From Keywords to Entities: Everything You Should Know About Search Engine 3.0’s New Entity SEO System 

From Keywords to Entities: Everything You Should Know About Search Engine 3.0’s New Entity SEO System 

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  • September 13, 2023

In this tech-driven era, the game of marketing has transformed from traditional print ads to cutting-edge online strategies. A strong digital presence is now indispensable, whether you’re a startup or a seasoned player.

But it’s not just about existing online; you need to be visible to your target audience. Every business strives for those prime positions in search engine results to grab attention.

In this fiercely competitive landscape, how can you secure those top spots on major search engines? The first step is delving into the insights of Search Engine 3.0’s groundbreaking New Entity SEO System!

The SEO Journey Unveiled 

You’ve heard of SEO, right? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about sprucing up your site’s content and structure. Why? So, it stands out like a sore thumb and catches your target audience’s attention.

It’s what propels your site up the rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). And guess what? The higher your site climbs, the more likely it’ll get clicked on by those seeking what you offer. After all, most folks like to explore the top picks rather than scrolling through pages.

According to a nifty study by Sistrix, around 28.5 percent of folks tend to click on the first organic result link on Google. Not too shabby, right? The second and third links aren’t far behind, with click-through rates of 15 percent and 11 percent, respectively.¹ So yeah, high SERPs ranking is like an internet magnet.


Search Engines One, Two, and Three

Now that your mind is refreshed with all things related to SEO, you can now dive deeper into the rabbit hole of search engine evolution. In total, there have already been three different versions of the search engines we use today: Search Engine 1.0, Search Engine 2.0, and Search Engine 3.0. Creative names, right?

Search Engine 1.0 kicked off the SEO party during the early days of the internet. Back then, websites were like word puzzles, and if you cracked the keyword code, you were golden. It didn’t care much about the context, just the keywords. So, if you filled your content with keywords, your site was on a fast track to ranking glory.

Although it was made to help users easily find what they’re looking for, it became a tool for manipulative SEO tactics like keyword stuffing.

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Search Engine 2.0 is an upgrade that took search results and user experience to a whole new level. This version was all about giving users a mind-blowing experience and making sure search results had their backs. Instead of just throwing random web pages at you based on the number of times they said a keyword, Search Engine 2.0 got started reading your mind – not literally, but almost!

This version cared about your intent behind those search terms. Were you looking for a killer chocolate cake recipe or a fancy restaurant to treat your date? Context mattered!

And here’s the juicy part: it even remembered where you lived and what you’ve been searching for lately. Say you searched for “work.” The previous version, you might have landed on an article about “How to Make Relationships Work.” But with the new and improved 2.0, if you’d been snooping around for staffing stuff, it’d serve up job listings in your area, right on the money.

Yeah, it’s like having a search engine buddy who knows you way too well. So, next time you look for something online, just remember – Search Engine 2.0’s got your back!

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Although 2.0 has been a useful tool for internet users, people worked for further improvement which led to the inception of 3.0 – the latest search engine and what some refer to as the future of SEO. Thanks to the onset of machine learning and artificial intelligence, search engines are currently more understanding when it comes to context.

It further personalized people’s search from 2.o as the newest version utilized entities instead of just keywords.


Introducing Search Engine 3.0’s New Entity SEO System 

When you’re thinking about entities vs keywords, the former takes the lead comes to improving search results for internet users. Search engines use keywords by scouring the internet for webpages that include them, like breadcrumbs. But entities are used differently!

Entities in 3.0 refer to distinct concepts, objects, places, or people. But, instead of just gobbling up keywords and regurgitating results, this fresh search system dives deeper to grasp the context behind your search and dish out precisely what you’re after. It also makes life simpler for users. Picture this – you’re searching for “AI.”

Instead of just getting a robotic definition, the search results would also dish out links explaining why AI matters and throw in other brainy concepts like machine learning.


Perks of Using Entity SEO

Here are a few reasons why entities have the edge. And how it benefits you, too!


Search Engine Users 

  • Context-Based Results – Entity SEO puts in the effort of understanding the intent behind searched terms. This means that users have higher chances of finding exactly what they need to. It also gives you an opportunity to learn even more about the topics since engines also provide related or relevant entities to users.
  • User Friendly and Inclusive – When using the Entity SEO system, users do not have to be extremely technical in how they search. They don’t need to put a lot of effort just to personalize the results since the words are already linked to other related entities online. Even when you type in a grammatically incorrect question, the search engines will focus on the intent of your message instead of the pragmatics! This makes searching more inclusive to people with different languages or knowledge level. Talk about convenience!


Companies and Businesses 

  • Boosted Discoverability – If you’ve got laser-focused organization, it’s easier for people to spot you. All it takes is a quick search for an entity that syncs with your business vibe and the chances of people finding your webpages increase. This heightens your discoverability and website traffic.
  • Improved Reach of Target Audience – Your company’s got the upper hand with this slick SEO system. For example, if you’re a staffing company focused on the medical industry, you can release articles revolving around relevant medical concepts, places, and other related entities. If you whip up content that dances to the tune of entities tied to your gig, your chances of locking onto your target audience skyrocket.


3 Crucial SEO 3.0 Tips for Marketers and Staffing Firms 

  • Use SERP as a Reference – To rank high on search engines, you need to understand the content that highly ranked websites produce. Conduct your own research to figure out valuable entities for a specific topic. But be careful not to base your own content solely on what you’ve compiled from others’! Use SERP only as a reference and definitely not as a basis or criteria.
  • Create Relevant, Factual, and In-Depth Pieces – The best way to reach your target audience is to create relevant and valuable content they actually want to consume. Go beyond topical coverage or the basic information you’ll read in a competitor’s site. Aside from facts and information, consider including in-depth discussions or data-driven opinions about entities or concepts related to your business.
  • Put Effort in Centralizing Backlinks – Since search engine 3.0 focuses on entity association, you need to prioritize centralizing your backlinks in the content you create. For example, you’re writing about a new trend in manufacturing, consider other content you’ve published. Are there any other webpages that include entities related to manufacturing? If there are, it’s important to put in the effort of linking back to them. This would lead to an increase in both your webpage’s relevancy and search engine ranking!


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1 Southern, Matt G. “Over 25% of People Click the First Google Search Result.” Search Engine Journal, 14 Jul. 2020,


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