The Editing Room: How a Consistent Tone of Voice Shapes Your Brand Identity 

The Editing Room: How a Consistent Tone of Voice Shapes Your Brand Identity 

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  • Dan
  • November 24, 2023

We’re all familiar with blogs – we read them almost every day! From entertainment to technical know-hows to learning more about how we can elevate our business, company, and personal developments.

But what makes each blog written on the vast worldwide web different? It’s (hint: it’s in the title) our Tone of Voice! In this blog, we’ll talk about how tone of voice affects writing, empowering your brand, and resonating to your audience on a deeper level.

How Does Tone of Voice Affect Our Way of Communication? 

Much like how we control our way of speaking, writing insightful blogs follows a similar format. From titles, headers, and body to CTAs, the tone of voice will make an impact. Using the right combination of words, structures, and vocabulary makes our writing more relatable and conveys the right emotions effectively.

In fact, tone of voice affects everything in our business. For instance, if your website conveys authority in your field, your blogs should echo the same confidence. It’s also crucial for your blogs to have accurate and updated information with correct data.

Another example is finding the right balance of showing your industry expertise without coming off as boastful or arrogant. Choosing the right tone of voice allows you to connect with your target audience deeper. The same goes for the vocabulary or jargon you use. If your audience isn’t well-versed in the terms or vocabulary you’re using, you’ll probably alienate them.

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The Importance of Tone of Voice in Writing 

The tone we choose in writing is a crucial element to communicate effectively.¹ Here are several reasons why you should be more intentional with your tone:

  • It establishes your authority and credibility in the field and industry
  • It ensures your readers understand and absorb your message
  • It allows writers to relate to the readers
  • It may spark an emotion among readers
  • It can make your copy more interesting, enjoyable, and memorable
  • It increases the chances getting a reaction from your readers

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Choosing Your Tone of Voice 

Before choosing your tone of voice for your blogs, you have to make sure it is aligned with your entire organization. You can’t be serious on your website, marketing, and taglines yet goofy on your articles, can you? It just won’t make sense!

Imagine Mcdonald’s advertisements, instead of “I’m lovin’ it” it’s written as “I’m in love with burgers.” Or Apple removing their enthusiastic and passionate stance. They wouldn’t have gotten the same results as a premium brand.

Tone of voice is very much alive in the way we communicate and here are four different ways you can apply to your blogs:


Professional and Authoritative

This tone is more authoritative and establishes expertise and industry knowledge. They’re best for blogs sharing guides, insights, or market analysis which establishes your brand as a thought leader in the industry you’re in. Here are a few examples:

  • Top 8 Interview Practices for Acquiring Talent
  • Industry Insights: Significant Staffing Trends in 2023

“Our comprehensive guide will empower you to create compelling blog posts, ensuring enough reader engagement and satisfying results.” 


Friendly and Conversational

This kind of tone creates warmth and makes you approachable to the audience. It’s best to use this tone if you want to create better connections with your readers and provide information in a more personal way. This is how Allied Insight talks to readers! Here are a few examples:

  • Numbers Game: Improving Your SEO Skills
  • Are You Stuck in Recruitment? Let Us Help You Find the Path Together!

“With this guide, we’ll help you create awesome blogs that’ll keep your readers interested and wanting more!” 


Innovative and Cutting-Edge

This tone revolves around the client’s ability to think critically and innovatively. It’s ideal for contents about modern techniques and AI-powered solutions, utilizing innovation and technology. Here are a few creative ways you can apply:

  • Revolutionizing Marketing: AI-powered Solutions for Creative Strategies

“Our goal is to provide you with cutting-edge solutions that will improve your way of writing articles.” 


Empowering and Motivational

This tone aims to motivate readers to take action towards growth and progress. It works best with contents that discuss overcoming challenges and pursuing personal and career development. Here are a few examples of how you can improve your writing:

  • Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential: Empowering Leadership Tips
  • Building a Resilient Workforce: Overcoming Challenges Together

 “We aim to empower you with actionable tips on how you can elevate your tone of voice in writing.”


Creating Memorable and Relatable Content 

When writing blogs, there’s no right or wrong tone of voice. One isn’t better than the other, and there are no “most used” that you need to know. What matters is how you want to connect with your audience and how it’s best to communicate with them. Ask yourself these:

  • Are they professionals? Do most of them have a degree or higher level of education?
  • Will they understand younger generational jargon and trends?
  • Do you need to be highly technical, and can you use industry jargon?
  • Does your brand connect with the tone you want to use?

Ultimately, it all depends on various factors that affect how you should communicate. The key is knowing your audience, setting the right mood, and establishing your tone.

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Here at Allied Insight, we understand that communication is more than words – it’s about creating connections. Our commitment to collaboration ensures that your message resonates whether with our clients, or our clients’ clients.

Partner up with Allied Insight and let us help you improve your brand identity and amplify your audience impact. Contact us today!



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