon their ad and social media designs, and they just don’t click. It’s like they’re speaking a different visual language. Time to decide if it’s a fluke or a deal-breaker.


2. The agency may not have the deepest familiarity with your brand. 

Experts in an agency are working with various brands at the same time. This means they might switch from one client to another and have less time to get acquainted with your brand’s audience, goals, and other factors.


In-House Marketing Advantages and Challenges 

Just like employing an outside team, lots of factors come into play when you utilize your in-house staff. Let’s look at them.



From having total control over your content marketing to money savings. Let’s unpack the upsides of having an internal team.


1. Money savings for the long haul. 

Your initial investment in an in-house squad might be chunkier, but it could be a lot of costs in the long run. Front-end spending covers training, gear, and the staff lineup.

Once their skill sets, expertise, and strategies are settled, your team can start producing content specifically for your brand that you can maintain or build on when needed.

If you can hire various experts in your team, such as a content writer, a social media manager, and an SEO specialist, then you wouldn’t have to outsource these specific processes since you have the employees to manage them.


2. You can have complete control and supervision over your content. 

Working with an agency will be contract or project-based, meaning the amount of content they produce for you will be limited and will be sent to you monthly or weekly, depending on the schedule you agreed on.

If you’re looking for more flexibility, then in-house marketing does it. Through this setup, you can quickly request revisions from your team members or even additional content that you think should be produced urgently.

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Your marketing team isn’t immune from challenges. Here are the downsides.


1. You need to implement a solid strategy with an adaptable manager. 

Your team needs a leader who can guide everyone in their responsibilities, which may be challenging for some as a marketing team is a collection of various experts with distinct specialties.

They need to implement solid marketing strategies that resonate across the team and can be translated into various media and processes.


2. Your team would need to have a high level of skills. 

Planning to hire in-house? Consider your budget. If you’re in a budget crunch, prepare for a lean lineup. This means your team may only have one to two people with the same role. This requires you to ensure they have a high level of skills and are capable of working on their own or only through collaborating with someone who has an entirely different job from their own.

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Picking Your Perfect Marketing Team: What to Keep in Mind 

When it comes to choosing the right marketing setup, here are some things to mull over. These factors will guide you in finding the setup that aligns best with your marketing goals.


Time and Schedule

Having an in-house crew means quick brainstorming sessions and content creation on the fly. Need a meeting? No problem. On the flip side, agencies often follow a tighter schedule. They often juggle multiple clients’ needs alongside yours.


More Innovative Ideas

In-house teams might hit a creative wall with repetitive ideas. They can stick to tried-and-true methods due to brand familiarity. Agencies, on the other hand, bring a breath of fresh air. They can leverage new trends they’ve scoped out. This means they’ll stick to your guidelines while catapulting your brand to new heights.


Marketing Cost

Consider how big of a budget you’re willing to spend on your marketing efforts. In-house setup might ramp up costs, particularly in the early months. Plus, it might limit your expert pool.

On the other hand, working with multiple niche agencies could also dent your wallet. For budget-smart outsourcing, consider a full-stack marketing agency.


Technology Access

McKinsey found that integrator-type marketers, or those who combine creativity and data, can increase revenues at twice the average rate of S&P 500 companies.²

Marketing thrives on innovation, and it often demands tech adaptation. That said, your in-house crew might struggle unless you’re tech rich. Agencies? They’re tech-savvy by default. They’re plugged into the latest software, AI and beyond as they invest in these to accommodate more clients.


Familiarity with the Company

Agencies bring tech and technique, but in-house teams come equipped with in-depth know-how about your niche. That familiarity can be gold. They grasp your industry, products, and competition which comes as an advantage in strategy shaping.


Grow your staffing agency with the right marketing team. 

Marketing agencies or in-house teams can be beneficial to your staffing efforts depending on what you need, how much you can spend, and what efforts you need to prioritize. Make sure to communicate your needs and expectations thoroughly with the team you choose to work with to make sure you meet your goals and make the most of your resources.



If your in-house efforts aren’t quite hitting the mark or you’re scoping out agency options, we’ve got your back. Allied Insight is here to ramp up your marketing game with our comprehensive services. We’re a crew of marketing aficionados who seamlessly weave your digital strategy into your business tech stack.

From Brand Continuity & Design Assessment to Website Performance Review and a full-blown Competitive Analysis – we’ve got the expertise. Let’s chat and cook up a game plan that aligns with your staffing goals!



1 “Marketing’s Moment Is Now: The C-suite Partnership to Deliver on Growth.” McKinsey & Comapny, 20 Jun. 2019,

2 Gregg, Brian, et al. “The Most Perfect Union: Unlocking the Next Wave of Growth by Unifying Creativity and Analytics.” McKinsey & Company, 18 Jun. 2018,


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