Marketing and Sales Just Got Easier with LinkedIn’s AI-powered Campaigns: Here’s How to Use Them 

Marketing and Sales Just Got Easier with LinkedIn's AI-powered Campaigns: Here's How to Use Them 

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  • Hannah
  • January 5, 2024

AI-powered tools are about to give hiring a serious upgrade, making it way easier and more user-friendly. Forget the manual grind—now, thanks to generative artificial intelligence (AI), you can save time and cut down on effort.

Guess what? LinkedIn, the big shot in professional networks, is rolling out AI-powered features to amp up businesses and connections. Check out these new tools: Recruiter 2024, Coaching Experience, and Accelerate for Campaign Manager. And guess what powers them up? OpenAI, the heavy hitter in AI research and deployment, rocking the world of machine learning. It’s like the future of hiring just got a turbo boost!

In this resource, we’ll take a look at how AI is transforming industries, including marketing, and explore LinkedIn’s AI-powered tools.

AI is Reshaping Industries, Including Marketing 

So, here’s the sitch: Generative AI could totally shake things up at work, boosting what each person can do by handling some tasks on employees’ behalf. The current batch of generative AI and other tech has the potential to automate around 60 to 70 percent of the stuff that keeps employees busy right now.¹ To put it in perspective, McKinsey used to think tech could only handle about half of the tasks employees do.

Generative AI is about to drop a game-changer, delivering a whopping 75 percent of its value in four key areas: marketing and sales, research and development (R&D), software engineering, and customer operations. McKinsey dug deep into the details, checking out 63 different situations across 16 business functions where this tech can tackle specific challenges and dish out some measurable results.

Picture this: AI helping out with customer interactions, cooking up creative content for marketing, or even cranking out code based on natural-language prompts.

AI is shaking up the marketing scene in all sorts of ways, bringing in fresh tricks to automate tasks, crunch data, and dish out personalized experiences for customers. Check out these hotspots where AI is leaving its mark:


Productivity Tools

Ever heard of MeetGreek and Notion AI? These AI-driven champs are on a mission to streamline marketing tasks, making life easier with schedule management, task organization, and boosting collaboration within marketing teams.


Content Creation

Hold on tight because AI tools like Cohesive and Synthesia are flipping the script on content creation in marketing. They’re whipping up top-notch, human-like text for blog posts, articles, social media content, and even product descriptions. It’s like having a virtual writing wizard on your team.



Enter the creative realm with AI tools like Adobe Firely and Midjourney. These powerhouses are taking marketing visuals to new heights, serving up innovative features for graphic design, image editing, and all things visual content creation. It’s like giving your marketing a makeover with a touch of AI magic!


Programmatic Ads

Hey, ever heard of programmatic advertising? It’s a type of digital ad game that kicks in automated tech and snazzy algorithms to buy and sell ad space on the fly. Why is it awesome? Well, it’s all about reaching your dream audience with laser precision.

Thanks to data insights and slick algorithms, it serves up ads to the perfect user exactly when they need it and at the sweet spot price. It’s like advertising with superpowers!


LinkedIn’s New AI-Powered Tools 

Guess what? LinkedIn just spilled the beans on some brand-new AI-powered tools to supercharge your productivity and help you focus on the stuff that really matters. Check these out!


Recruiter 2024

LinkedIn is stepping up its game with Recruiter 2024. It’s like a hiring wizard that uses unique insights and generative AI to help you find the perfect candidates faster.

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LinkedIn Learning AI-powered Coaching Experience

Learning and development just got a personal touch. Imagine having an AI-powered coach, like a chatbot, giving you real-time advice and personalized recommendations to boost your skills.


Accelerate for Campaign Manager

Launching a B2B campaign has never been easier. Accelerate automates campaign creation for you, plus it provides you with automatic suggestions for revision to help you hit the right audience. Marketers can then fine-tune it before hitting the launch button.


Sales Navigator

Sellers, listen up! LinkedIn is bringing AI to the party with features like AI-assisted search and AccountIQ. It’s like having a super-smart assistant to make lead hunting and account research a piece of cake, so you can focus more on building those buyer relationships.


Accelerate Your Marketing Campaigns with LinkedIn’s Accelerate 

LinkedIn also dropped some big news about Accelerate, a fresh B2B marketing tool that’s all about automation and AI magic. Here’s the scoop: Accelerate not only suggests a complete marketing campaign but also throws in automatic tweaks to hit the perfect B2B crowd with some eye-catching content within 5 minutes.² And the best part? You get to tweak and polish everything before your campaign goes live.


One-Click Campaign Creation

Creating a campaign that fits your business like a glove just got easier! Your campaign is all about you and what you want to achieve. When you log in to Campaign Manager, you get to pick your campaign goal and decide if you want to roll with Accelerate or stick to the classic experience.

If you go for Accelerate, it’s a breeze to kick things off. Just toss in the URL of the product you’re promoting, and the tool will work its AI magic. It will check out the website you shared, your company’s LinkedIn Page, and your past LinkedIn ads.

Then, Accelerate will whip up a campaign recommendation. Using your customer data, the tool will craft cool content and pinpoint your audience. You get the final say—you can tweak the text and images and even fine-tune who sees your ads based on things like location. It’s like campaign creation made simple!


Assistance Available

There’s more to Accelerate than just crafting a top-notch campaign! After you’ve set things in motion, hit the ‘Assist’ button, and it’s like having your own campaign coach. You can throw questions like “Why go with this budget?” or “What’s the lowdown on targeting best practices?” to make your campaigns even better.

And if you need real-time help, you can link up with a live support agent. It’s like having a personal guide to ace your campaign game!


Campaign Optimization to Reach Your B2B Buyers

When you kick off your Accelerate campaign aimed at B2B buyers, AI takes the wheel for dynamic campaign optimization. Here’s the deal: the smart AI models dive into the info you provided and do some magic. They tweak bids and shuffle the budget to make sure your ads land in the sweet spots with the best performance.

Accelerate is like a superhero combining various automation features, like Predictive Audiences, to fine-tune your campaign targeting. The goal? To effortlessly connect with the buyers most likely to take action from LinkedIn’s massive community of over 950 million members.


Automated Performance Summary Reports

LinkedIn is stepping up its game with Accelerate, and here’s another ace up its sleeve: Automated Performance Summary Reports. This nifty addition is all about giving you the lowdown on how your campaign is rocking and helping you plan for the future.

The Automated Performance Summary breaks down key metrics like spending, cost per key result, impressions, and clicks. Plus, it spills the beans on campaign trends, highlighting the top audiences getting in on the action based on industry, job title, company, and location.

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