RSVP Yes: Should You Attend that Staffing Conference or Send Someone Else? 

RSVP Yes: Should You Attend that Staffing Conference or Send Someone Else? 

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  • Hannah
  • September 15, 2023

You’ve probably noticed a surge in physical, on-site events happening all around. The question is whether you should dive into the mix and attend one of these events and if so, which one deserves your top priority?

In-person events are currently a popular strategy among B2B marketers and leaders and are most effective, according to LinkedIn’s The B2B Marketing Benchmark June 2023 report.¹ In this guide, we’ll delve into why you and your team should consider staffing conferences, and provide tips on how to get ready for one if you decide to take the plunge.

You Are Expected: Reasons Why You Should Be at Staffing Conferences 

More and more people are looking forward to attending in-person events and you should be where the staffing people gather. In fact, in 2021 survey of B2B marketers, Statista found that 57 percent would much rather attend an in-person version of a hybrid event instead of its virtual counterpart.²

Here are some reasons why you, and not just your team members, should be present at upcoming events in staffing this year.


Connect with staffing leaders and experts from all over the country.

One of the major perks of attending conferences is the chance to connect with your professional community. These individuals share your level of expertise, or at least possess similar knowledge, and they may hail from various corners of the country.

Interacting with staffing leaders and experts from different states can provide valuable insights into the distinct dynamics of the industry in specific regions. This becomes particularly advantageous if you have aspirations to appeal to clients and candidates beyond your usual business territory. Gaining a deeper understanding of what might resonate or fall flat with a different audience is invaluable.


Stay updated on emerging trends and tools.

The world of staffing is rapidly evolving, with automation and generative artificial intelligence making inroads into various sectors, including our own. If you’re eager to explore how these cutting-edge technologies can enhance your staffing strategies and recruitment processes, conferences can be an excellent source of insights.

At these events, you can expect to discover the latest in staffing technology. Depending on the exhibiting companies, you might come across innovative tools and software programs that are entirely new to you. Exploring these offerings can offer valuable insights into optimizing and streamlining your workflow.


Be inspired to set new staffing goals.

Meeting with people and learning about new things in the industry can inspire you to set new goals for your staffing firm. It can also help you see things from a different perspective and help identify a few things to improve on.


Suit Up: How to Get the Most Out of Staffing Conferences 

So you’ve decided to attend a staffing conference! Now what? It’s time for you to ready yourself, and maybe your team, to make the most out of your chosen event.


Identify what kind of staffing conferences you want to attend.

There are a number of staffing events you don’t want to miss, but it may be a challenge to participate in every single one of them. To help you decide, go and have a look at your current staffing processes and strategies. Is there anything that needs improvement or change?

For example, if you want to streamline and make your recruitment process easier for your recruiters and hiring managers, then a technology-related conference is the ticket. If you’re looking to connect with diverse leaders in staffing to learn how to better hire inclusively, then you can choose diversity-related event.


Create a strategy for attending and set goals for the event.

To make the most of the event you will be attending, you need a strategy. Here are a few things you can plan ahead.


Get the inside scoop on attendees. 

Before heading to the conference, it’s a smart move to find out who’s on the guest list and pinpoint the individuals you’d like to connect with. This advance planning will help you create a well-structured schedule and ensure you don’t miss out on the sessions and activities that matter most to you.


Consider your conference companions.  

It’s worth considering who you’ll be bringing along to the event. Attending with a colleague or team member can be advantageous, particularly if you have multiple must-see sessions that might clash in terms of timing. With a teammate in tow, you can strategically divide and conquer, ensuring that you cover all the ground you want to during the conference.

Identify who you will be bringing with you. It would be great to attend with someone, especially if there will be multiple sessions you are looking forward to that may end up having the same schedule. You can then assign someone to attend one of them for you while you go to another.


Set goals and share them with the team. 

Before diving headfirst into the event, let’s set some goals. Jot down what you want to achieve, what you’re itching to learn, and who you want to chat up. And don’t keep it to yourself – share the master plan with your trusty team.

For instance, if your aim is to woo potential clients, give your team a little nudge to sprinkle some charm and highlight your firm’s strengths in every conversation they have. After all, who wouldn’t want to know about you?

And don’t be shy about getting specific with your goal. If you’re on the hunt for new staffing technology, make it your mission to sniff out at least three potential ATS providers who can help you automate your process.


Go beyond your comfort zone and attend sessions covering new and unfamiliar topics. 

Sure, you’ve got your eyes on sessions that align with your staffing game plan, but why not spice it up a bit? Don’t shy away from those sessions that dive into completely uncharted waters – stuff that tickles your curiosity.

Think of it as expanding your knowledge horizon and taking a leap out of your comfy zone. It’s like adding a few extra toppings to your leadership sundae. Who knows, you might stumble upon fascinating topics to spice up your next dose of thought leadership content.


Have meaningful conversations. 

To forge real connections with the folks you meet, strike up conversations with a purpose. It’s not just about small talk; it’s about making those interactions count.


Ask speakers and panelists the right questions. 

Asking the right questions during a session’s Q&A can help you get the most out of a topic. Ask for clarification and examples if these can help you understand new trends better. You can also ask for advice about specific staffing strategies you have in place if it’s relevant to the speaker’s expertise. This way, you can get a head start on how to improve things once you come back from the conference.


Take time to chat with other attendees. 

When you’re at these staffing events, chances are you’ll bump into some familiar faces from the past. Don’t let those moments slip by; use them to strengthen your connections. Ask them how life’s been treating them and if they made any changes to their business in the last few months that you can learn from.

But don’t stop at the old pals! Take a leap and chat up some fresh faces too. These could be your future business buddies, potential collaborators, or even clients waiting to happen. Give them the lowdown on how your staffing gig makes people’s dreams come true and what makes your offerings as unique

And don’t forget to sprinkle a little wisdom on both the old and new friends. Sharing your newfound industry insights not only shows you care about their hustle but also paints you as the industry expert everyone wants to be friends with.


Meet with your teammates after the event to discuss what you’ve gathered. 

After the event, make sure to schedule a meeting with the people you went with to share with each other what you’ve learned.

Sit down for a chat and revisit your game plan. Did you hit those goals or did they do a disappearing act? Let’s talk about what’s cooking in the world of staffing – the new, the hot, and the game-changers that could amp up our services.

Gather their feedback on the event. Ask if there are any specific conferences they want to attend in the near future or if there are any topics they want to learn more about.


Build lasting connections at staffing conferences. 

Staffing conferences and executive forums are where other leaders, providers, and potential clients will gather. Be there to build a community you can trust and learn from. Remember to choose the right conferences to attend so you can reap the most benefits while having a good time.



It’s high time to elevate your game and forge those meaningful connections with both clients and candidates through the magic of seminars. Allied Insight knows the staffing industry inside out, and we’re ready to equip you with the tools you need to fortify your brand. Whether it’s fine-tuning your brand identity or enhancing your competitive edge, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s kickstart your journey toward more impactful and effective marketing plans. Schedule a chat with us today and let’s make it happen.



1 “The B2B Marketing Benchmark.” LinkedIn, Accessed 9 Aug. 2023.

2 Majidi, Michele. “Preference towards In-person versus Virtual Version of Hybrid Events among Business-to-business Marketers Worldwide As of February 2021.” Statista, 6 Jan. 2023, Accessed 9 Aug. 2023.


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