How Your Staffing Firm Can Scale with Account-Based Marketing

benefits of account-based marketing for staffing

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  • Jeff
  • April 21, 2022

Cold calling and telemarketing are fast becoming obsolete for many companies. Instead, account-based marketing is taking center stage in today’s fast-evolving, ever-competitive market. Therefore, planning and executing account-based marketing for staffing agencies is crucial, not only to survive but to thrive. Else, they risk losing clients to whip-smart competitors. 

Marketing for staffing takes hard work. It requires understanding the needs of your clients and effectively selling your brand, services, and products. Despite this, all the hard work can be worth it when you have the ability to scale even if you’re just getting started. This is where account-based marketing comes in.  

Let’s dive into what account-based marketing is and how your staffing firm can scale through it.

What is Account-Based Marketing?  

Account-based marketing, also known as ABM, is a marketing methodology that focuses on accounts, targeting specific individuals within an organization. It aims to generate interest in your brand and capture opportunities with existing clients by providing them with tailored information through personalized campaigns. 

Your salespeople are indeed in charge of identifying your target accounts or clients, but the work doesn’t stop there. Marketing plays a vital role in the success of your ABM efforts in setting up much-needed collaterals, driving the message, and nurturing campaigns. 


What Can Account-Based Marketing Do for Your Staffing Agency? 

Account-based marketing is a game-changer for staffing agencies trying to tap into large accounts with long sales cycles and large deal sizes. Here are the benefits of ABM over other marketing methodologies: 

  • Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams 

Collaboration between sales and marketing is beneficial to scaling your business. This transparency and alignment will ensure both teams are focused on the same goals and are on the same page as to the specific roles of each internal stakeholder.  

It also encourages consistency in all communications, interactions, and content for your target accounts. When all these things line up, staying on top of long-term accounts becomes easier

  • Streamlining the Sales Cycle 

Account-based marketing allows for a streamlined sales cycle by focusing efforts on specific high-value target accounts. This can save you precious time and resources because it brings focus to the stages of the cycle that positively impact your bottom line. Rather than qualifying a large pool of leads, ABM helps you make sure that you target the right accounts for your staffing agency. 

  • Measuring Your ROI More Effectively 

With account-based marketing, you can measure your return on investment (ROI) better for each account you invest in. You can confirm whether certain accounts you invested in are the ideal conversions for your staffing agency. Once your ROI proves the ABM strategies you employed worked, you can use them to leverage your strategy in identifying and targeting similar accounts in the future.  

  • Allocating Your Marketing Budget Efficiently  

When using traditional marketing techniques, you’ll have to spend and invest to get as many leads as possible and then qualify them afterward. This means throwing away resources on leads that are a poor fit and obviously won’t become a win.  

With ABM, since you’ve identified which accounts are the best fit for your products or service before going after them, you only spend money reaching them on channels you’ve used previously and where they’re sure to be found. 

  • Delivering Consistent and Personalized Customer Experiences 

Clients and customers want to explore solutions on their own terms and receive relevant and meaningful communications. ABM makes it easy to deliver on this need by building on the message, “We have the perfect product or service specifically for you.”  

  • Maximizing Your Staffing Agency’s Relevance Among High-Value Accounts 

Since ABM requires you to deliver a personalized campaign for each account you’re pursuing, you can maximize your relevance to these accounts. This allows you to position your business to be the best option by offering solutions that will solve their specific problems. 

  • Expanding Business Through Account Relationships 

Lastly, account-based marketing is the perfect application of quality over quantity. By taking the time to build trusting relationships with carefully chosen, high-value accounts, you’ll have opportunities to expand your staffing agency’s opportunities by retaining clients longer. Through time, loyalty is built, and your loyal customers will become your brand advocates by promoting your staffing firm to their networks.

3 Main ABM Targeting Qualifiers 

Because account-based marketing is a concept that’s not widely understood, it’s easy to see why startup and small-to-medium staffing agencies often get confused about how to approach ABM. To get you started, here are three main qualifiers to help you assess your pipeline. 

  1. Leverage 

Identify individuals in companies that you can serve best based on your experience and current client list. If you’ve catered to the needs of similar companies successfully, you can use that experience as leverage to offer similar services. This also means that you’ll know their specific needs and have knowledge of the industry from the inside. There is no better alignment than to have a happy client interfacing with your candidates

  1. Potential 

Look for clients that are beyond the scope of your current client list. Make sure to explore new opportunities to expand. Look for contacts and accounts outside of your sphere. It’s also a good idea to get in touch with more key people within an organization, so you can reach their networks as well.

  1. Longevity 

The ABM strategies that you plan to build must be positioned for long-term success. Strategize not just with sealing the deal in mind, but rather, with nurturing a long-term partnership that you can build on, month-on-month and year-on-year.  


Account-Based Marketing Components 

To set up your ABM efforts for success, consider the following as you build the foundation of your program

  • Targeting and Managing the Right Accounts 

Identify your target accounts using the three qualifiers above. Make sure that you employ the best tech tools to help you focus on accounts that are worth your time and will result in the highest ROI. You can do this by consolidating your targeting and management tools on a single platform instead of syncing accounts between several applications. 

  • Engaging Across Channels 

Design and run personalized campaigns across each of your employed marketing channels using a single platform as well. It would be best to use an account-based marketing solution that ties together each of these channels and provides a strong bedrock for you to deliver meaningful and relevant campaigns

  • Measuring and Optimizing Programs 

You cannot manage what you can’t measure. To demonstrate success and improve over time, you have to build account dashboards that look into specific accounts, programs, and targets, and provide accurate revenue-based analytics.  



If you need help with account-based marketing campaigns at your staffing agency, we’re here to help! Allied Insight understands the importance of scaling your business and taking it to the next level. We deliver strategic marketing solutions to elevate your staffing agency in today’s competitive market. 

Allied Insight is a fractional CMO and growth marketing company specializing in leveraging the best practices of recruitment marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, lead generation, account-based marketing, and sales enablement. 

Contact us for additional insights and resources about account-based marketing and how it can help scale your business. We’ll be more than happy to chat and see what customized solution we can do for you and your staffing agency. 


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