How Marketing can Help Maximize Your ROI in Staffing

maximize your roi in staffing through marekting

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  • May 12, 2022

In its simplest form, return on investment or ROI is how much a company earns compared to its spending. While this term finds its niche mostly in the financial realm, in other aspects, it describes if efforts and costs produce stellar results. For staffing agencies, happy clients and satisfied new hires make up a good ROI. Speaking of which, how has your agency’s ROI been lately? If there are points for improvement, perhaps marketing can help. 

When it comes to promoting your recruitment firm’s services, marketing takes more than just advertisements and making a buzz online. Perhaps an internal examination of processes and reviewing how your agency’s name is echoed to the public will do more in increasing ROI in staffing efforts. Take a look at how marketing is your gateway to a better return on investment. 


Maximize Social Media and Your Company Website 

Compared to the one-size-fits-all approach of various social media, a company website is a personalized means to present your recruitment agency to the world. Many companies seem to be still oblivious that the modern-day customer will visit their website first before purchase. In your case, information on your recruitment firm’s website can decide if a potential client will indeed want you for their talent acquisition needs. 

On the other hand, social media may be just as effective in increasing ROI in staffing, as every person may have at least one social media account. Through social media, your firm can message clients and candidates with ease, plus attract massive audiences through social media engagement. While websites give your company a unique edge, social media marketing is the best way to inform others about your staffing agency. 

If you haven’t set up a company website or would like to tweak your social media strategies, look into these: 


  • Make your website and social media sites user-friendly. If your website is crowded with ads and pop-ups, your visitors will remember the non-recruitment-related content instead. A clean website that puts your staffing agency front and center will best explain to everyone how your services are the best out there.

    Additionally, while social media sites mostly have mobile-friendly versions, your website should follow suit as well. If clients want to check out details or if potential hires want to apply rush, a mobile-friendly website will help visitors get what they need even if they are not on their computers. 


  • Present content that engages visitors. Sometimes, a simple “like” to one of your posts may lead you to a social media user who happens to be the candidate you are looking for. Various sites can also use more than just videos and pictures to attract netizens looking for a job.

    Hosting live online events, for example, allows viewers to weigh in on topics through the comments section, and these different individuals could be looking for the services of a staffing agency such as yours. Turn these comments into leads and leads into potential hires. 


  • Hire a web developer or social media manager. Whether it’s a professional website maker or a social media genius, it doesn’t hurt to get the services of someone who knows what makes social media or websites tick. It might be a good idea as well to hire someone with experience with recruitment firms. The bottom line is to have fresh content all the time to rake in more website hits or social media followers. 


Make Sure Processes are Streamlined for Maximum Impact 

May it be the best experience or a harrowing one, both are reasons enough that someone wants to talk about it. This is the same energy your company clients or applicants have at the end of their time with your recruitment firm. This is where word-of-mouth marketing comes in. Remember: people trust their family or friends compared to the ads they see. Do your best to utilize this trust. 

Streamlined steps during the hiring process will result in your candidates and clients expressing their satisfaction to others naturally. Here are ways to promote positive word-of-mouth: 


  • Use online forms. Be it an application form or a survey of your services, online forms are easy to use and can reach anyone in a snap. But the use of online forms does not mean you can bombard potential hires with information. Thus, check if your forms have concise explanations and, as much as possible, should not go beyond two pages.

    For job applications, make sure candidates can upload their resumes or other documents through the online form, so they won’t have to do it in another process. For surveys, choose question formats that are not long-winded yet grasp the sentiment. A few Likert scale questions will encourage potential hires to finish the survey right away. 


  • There are testing websites and meeting apps for your consumption. Gone are the days when applicants have no choice but to have their job interviews and testing in a face-to-face setting. Now, a quick search of online testing websites or apps can help generate questions and calculate results in real-time. Reserve the pen and paper combo for when applicants or clients will need to put in their signatures.

    As for job interviews or updating your clients, give them the option to do it at the convenience of their locations. What’s great about meeting apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams is that they can be used for free. Talk about gaining the most ROI in staffing through free online resources. 


  • Check which steps in the hiring process can be eliminated or shortened. Does the candidate really need three interviews? Why will it take a week before a candidate can move on to other applications? While online forms and testing and meeting apps can truly speed up processes, there might be some steps that can be developed to make recruitment quick and painless. Have them reviewed, then revised or removed. 


Build a Better Online Recruiter Brand 

Chances are someone has written about your staffing agency. The sad part is that if these online contents are not intercepted, those who have read them will view them as solid truths. Your online recruiter brand is how potential clients and hires see your recruitment firm and could decide if they want to go through your services. 

While it’s nearly impossible to change the viewpoint of a disgruntled potential hire or unhappy client, netizens should see that you are doing something about it. Your company’s recruiter brand can decide if your services are to be availed. Create a better reputation through the following: 


  • Use reputation management software. Some apps can schedule asking for reviews from your applicants and facilitate collection and collation. With this software, you can ultimately see positive and negative comments and apply amendments to your steps right away.

    Also, you can use reviews with favorable responses as content for your social media sites. Happy clients who gave you a good word can be featured on the company website. The more positive reviews you publish online, the better your online recruitment brand will be. 


  • Be on the lookout for online reviews. With the many prospective hires your company has processed, there may be some who talked about their experience in various online spaces. Doing a Google search of your firm’s name will lead you to said spaces. 


Once you’ve found words spoken about your agency, simply reply to them. For positive reviews, simply thank them by posting a comment. With negative content, responding may be tricky, especially if comments were from a long time ago.  If the person was not happy, apologize, then offer reparation by asking them how they can be reached.  

Responding even to negative comments will show that your agency is resilient in making sure clients and potential hires are served well. They help build a good recruiter brand and can attract better ROI in staffing. 



For help in using marketing to improve your recruitment firm’s ROI, consider the superb services of Allied Insight. This full-stack marketing agency aims to lead companies to the best marketing practices while utilizing support in building an effective marketing infrastructure. With Allied Insight, your staffing agency will definitely reach its potential. Choose from a wide selection of professional services specific to your company’s needs.

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