9 Out of 10 Recruiters Don’t Reach the Right People on Social Media. Are You One of Them? 

9 Out of 10 Recruiters Don’t Reach the Right People on Social Media. Are You One of Them? 

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  • Allan
  • April 14, 2023

When delivering a message, impact is not something that will not happen instantly. Moreover, impact, in the context of communication, is dependent on the alignment of two factors: the messenger and the receiver.

The messenger can do all the necessary preparations to make sure the communication comes through, but if the receiver is not in the right capacity to receive the message, impact is lost. Is there disinterest to listen? Does the receiver not comprehend the message medium? The list goes on and on.

Your staffing agency has probably been harnessing the power of social media to look for potential hires and clients. Have you been sending the same messages to all social media handles that your agency has? Has your content been cut-and-paste for all accounts? Even more importantly, have you measured how much interaction you’ve had in each social media site?

Perhaps it’s about time your staffing agency learns about audience targeting in social media, so that you don’t only reach the right people, but also deliver interactions that are impactful and meaningful. Read through this post to learn how different social media site users are a microcosm of personalities, and how their online behavior can be used to recalibrate your campaigns.

Why is targeting a specific audience integral in marketing? 

Narrowing the focus of your marketing efforts have its various benefits, compared to just delivering to a general audience and hoping for the best. Firstly, it allows you to tailor-fit messages that will be best accepted by a specific group.1

A classic example would be aiming your staffing agency’s services at certain age groups. Middle-aged professionals might be looking for an agency who can help them level up further in their careers, while younger ones would be interested in one that can give their careers a good start. While your agency can cater to both audiences, a difference in messaging would be more effective in luring them in.

Add to audience targeting the power of social media marketing. You can reach a lot of people with a single post, and it’s cost-effective as opening any social media account is free for the most part.2 While it’s likely that your staffing agency already has a social media account or two, you can further utilize it through social media marketing.

Here are insights on how you can use specific social media sites:


Facebook: always reliable for social media marketing.

Facebook remains the biggest and most-used social media platform for marketing purposes as of 2022.3 It has numbers for gender (43% female and 57% male,3 no data on other genders), age groups (25-34 year-old users at 31.5 percent,3 and 81% of 30-49 year-olds as per Pew Research4) and ethnicities (69% of Whites, 77% of Blacks, and 80% of Hispanics, with no information on other ethnicities).

The numbers above are just indicative of how brilliant Facebook is as a tool for social media marketing. With Facebook’s easily accessible media, from publishing text to showing videos, creating groups and sending messages, Facebook can easily introduce your agency’s personality and unique branding.5 With some tweaks to show for whom the post or video is, audience targeting is easy with Facebook.


Twitter: for the trending and tech-savvy.

Facebook may be big, but Twitter knew first how to “trend”. With almost 211 million daily active users tweeting at an average of 31 minutes a day, Twitter usage has remained consistent all these years. With a third of its users college graduates who make more than $75 thousand annually, Twitter is the social media site with the most highest-earning and educated users.3

With Twitter, it’s all about what’s trending and what’s making waves. Anchor your marketing efforts to holidays, current events, and even sports events.6 This way, you brand will ride on the trend and will benefit from it too, giving your agency the reputation that you know and respect what is being talked about out there.

Furthermore, Twitter users are tech-savvy, brand-aware, and are more likely to engage with brands.6 In this crowd of educated users are professionals who are hoping to start a career in technology, or tech companies needing the help of a staffing agency. If your company’s expertise or interest is to hire within this tech industry, you may be able to find clients through Twitter.


LinkedIn: a must for a more serious audience.

It used to be that an older demographic is what dominated LinkedIn. But with the largest age group at 58.4% being the 25-34 year-olds, millennials are now the more present users of the social media site. LinkedIn also experienced more growth during the pandemic, as corporations and professionals chose to interact with each other through the said website.3

LinkedIn is also known as the top website for B2B marketing, which may be music your agency’s ears.3 Tailoring your services to companies who you think need you is best done through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is also the best place to introduce your staffing agency is to a more professional audience.

Talk about your company values in this website. Engage fellow LinkedIn users with topics that are related to professional development and employment trends. LinkedIn is also a venue to announce company wins like great client reviews or new acquisitions. While other social media sites are good for this too, LinkedIn has an audience that may seriously consider availing of your services.


Instagram and TikTok: more hip ways to market to the youth.

With vibrant visuals and captivating content, Instagram and TikTok are rising to the occasion when it comes to social media marketing. Instagram doubled its user base to 2 billion in the past 2 years, while TikTok’s youthful users, mostly at around 10-19 years of age, spend nearly 90 minutes a day on the platform.3

39% of Gen Z buyers admit to being convinced through TikTok videos, and 23% of them through Instagram posts.8 This impressive purchase power in both sites can be harnessed to market your agency to professionals who are just starting their career. For fresh graduates or professionals still finding footing in what they want to do, these two sites just might be appropriate.

Also, the youth nowadays, particularly Gen Z, put more premium on staying online and gathering experiences; they even have words for it: FOMO (fear of missing out) and FOLO (fear of living offline).9 Your Instagram and TikTok can showcase company events, workplace experiences, interviews from successful hires, etc. to entice them to try it out with your staffing agency.



Social media marketing can be tricky, but doable. While this is only one of the many ways you can build a fantastic recruiter brand, another way is to avail of the services of Allied Insight. We are a B2B Fractional CMO and Growth Marketing Delivery Agency, and our efforts partnered with your passion in your brand yield only positive results in putting out a good name for your company.

Attract business opportunities by achieving consistency in your brand. Stay flexible amidst changing corporate initiatives, and protect your brand’s integrity without sacrificing valuable messaging and delivery.

Target the right audience, and do well in presenting your brand. Contact Allied Insight now.



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