Revolutionize Your Marketing with These 6 Graphic Design Tools in 2024


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  • May 3, 2024

In the past, graphic designers had limited options regarding professional design platforms. But nowadays, there’s a smorgasbord of options. You can swing from one graphic design software to another, exploring all the colorful slides and secret tunnels that fit your unique style and projects.

If you’re looking for fancy graphic design, doodle-worthy vector art, or creating the perfect layout for your content, there’s a graphic design program just waiting to be your new best friend. So, sit and explore the top graphic design tools and apps and compare everything from what devices they run on to their standout features, perks, and drawbacks.


Picture Perfect: The Visual Advantage in Marketing

People’s attention spans are shrinking faster than ice cream on a hot day. That’s where awesome visuals come in. Did you know we process images a whopping 60,000 times faster than plain text?1 With everyone and their grandma vying for attention online, you’ve got to stand out.

How? Just by adding some catchy graphics, you can boost views of your staffing firm’s posts by up to 94 percent! And here’s the kicker: almost half of all marketers swear by things like infographics and illustrations to get their message across.2

So, when you’re plotting your marketing moves, remember visuals aren’t just about looking pretty. They’re about grabbing attention, telling your story, and sticking in people’s minds long after they’ve scrolled away.


Get Crafty: Graphic Design Apps & Tools You Need to Explore

If you want to create brand identities or create eye-catching online content, having the right graphic design software at your fingertips is important. It can change the effectiveness of your marketing. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tools to help you shake things up and improve your marketing strategies.

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1. Adobe Creative Cloud: Premier Graphic Design Software

Forget stock photos and cookie-cutter brochures. Attract top talent with a visually stunning employer brand! Adobe Creative Cloud equips you with the ultimate design toolbox, letting you:

      • Craft knockout candidate profiles: Use Photoshop to retouch headshots and create a professional, cohesive look for your team.
      • Design eye-catching brochures: Showcase job opportunities in style with InDesign’s layout tools. In retouching photos, drawing illustrations, or arranging pages, Adobe Creative Cloud provides the flexibility and power to bring your creative visions to life.

Main Highlights

      • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – it’s everything you need for design magic, along with powerful AI tools from Adobe Sensei.
      • Effortlessly remove unwanted background clutter in candidate photos with Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill.
      • Quickly resize social media graphics without losing quality, thanks to Sensei’s intelligent upscaling.
      • Work together seamlessly on projects, no matter where your team is located with cloud collaboration.
      • Take your creativity anywhere with mobile apps for tablets and phones.
      • Adobe Sensei’s AI tools make design tasks a breeze, even for beginners.

Pro Tip

Learn how to use Libraries in Creative Cloud like a pro. Share your company’s assets, like logos, colors, and fonts, between Photoshop and Illustrator. This makes your work smoother and keeps everything looking the same in all your projects.

For example, your marketing team might need to use the company logo and brand colors in various promotional materials, while your design team uses the same assets to create visually appealing graphics for social media.

Using Adobe Libraries, both teams can easily access these assets directly within their design software. This means they don’t have to waste time transferring files manually or searching through folders.


2. Canva: Design Application for Beginners

Canva makes designing easy, so you can create materials without needing to learn complicated software. It’s simple to use, with a friendly interface that’s perfect for beginners. It has tons of templates for everything from engaging social media graphics to eye-catching flyers for events and professional-looking presentations for meetings.

With Canva, you can easily create customized job postings and announcements without the need for graphic design expertise. And since Canva is cloud-based, you can collaborate with colleagues in real time and easily share the finalized designs via email or social media.

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Main Highlights

      • Designed to be beginner-friendly and has a simple interface.
      • It has a wide variety of templates for different projects.
      • The drag-and-drop functionality makes designing easy and intuitive.
      • There are tons of images, icons, and fonts you can use.
      • You can collaborate with your team online.
      • With the mobile app, you can design anywhere for added flexibility and convenience.

Explore Your Creativity

Canva makes it easy to create organized designs, but their drawing app lets you get creative with freehand art. It’s great for artists, designers, and anyone who wants to personalize their digital work.

With a bunch of drawing tools, you can bring your ideas to life, whether you’re sketching out concepts or adding detailed touches to your Canva designs. It’s perfect for adding original artwork to make your designs stand out.


3. Figma: Best Tool for UI design

Figma is widely recognized as the top pick for UI (User Interface) design, owing to its inventive approach and features designed for creating digital interfaces.

