The Editing Room: 1% is Progress and Progress is Key 

The Editing Room: 1% is Progress and Progress is Key 

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  • October 2, 2023

The journey from a blank page to a polished piece of work in content writing may not always be a smooth ride. You might face challenges—words just don’t seem to fully express your thoughts, or there’s too much to say! 

This blog is for all content creators out there, especially writers and editors! We’ll look into the content creation process and explore why imperfect drafts shouldn’t dishearten you but instead encourage you to embrace the philosophy of improving—1% every day.  

Embrace the Writing Imperfection  

Every writer knows that perfection is like an elusive mystical unicorn—it doesn’t exist! 

However, living with the beauty of imperfection is actually essential for growth. Your initial drafts may not be flawless, and that’s perfectly fine! 

Besides, getting drafts 100% right the first time stifles your creativity and growth. Imagine getting everything right on the first try; how else would you discover other styles? It might be a smooth writing journey, but can be tedious or, worse, devoid of growth.   

Writing is a creative process; expecting perfection from the outset can paralyze and hinder creativity. And when you put too much pressure on yourself, it’s a surefire way to experience that dreaded writer’s block. Remember, imperfections are the stepping stones to progress. It’s the journey of constant improvement that leads to exceptional content, not the destination of absolute perfection. 


The 1% Improvement: A Guide   

Rather than striving for perfection in one grand leap, you can get 1% better each day. This mindset acknowledges that excellence is a journey, not a fixed destination, and consistent effort and growth yield remarkable results over time. 


1. Outline Like a Boss

Improving your outlining skills daily is a great way to elevate your content creation process. Outlining is a lot like mind mapping. It enables you to effectively structure your ideas and identify key points for a seamless flow in your content. 

Focus on arranging your main points logically and visualize your content’s trajectory and target audience. Each day, challenge yourself to make subtle but meaningful enhancements to your outlines, such as looking for more efficient and effective ways to organize your thoughts.  

If you are unsure where to start, create an outline using questions. And eventually, the answers to those questions can be the backbone of your process. For example, you want to write a blog about a country you recently visited. You can create outlines with guide questions: 



  • What is the name of the place you visited?
  • How did you feel about the trip?
  • What can readers watch out for in this article?


First Part: The Place 

  • Why did you select this place as your travel destination?
  • What is notable about this place?
  • What did you first see or notice?


Second Part: Your Experience 

  • What are your favorite parts of the trip?
  • Are there any unique experiences that happened to you?
  • How was the community?


Third Part: Tips 

  • How much should one save to go on such a trip? 
  • Can you share fun things to do on this trip?
  • What else should readers prepare for?



  • Wrap up the blog by sharing your key takeaways.


2. Unleash Your Research Superpowers for Stellar Content

Committing to a 1% daily improvement in research skills opens a treasure trove of valuable information and streamlines your search process. Setting clear goals, using reliable sources, and refining your search techniques to find relevant data efficiently is essential.  

Don’t forget to take organized notes, fact-check, stay updated with industry trends, and practice regularly to enhance your abilities. No one wants to read a page full of Wiki links. Navigate the vast sea of information and find credible, reliable, and valuable sources. 

As a result, your content will flourish with fresh angles and captivating insights, ensuring a more engaging and enriching experience for your audience.  


3. Draft Like a Pro

How do you improve consistently in drafting? Analyze each sentence and paragraph, ensuring every word contributes to the overall message. Trim unnecessary elements, rephrase awkward sentences, and enhance the structure to achieve a seamless flow. Revise your draft by identifying paragraphs that repeat similar points.  

As you make improvements daily, you’ll find yourself drafting more efficiently. Soon, you’ll be zipping through your content like a speeding bullet! The cumulative effect of these individual steps leads to faster writing times and a smoother flow in your work. 

Additionally, you can bid farewell to those pesky writer’s blocks. It’ll empower you to conquer that daunting blank page one tiny leap at a time! 


4. Feedback Is Your Secret Weapon

Peers, mentors, and editors open the door to valuable insights and constructive criticism. It’s also important to accept feedback with a growth-oriented mindset. It allows you to identify areas for improvement, refine your writing style, and ultimately become a better writer. 

Each time you receive insights, no matter how small, you’re leveling up your understanding of your different clients’ preferences and expectations. Over time, you can serve their unique needs with ease! 

When you apply constructive suggestions, your content will shine even brighter, positioning you as the go-to wordsmith for clients seeking exceptional work!  


5. 1% Progress, One Revision at a Time

Editing can open your work for scrutiny and revisions. But remember, each round of revision brings you closer to the ideal version of the content. And with each pass, you inch towards that 1% improvement! 

Through the revision process, you can sharpen your attention to detail, quickly spot typos, and precisely address awkward sentences. As a result, the pieces you work on can transform into the intended final product.  

Moreover, you can’t deny the time-saving benefits of continuous improvement. You’ll gain the ability to identify and address issues more efficiently and experience a faster turnaround time.  


The Remarkable Results of Daily Writing Improvement 

Consistent advancements result in substantial progress over time. It transforms your content into captivating masterpieces that resonate with your audience. Each day, as you hone your writing skills, you become more and more valuable as a talent in the industry.  


Adapting To Flexible Writing 

Adaptability expands your knowledge base and lets you discover new sources of inspiration. Trying different writing styles, genres, or topics can lead to surprising breakthroughs and contribute to that vital 1% improvement.  


Improvement in Collaboration 

Engage with other writers, participate in writing groups or workshops, and share experiences to create a rich learning environment. Collaborative endeavors offer valuable insights, diverse perspectives, and fresh ideas that can propel your growth. Working with editors and clients can also familiarize you with receiving feedback and applying it to your work.  


Acknowledge the Journey 

The path of a content writer is filled with discovery, perseverance, and growth. Each day, make those itty-bitty improvements in your writing game. 

Those little steps will add up to something epic! Before you know it, your content will be on fire, and it can totally connect with your audience.  

It won’t be fast—and there’ll be challenges and obstacles, but that’s how you grow and become even more awesome. Remember to celebrate every single milestone, no matter how small. So, embrace the 1% mindset and get ready to show your writing prowess at full potential!



At Allied Insight, we believe in the power of progress—even if it’s just 1% daily! Join us on an epic journey where we embrace and refine our writing skills to perfection!  

Crafting top-notch content is an art, and we certainly deliver! So, don’t miss this opportunity for quality content. Contact us now, and let’s embark on a journey to writing greatness and igniting our passions together! 



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