Swiss Army Tools of a Well-Equipped Marketing Department 

Swiss Army Tools of a Well-Equipped Marketing Department 

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  • March 22, 2023

If you happen to own a Swiss Army knife, your friends or colleagues probably think you’re a cool person. At one point in the past, a Swiss Army knife was like a status symbol for anyone. Fanning out what’s in this ingenious device is like bringing out what’s in your toolbox individually. With this kind of tool, you can be trusted to perform different functions.

Let’s apply this to your marketing department. Can it also sharply perform varied tasks? A well-equipped marketing department must be able to produce content as needed, follow trends and use them to the team’s advantage, and navigate digital marketing demands. Like owning a Swiss Army knife, you know that whatever marketing goals your staffing agency has, you have the right resources.

Jeff Pelliccio, Founder and CEO of Allied Insight, believes there are three integral facets for a marketing team: project management, marketing automation, and web services. Let’s use these three aspects to list what makes a well-equipped marketing department—one ready for any targets to hit or obstacles that may appear.

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Project Management Is a Breeze with Effective Marketing Teams. 

Project management can cause headaches for marketers and staffing company leaders. It’s a struggle to juggle multiple projects while meeting deadlines and achieving workflow visibility. Luckily, you and your team can use some apps to get a grip on how your team and individual projects are progressing:


      • Seeing where they are at one glance would be a great advantage in managing a project, especially when many individuals work on various projects. does that with ease.With its intuitive interface and customizable boards, your team may check each other’s progress. You may also give pointers on how members can expedite their contributions to various projects.’s strength lies in producing reports to track tasks and milestones better. With this tool, workflow visibility won’t be a problem.
      • Clickup. This all-in-one productivity hub encourages cooperation and collaboration within your team. With ClickUp, you can customize the tools list and even save costs from subscribing to third-party apps. This app has more than 15 project views. Hence, you can jump from one project to another to check who’s working on what and how far the project has moved.ClickUp has dashboards that can help measure return on investments (ROIs) and objectives and key results (OKRs) to suit your tracking and reporting needs. Take advantage of the free management features, which your marketing team will appreciate.
      • Teamwork. This project management app is appropriate for marketing agencies and your recruitment company’s marketing department. Teamwork’s Workload Planner function is perfect for maintaining the flow of tasks. It’s easy to pinpoint who’s struggling with their assignments and redirect tasks to others if necessary.There are reviews that praise Teamwork’s Kanban boards for tracking projects, improving processes, and optimizing workflows. A big plus is learning Teamwork’s interface, which is simpler than other project management software.

A good marketing plan or strategy for your staffing agency involves using the best tools to organize various projects. Any of the tools introduced above may assist you well in project management.


A Well-equipped Marketing Department Has Mastered Automation’s Strengths. 

The pandemic pushed industries to find means to still be productive using digital tools. Companies that rely a lot on marketing were up for the challenge. Now, as part of moving most functions to digital, many are putting automation apps as a permanent part of their common processes. Below are some of the automation tools that your marketing department can check out to elevate your staffing agency’s brand out there:


      • Moosend. Online reviewers are raving about Moosend, with some even calling it a better alternative to Mailchimp. Not only is it one of the best, but also one of the cheapest email marketing automation tools out there. It has an advanced workflow builder for easy streamlining of tasks and making processes efficient. Moosend also lets you expand your audience list and segment them for personalized content creation. With other features such as lead generation, reporting, and analytics, this email marketing tool gives the best bang for your buck.
      • Marketo Engage. This app gives particular emphasizes the role of customer service in marketing. In your case, you can use it to interact with potential hires and clients wishing to build their workforce. Marketo Engage personalizes your marketing content for your intended audience through behavioral tracking and building rich customer data.It also has a cross-channel feature that allows your staffing agency to meet prospective customers in platforms comfortable for them. It’s a brilliant marketing automation tool that simplifies processes yet drives impact as it should.
      • Buffer. Your staffing agency should know by now that marketing through social media should be included in your strategies. Jumping from one social handle to another and ensuring each one is updated with content can be exhausting. So, you’ll need an intuitive tool for that, like Buffer. It can store content for scheduled posting, and you can easily track your content even if you’re not on your desk.Buffer is appropriate for recruitment marketing of most staffing agencies with straightforward content. If your company’s posts revolve around job openings, tips for employers and job seekers, and the like, Buffer can help meet your constant need for social media marketing.

A well-equipped marketing department is also well-informed about the demands of the times. Automation is one of them, and these tools can help you keep up. So, don’t let your recruitment firm fall behind in digital marketing.

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Web Services Will Give an Edge to Your Staffing Agency’s Marketing Efforts. 

Aside from project management apps and automated marketing tools, choosing web services that address specific concerns is also important. For example, with a web service, your team can track and perfect how your recruitment company gets your brand across.

      • Google Trends. Companies use Google Trends to compare their performance against competitors, keep up with industry updates and trends, and build a strong online brand. Your staffing agency can also use Google Trends to follow what applicants and prospective clients look for in staffing services. Hence, you can tweak your marketing campaigns to highlight them in what you offer.You can also configure Google Trends to reflect trends within regions, timelines, and the audience you wish to serve. What’s even better about this web service? It’s free! Just spend time understanding its functions, and you’re good to go.
      • Leadpages. Want to turn clicks into prospective clients or hires? Leadpages can do that for you. It’s a resource that doesn’t require coding but can create landing pages and pathways that lead to them.This web service also has a conversion kit to turn your website and social media posts into channel streams for CTAs. Add pop-ups or menu bars to your thought leadership content so that the knowledge and wisdom you share online can also contribute to getting prospective hires and clients avail of your service. Whether you are a recruitment company new to the scene or looking for a new way to generate leads, you can try exploring Leadpages.

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      • Semrush. SEO optimization is the main game for building your online brand. However, you might struggle to get hires or clients if your name isn’t in the top Google results. Luckily, you have Semrush as the web service for this. Through Semrush, you can check the overall SEO condition of your staffing agency’s web content.You can also get keyword recommendations for your online posts so that search engines will consider your content when users search for recruitment-related topics. So, go ahead and check if your staffing agency can use this award-winning SEO web service well.

Take a look at your recruitment company’s marketing department again. With the tools listed above, do you still need to improve, or are you off to a good start? Additionally, check your marketing budget to see if you can use these tools and invest in their benefits. It’s never too late to assess what you have, don’t have, and what you need. Now is the opportune time to examine your marketing department functions and see how else you can improve by introducing a few more tools from your arsenal.



There’s more to a well-equipped marketing department. We at Allied Insight are dedicated to discovering what is unique in you. Let’s use it as a value proposition to not only forward your services to everyone but also inspire growth and integrity in the staffing industry through your brand.

Automation orchestration, web design, storytelling, personalized thought leadership through online content: these are only some of the services your agency can avail of in marketing your brand for the world to see.

You are unique, and everyone deserves to know about it. Contact Allied Insight now.



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