Social Media Day 2023: SocMed Insights for Staffing Agencies

Social Media Day 2023: Insights for Staffing Agencies on Social Media Day 

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  • Hannah
  • June 30, 2023

Your social media posts may not be getting the right amount of engagement. Your audience may be looking for a better connection with your brand. How will you improve your social media practices?

This Social Media Day 2023, let’s focus on upgrading your social content. Here are some things you need to know.

The Significance of Social Media Day 

Social media has most likely become a huge part of your personal and work life. It helps you reach your audience at work. It helps you be updated on the latest news and to get in touch with your loved ones in your personal life. When did social media start?

SixDegrees can be considered as one of the earliest social media platforms. It was created back in 1997 by Andrew Weinreich. SixDegrees had more than a million users before it shut down in 2001. The platform allowed its users to list their friends and families and gave them access to features like profiles and bulletin boards.

Many years have passed and more platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have developed. To celebrate the connections and milestones made through these websites, Social Media Day was established on June 30, 2010.¹


The Benefits of Social Media for Staffing 

Even businesses like staffing firms have benefited from social media. They’ve easily gathered candidates through these platforms thanks to their business model being people-centric (much like how each and every social media brand thrives on its users).


Attracts candidates you are looking for

In 2012, 49 percent of recruiting experts who use social media for recruitment said that these platforms attracted higher-quality candidates .² More than a decade after, the reach of social media has made it easier for recruiters to add prospects to their pipeline thanks to easier connection over social media.

This success in recruiting online mostly applies to Facebook. The website allows you to set advanced search filters that describe the specific candidate you want. You can find them based on location or industry. Facebook calculates for you how many of its users fit your search.


Elevates your brand

In this age of fast connectivity, candidates can also easily research a company’s brand and reputation before applying for a position. Encourage them to follow you across all your social pages by being visible and relevant.

Showcase your staffing firm as an industry leader by creating an engaging presence on social media, which can help boost your brand as an employer. This can be done through posting testimonials and recent awards.

By posting regularly, you can establish your social media account as a consistent user which can help your content appear on “For You” or “Explore” pages on a platform. This means that more people can see and engage in your content which in turn, established your brand as a social media account with organic growth.

In addition, your employees can help you be more relatable in the eyes of your potential candidates. These days, Tiktok posts featuring employees (or “interns”) make waves and rake in more views due to their humorous takes on their life on the job. If possible, you may ask them to highlight your company values and how these helped them adapt to the work culture.


Reduces costs for recruiting

Marketing for recruitment can be very expensive when you advertise across multiple channels. Reduce costs by creating a free social media page that gives you access to social ads based on your budget.

A Facebook ad can help you save because it can receive over twice the visibility of a job board’s classified ad. Facebook ads are also easy to recalibrate when it is not performing as intended. As Facebook is also owned by Meta, you can do similar ad runs for Instagram, as well.


Top 3 Social Media Trends This 2023 

Now that you have a better idea of how important social media is for staffing, let’s look at the current trends people are getting into online. Let’s discover how these platforms and features can help you as well.


1. TikTok and TikTok ads take over social habits.

TikTok continues to take over people’s time online. TikTok users are actively looking for entertaining content through the app. With over a billion users, it has become the number one app regarding time spent on it.

TikTok is on a mission in maintaining its goal as a super-app and the number one social network. It recently released several new features that people may be familiar with because they’re like some features already found on other apps:

  • Search Ads
  • TikTok Music
  • TikTok Now
  • 10-minute videos
  • Photo Mode
  • TikTok Stories

You can use TikTok to feature some fun and informative aspects of your job posts and your recruitment process. Highlight why it would be great to work with a staffing firm like yours. Remember to emphasize what makes your services unique compared to others. When in doubt, you can always hop on what dance or song trend is hot!

Can’t be chronically online to post? You can use a social media management tool of your choice to easily schedule your TikToks, moderate comments, and measure your success on the website.


2. LinkedIn becomes more personal.

Have you seen the more personal posts filling up LinkedIn lately? These are the types of posts you would usually find on Facebook, so how did they end up on a career platform like LinkedIn? Through the website, you will now find personal stories of CEOs and breastfeeding struggles with advice.

To add to this, it was found that LinkedIn posts without links are proven to be more engaging and can keep people longer on the platform.

It could be that people want to see real people they can work with, including CEOs being vocal about their struggles and co-workers who have hobbies they are passionate about.

Try adapting your posts on LinkedIn to similar content that garners more likes and comments. Post about the challenges and realities of staffing firms or the efforts you’ve been making to bridge gaps between employer and candidate. What’s important is you show the human side of your operation.


3. Social SEO starts replacing hashtags.

Hootsuite’s research found that using hashtags is out and keyword-optimized captions in place is the new trend because optimized captions can increase a brand’s reach by 30 percent and may even double its engagement. ³ In a more local setting, you can ask your average millennial or Gen Z and they may tell you that they get their news off of their favorite social media app.

It’s time to change your social media game. Instead of following your captions with hashtags, it’s time to learn about and include keyword research in your strategies. Keyword, even without the #, can be an asset to your next “viral” social media post.

What you can do is start integrating SEO into your social platforms. You can add keywords to your bio on Facebook and Instagram, add alt-text to images on Twitter, and include a scattering of relevant keywords in your captions. On videos, you can mention the keyword you want to promote and let the speech-to-text captions help you keep the keyword afloat the algorithm.


Celebrate Social Media Day 2023 and broaden your reach 

Staffing firms need to have a steady social media structure based on a social media calendar that aligns with their business goals as a whole. By effectively harnessing the power of social media this Social Media Day, staffing firms can improve their recruitment efforts, heighten brand awareness, and reinforce their position in the staffing industry.



Allied Insight’s social media savvy team is here to help you translate your value to your audience through our expertise in digital marketing. We offer services such as regular content ideation and in-the-now social media postings to help you create great momentum online.

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