Maximizing Impact: Outsourcing Marketing for the Nonprofit Sector 

Maximizing Impact: Outsourcing Marketing for the Nonprofit Sector 

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  • Hannah
  • August 14, 2023

So, you’re part of a nonprofit and want to make your cause known far and wide. Have you ever thought about giving your nonprofit marketing a boost by teaming up with external experts?

Outsourcing might just be your secret weapon. In letting the pros handle the marketing nitty-gritty, you can focus more on your core activities while ensuring visibility and making a difference.

Dive into our comprehensive guide as we spill the beans on why outsourcing marketing for nonprofits is a game-changer. We’ll walk you through the marketing tasks you can delegate and give you savvy tips for a seamless outsourcing journey.

The Basics of Marketing Outsourcing for Nonprofits 

Outsourcing your marketing processes means hiring an external team of professionals, usually a marketing agency, to partially or entirely handle your marketing activities.

You can outsource if you think you no longer have time to regularly create content or if you’re uncertain of the type of content marketing that’ll have people flocking to work with you.

Marketing usually works best through collaboration of multiple experts. But this can cause your organization to go over budget if you choose to hire internally. Organizations usually outsource when they don’t have the budget or plan to hire full-time employees, or they’re looking to boost their engagement with their audience through more innovative digital marketing activities.


Why Outsourcing is Advantageous for Nonprofit Organizations

According to Statista, 43.37 percent of nonprofit organizations in the United States said their biggest challenge is their increasing operation expenses. Meanwhile, 41.07 percent said they have limited staff capacity and 11.38 percent lacked awareness or communication.¹

If you want to reach a wider audience and communicate your cause better, it may be time to ramp up your marketing campaign. But this can be challenging with a limited budget and without the right people to handle these activities. This is where outsourcing can help you!


Gives access to skilled marketing talent at a lower cost. 

Through outsourcing, you can work with marketing experts without the full-time commitment tag. This means you can work with them on a project basis or within a specific timeframe through a contract. It’s your call!

If you choose to work with an agency, they’ll have a wide variety of professionals that can provide their specialty for each area of your marketing.


Harnesses advanced technology. 

Hiring marketing employees means you’d also need to invest in their work tools, but it’s not the case in outsourcing. Outsourced marketing experts have access to the latest tools and software in the industry, especially if they belong to a marketing agency. Think AI writing tools that can whip up data-driven content in a snap.


Increases productivity and performance. 

Outsourcing lets you focus on the big guns while pros tackle your campaigns. This also lessens the trial-and-error on your part when it comes to producing marketing strategies.


Encourages flexible collaboration. 

Outsourcing allows you to choose the services you’d need. This includes hiring an external partner for a short-term project or selecting a packaged solution from a provider, if available. But! Remember that some agencies may set a minimum contract duration or spending thresholds.


Effectively Outsource Your Marketing Activities: Collaborative Steps to Take 

Let’s break it down! Outsourcing your marketing mojo takes teamwork. Ready to rock it? Here’s how to tag-team like a boss:


Ideate and establish a scope.

Start by brainstorming what tasks you want the experts to handle. Do you need the whole shebang or just specific tasks? Get clear on what you want.

Here are some marketing activities that you can outsource.

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategies and Campaigns
  • Social Media Planning and Management
  • Website Management and Content Creation
  • Branding and Rebranding
  • Graphic Design
  • Technical SEO
  • Marketing Automation

If you see any creative ideas or concepts online you think will work for your organization, take note of them so you can discuss them with your chosen provider later on.

You can also ask your team members to help you identify which of your organization’s works needs to be highlighted in your promotions. This can give you a better idea of what people need to know more about.


Allocate a budget.

Once you’ve outlined the activities you wish to outsource, it’s time to set a budget. Scope out the market or send out a request for proposal (RFP) to various agencies to get their quotes. This can help you find the best provider that fits within your budget!


Research your service provider options and their capabilities.

Aside from the cost of services, you’d also need to research what your potential partners can do for you. To make things a bit easier, check if they have a track record with organizations similar to yours.  Next, scan their websites to see what marketing services they offer. Aim for one-stop-shops to cover your list.

It’s also best to check if there are any reviews or testimonials about the agency. Know what their other clients think. Read about what it’s like working with that specific agency. This gives you a better idea if you’d be comfortable with their processes and marketing approach.


Discuss expectations and timelines.

It’s best to conduct interviews before choosing an agency. Meet with their representatives in person or virtually to discuss the services you need externally handled. This is also the perfect time to let them know more about your organization, its branding, its values, and the people you’re trying to reach.

Get a feel for potential partners by asking them about their experiences and proposals for your organization. See if you like their ideas and the way they communicate with you. If they have a portfolio ready, dive in and let them tell you about how they conceptualize their campaigns, designs, and other activities.

Once you’ve discussed your expectations, ask them about their delivery schedule. See which one can match your pace.


Appoint a team member for relationship management.

Once you’ve settled on an agency, appoint someone in your team to manage communications with them. Thy’ll be your liaison, responsible for keeping the convo going, approving work, and sharing feedback.

They’ve also got to know your brand like the back of their hand. That way, they can properly decide if what the agency is producing is relevant to your organization’s brand or not!


Observe regular communication.

Working with an external partner requires regular check-ins. On top of exchanging written communication, it’s great to set regular meetings to keep the gears turning. It also lets you provide feedback and ask questions!

Keeping your lines open can also help build your relationship with the agency. This can help you decide if you’d like to work with them for a longer duration. Additionally, have a contact person or two within the agency that you can ask for updates.

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Elevate your cause by outsourcing your marketing efforts.

Let your nonprofit marketing efforts reach a wider audience. Your cause can touch more people’s lives when you utilize external marketing experts to tell your story through value-driven content and well-researched trends.



We get it – you’re all about making a difference. Let’s team up and spread your mission like wildfire. At Allied Insight, we’ve got your back. Our crew of experts is all in for boosting your cause. From a deep dive into your competition to jazzing up your visual game and expanding your reach – we’ve got the goods.

Ready to rock the marketing world? Let’s talk about strategy. Hit us up and let’s dive into the exciting stuff!



1 “Biggest Challenges for Nonprofits in the United States in 2022.” Statista, 22 Jun. 2023,


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