What makes it stand out is how teams can collaborate real time, no matter where they are. This is helpful in UI design, where things change quickly, and everyone needs to stay in the loop. Moreover, Figma’s design interface makes sure that designs can be resized and adjusted easily, which is helpful for making websites that look great on any device.

Main Highlights

      • Work together easily with real-time collaboration
      • A wide range of UI design tools and components
      • Interactive design previews with prototyping capabilities
      • Add extra features with a diverse library of plugins
      • Efficiently create layouts that adjust to different screen sizes

Figma Pro Tip

Try out Figma’s “Auto Layout” feature for your UI designs. It helps you create components that resize themselves based on what’s inside, making designing for different screen sizes a breeze. For example, in the mobile view, space is limited, so the navigation bar needs to be more compact.

With Auto Layout, you can set constraints to make sure that the navigation links stack vertically and adjust their width to fit the screen size. This allows for a responsive design where clients and candidates can easily navigate the website on smaller devices without sacrificing usability.


4. InDesign: Design Tool for Desktop Publishing

Adobe InDesign is the king of desktop publishing, giving unmatched tools and features for creating professional layouts and printed materials. It’s the preferred choice for designers working on complex projects such as brochures, magazines, books, and other text-heavy designs.

With its precise control over typography, layout, and color, InDesign is essential for achieving high quality in print production.

For example, you’re preparing a brochure to showcase the company’s services to potential clients. With InDesign’s typography controls, you can ensure that the text is legible, well-organized, and visually appealing. The layout tools allow you to create a design that highlights key information and draws the reader’s attention to important details.

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Main Highlights

      • Easily format text with advanced typography controls
      • Keep layouts consistent with grid and style sheet systems
      • Easily integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud for a smooth workflow
      • Design layouts for anything from flyers to books with extensive tools
      • Handle high-resolution images and vector graphics effortlessly
      • Add interactive elements like hyperlinks and animations to documents
      • Error-free outputs with pre-flight and publishing checks
      • Export your work in various formats, like PDF and ePub


5. Procreate: Creative Doodling Potential

Procreate is made for the iPad, tapping into Apple’s technology to give you a smooth, hands-on drawing experience that feels just like using real art tools. That’s why artists who enjoy sketching, painting, and doodling love it so much.

You get lots of brushes and textures to play with, so you can create anything from simple doodles to detailed masterpieces. And because it’s on the iPad, you can take Procreate with you wherever you go, making it perfect for artists who like to find inspiration outside the studio.

Main Highlights

      • You can work on high-quality canvases with layers, ideal for professional artwork.
      • There are advanced tools like smudge and blur, plus different blending modes.
      • You can record your drawing process to watch later with the time-lapse feature.
      • Managing colors is easy with the robust palette options.
      • If you have an Apple Pencil, Procreate works easily with it for natural, pressure-sensitive drawing


6. Adobe Photoshop: Best Photo Editing Tool

Known as the superstar of graphic design, Photoshop has been the top choice for ages. It’s famous for its incredible ability to tweak and improve images, which is why professional photographers, designers, and artists all want it.

From fixing little flaws to creating elaborate artwork, Photoshop has everything you need. It has many features for all kinds of photo editing, from touching up a picture to making something totally new. And no matter what you’re doing, Photoshop gives you all the control you need to get amazing results.

Main Highlights

      • Layering system for putting together complicated images.
      • Tools for retouching, color correction, and adjusting brightness.
      • Precise edits using its selection and masking tools.
      • Huge library of filters and effects.
      • Advanced brush engine.
      • Has smart features like Content-Aware Fill, which can fill in areas of your image intelligently.
      • Has 3D design.

Pro Tip

Learn to use the “Pen Tool” for exact cutouts and paths. It takes some practice, but it gives you accurate results for making detailed selections, clipping paths, and sharp edges. You can use it to remove objects from backgrounds or create intricate shapes and designs.

For example, if you’re organizing a job fair event and need a new logo to promote it, you can use the Pen Tool to outline the shapes and elements you want to incorporate into the logo.



From concept ideation to final execution, Allied Insight handles every step of the design process with precision and care. We combine creativity with strategic insight to maximize the impact of your visual communication efforts.

From eye-catching social media graphics to informative infographics or visually stunning presentations, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life. With Allied Insight by your side, you can expect innovative solutions, personalized attention, and measurable results. Contact us now to get started!


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