Loud Work: The Art of Making Noise in Your Career 

Loud Work: The Art of Making Noise in Your Career 

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  • Ayah
  • March 11, 2024

If you want to succeed in this challenging economy, boldness is the key. We’re in an era where making noise about your achievements sets you apart and opens doors, and keeping silent about your successes is like attempting to whisper in a crowded room—your voice goes unheard. It’s time to celebrate your victories, spreading them far and wide boldly. 

Whether you’ve landed a big client, led a game-changing project, or hit a major milestone, don’t hold back and make sure everyone knows about your successes. Because in 2024, it’s not just about crushing it at work but also shouting your victories from the rooftops, like a champion celebrating a win. So, are you ready to turn up the volume and make some noise in your career? 

Embracing the Power of Visibility 

Making noise in your career is a smart move that means actively showing off your talents and contributions. Research backs it up: getting proactive with stuff like career planning, skill-building, networking, job hunting, exploring new avenues, and shaping your career path is key. These actions don’t just land you jobs—they open up doors for growth and success too.¹ 

And in today’s competitive job market, just doing good work isn’t always enough to get ahead. Being visible and making a big impact is essential for progressing your career. It pays to be visible; when people know you and what you can do, they’re more inclined to consider you for promotions or interesting tasks.  

After all, being visible is the first step to getting recognized, and recognition is your ticket to climbing the career ladder. 

Conversely, if you stay out of the spotlight, you might miss out on valuable opportunities for growth. You can’t just wait for your boss to put the spotlight on you. Instead, find ways to maximize your exposure so that you’re considered for opportunities when they come up. It’s up to you to grab the mic and make your skills be heard—even if you’re working from home in your fuzzy slippers. 

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But how exactly can you boost your visibility at work? 

Participate in conversations. 

Joining discussions in meetings or team chat apps is a good way to increase your visibility, whether you’re working remotely or in the office. However, it’s important to speak up thoughtfully, rather than just talking for the sake of it. You don’t want to come across as annoying or self-centered. 

Instead, focus on contributing meaningful ideas that add value to the conversation. This will help you gain the right kind of attention and recognition. 

  • Make sure you’re prepared by reviewing the meeting agenda and jotting down any questions or ideas you have. This applies to team chat conversations—before responding, read through the conversation thread and do a quick search if needed. 
  • Listen as much as you talk, weighing all sides of the discussion before chiming in. 
  • Be confident but respectful in your communication, following proper etiquette, and staying professional. 
  • Don’t be afraid to start conversations or ask questions to keep the discussion going. 

Coordinate your work hours with your colleagues’. 

We all get it—keeping in touch and teaming up regularly is key to making waves at work. It’s how we get our managers to take notice and build those solid team bonds. But timing matters just as much as the chat itself. To amp up your visibility, aim for live chats whenever you can. 

Why? Being present ensures your managers and teammates see the value you bring. Plus, it keeps you informed about what’s happening right now, offering quick feedback and easy access to shared information. 

Sure, if your crew spans time zones, it gets tricky. No worries! Set up regular check-ins that suit everyone’s clock. And don’t forget to keep your status updated. It’s a simple trick that tells your team when you’re around, making coordination smoother—even across different time zones. 

Participate in valuable projects. 

Showing proactive initiative is a fast and effective way to catch the eye of your co-workers and boost your visibility at work. However, it’s important not to overextend yourself by applying for every project or task. Be strategic and seek out opportunities where you can really shine without burning out. Look for tasks that are like shining stars—valuable and visible. 

Getting involved in projects that involve multiple departments is an excellent strategy to increase your visibility beyond your own team and demonstrate your dedication to collaboration. For example, offering help to a teammate struggling with a presentation not only fosters teamwork but also gets you noticed by your superiors—a win-win situation. 

Show your dedication to learning. 

Making noise in your career isn’t just about showcasing your current skills but also about constantly growing and expanding your knowledge. By investing time in learning and professional development, you’re not only improving your abilities but also making a statement about your commitment to success. 

Here are some simple ways to express your enthusiasm for learning: 

  • Seize every chance to join internal workshops, training, or coaching sessions. 
  • Ask to be involved in relevant professional development activities and networking events. If none are currently offered at your company, seek out other affordable resources. 
  • Share what you’ve learned with your manager and team, and propose ways to apply it to improve team performance and processes. 
  • Volunteer for projects that align with your newly acquired skills and knowledge. 

Documenting Your Achievements: Creating Your Brag Book 

Your brag book? It’s your personal trophy case for all your career wins, from accolades to kudos from colleagues. Think of it as your secret weapon for nailing your resume, acing interviews, or boosting your confidence. Need a way to track your achievements? Start building your brag book today. 

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What Goes into a Brag Book? 

Keep in mind the acronym “W.I.I.F.M.”—What’s In It For Me? Remember this when adding entries to your Brag Book. 

When you’re sharing your Brag Book in the future, think about your audience and ask yourself, “What would they want to hear?” Tailoring your content to their interests may feel strange, but it helps you present yourself in a way that makes sense to them. 

Consider what a potential interviewer would like to hear about your accomplishments. Then, keep these things in mind as you track your work achievements, which will be relevant to what an interviewer wants to know. 

  • Every time you meet or exceed a goal. 
  • Whenever someone, like a client, coworker, boss, friend, or anyone else, says something positive about you. (When this happens, ask, “Can I quote you on that?”) 
  • Any awards, certifications, or recognition you’ve received. 
  • Every instance you’ve gone above and beyond your job description to provide value. 

Don’t overlook the details! When you’re updating your brag book, make sure to include context, even if it seems unimportant. You might not remember the specifics later on, so it’s best to add as much detail as possible now. 

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Quantify, Quantify: Calculate Your Success 

Make it clear with numbers whenever you can. Presenting figures and statistics adds significant credibility to your achievements. Simply put, what actions did you take, and what was the extent of their impact? 

  • What did I improve? Examples: revenue, brand awareness, customer satisfaction 
  • What did I reduce? Include: support tickets, costs, overhead 
  • How many? Think: calls made in a day, tickets closed, processes implemented 

When it’s time to make some noise in your career, having quantifiable data will amplify your achievements and clearly demonstrate your value. 

If you can’t find quantifiable data, be sure to highlight the skills required to achieve your goal. 

Pause and Reflect: Take a Moment’s Break 

There will come a moment when you’re dissatisfied with your current position, seeking change, or in need of a morale boost. When that time arrives, flipping through your brag book amplifies your achievements, reminding you of your capabilities and successes. 

When the opportunity arises to pursue a new role, secure a promotion, or negotiate a salary increase, you’ll appreciate having maintained a record of your achievements along the journey, ensuring that you stand out and be the noisiest champion of your own success. 


At Allied Insight, we believe in loud work to advance career success. We’re dedicated to empowering you to harness the power of bold work through personalized support. Our mission? To ensure your brag book shouts out your expertise, drive, and potential. But our support doesn’t stop there.  

As your partner in career growth, we’ll provide ongoing guidance, resources, and encouragement to help you navigate your professional journey’s ups and downs. So, if you’re ready to take your career to the next level and make some serious noise in your industry, contact us today! Together, we’ll turn up the volume on your success and help you achieve your boldest career aspirations. 


1 Jiang, Zhou, et al. “Career Proactivity: A Bibliometric Literature Review and a Future Research Agenda.” Journal of Applied Psychology, first published 24 October 2022, doi:10.1111/apps.1244. Accessed 8 March 2024, https://iaap-journals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/apps.12442


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