Database and Pipeline Re-Engagement: Refresh Your Network for 2023 

Database and Pipeline Re-Engagement: Refresh Your Network for 2023 

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  • Allan
  • January 30, 2023

The New Year has settled, and companies are finally imbibing the “business as usual” motto. Despite this, the holiday hangover is still in full swing, which affects company engagement and employee efficiency.

This article is all about database and pipeline re-engagement. Your staffing agency does not have to look for new hires or clients to get things going. You can refresh your marketing network instead and use a rented approach in your marketing strategy to fuel you to start the year right.

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Re-connect with former potential hires.  

Many professionals are taking advantage of the New Year to find new jobs. It is recommended that job seekers hand out their resumes during January or February because this is when companies are building their teams. This is an excellent time to tap into your talent pipeline to see if former applicants are still interested in working with your agency.

But why talk to a candidate you rejected? Would they find it in their hearts to go through the same application process again? The following are reasons why it’s always a great idea to go back to your talent pipeline;

Familiarity: With an established relationship with potential candidates in your pipeline, you will better understand their qualifications, skills, and experience, which can save time in the hiring process.

Efficiency: Going back to the pipeline eliminates the need to start the recruitment process from scratch. You can quickly reach out to potential candidates and move forward with the hiring process.

Cost-effective: By having a talent pipeline in place, you can lower the cost of recruitment by reducing the time and resources needed to fill the positions.

Quality of Candidates: By cultivating relationships with potential candidates over time, you can be more confident in the qualifications and fit of candidates in the pipeline.

Diverse and Inclusive Hiring: A talent pipeline allows you to actively recruit and develop a diverse set of potential candidates, which can lead to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


Restart your partnership with current clients.  

There’s value in reconnecting with business owners or contacts your agency has a corporate relationship with. Repeat customers or currently engaged company clients are the best for a myriad of reasons:

Trust and Confidence: Repeat clients have already experienced the quality of services offered by your staffing agency and have developed trust and confidence in the agency’s abilities. This makes it easier for you to meet your client’s needs and expectations.

Strong Relationships: By working with the same clients repeatedly, you can develop strong relationships with them. This can lead to better communication and understanding of the client’s needs and preferences, making it easier to provide the best staffing solutions.

Better Understanding of Business Needs: By working with clients over time, you can better understand their business, culture, and staffing needs. This can lead to better matching of candidates with the client’s requirements, improving the success rate of staffing solutions.

Streamlined Processes: Repeat clients often have established processes and systems in place, making it easier for you to work within the client’s guidelines and make the most effective use of their resources.

Repeat Business: Repeat clients are more likely to return, providing a steady source of revenue for your agency.

To engage clients this new year, alert them of new offerings, and ensure they are the first to know. Ask them what they want to achieve this year in terms of recruitment, and offer your help in achieving them. They’ll appreciate your agency’s proactiveness and believe the next months will be promising.


Improve your Social Networking  

In an entire year, both professionals and corporations may have shifted priorities, especially with the recent Great Resignation and quiet quitting, presenting an opportunity for staffing agencies to reengage with their audience through the provision of enablement resources, marketing communication, and thought leadership articles. Overall, improving your social network will help establish the agency as a trusted and knowledgeable resource in the job market.

Here are some ideas;

Enablement Resources: Providing educational and training materials, such as webinars, e-books, and white papers, can help job seekers, employers, and employees better understand the staffing industry and job market trends.

Marketing Communications: By creating and sharing regular newsletters, blogs, and social media posts, you can provide valuable information and insights on the job market, career development, and other related topics.

Thought Leadership Articles: Sharing thought-provoking articles, case studies, and research on the staffing industry can demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership. This can help position the agency as a trusted and credible resource in the community.

Networking and Collaboration: By hosting or participating in local events, webinars, and industry conferences, you can network with other professionals and organizations in the community and collaborate on initiatives that benefit the local workforce.

Career Services: Offering career counselling, resume writing, and interview preparation services can help job seekers in the community to better prepare for job opportunities and improve their chances of success.

Using these resources, the staffing agency can build stronger relationships with its community, provide valuable information and support, and demonstrate its commitment to improving the local workforce. These efforts can lead to increased brand recognition, improved reputation, and more business opportunities for the staffing agency.


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