Unlock the Secrets to Writing Job Posts That Attract The Best People 

Unlock the Secrets to Writing Job Posts That Attract The Best People 

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  • April 2, 2024

You’ve probably heard how recruiters barely glance at resumes, right? Well, job seekers are on the other end, speed-scrolling through a sea of job listings at warp speed. They spend around 11 hours weekly searching, clicking through websites, and scanning job descriptions. After a while, all those lists of qualifications and duties look like one big jumble. 

Your job posting is like the front door to your company. That crucial first impression can either draw in top-notch candidates or leave them scrolling past. Getting it right in today’s competitive job market isn’t just important. It’s your ticket to attracting the best candidates, standing out from the crowd, and building a team of exceptional individuals who’ll drive your company forward. 

Writing Winning Job Posts: Revealing Techniques for Success

Great talent is drawn to standout job ads. If yours blends in with the rest, you’ll likely only get average candidates. But you can fix this by making your job posting appealing.  

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Choose a job title that welcomes everyone with open arms. 

Job titles are the first thing job seekers notice, so you want them to be memorable. Language is crucial here. Terms like “guru,” “expert,” or “ninja” might discourage potential applicants, especially women and minorities, who may feel less confident despite being just as skilled. 

The job title also hints at the level of the position, which can attract job seekers. It’s important to specify if the role is junior, mid-level, or senior. Job titles also help internal employees see possible career paths within the company. This is especially helpful for those aiming to grow and take on new roles. 

Craft a compelling story. 

Nowadays, people are all about companies that make a difference. Nearly 70 percent of employees won’t work for a company that doesn’t have a strong purpose.¹ Show off how the role you’re offering isn’t just about the team but also about positively impacting society. 

  • Impact Over Tasks: Don’t just list duties. Explain how the role contributes to the organization’s mission. For example, “This Marketing role drives brand awareness, which fuels donations to our environmental cause.” 
  • Purpose Beyond Paycheck: Highlight the company’s mission and values. People want to feel their work matters, like “Join a team passionate about sustainability.” 
  • “You” Are the Hero: Use “you” and “we” to create a sense of belonging. Show how the candidate contributes. For example, you can say, “You’ll collaborate with a driven team to make a real difference.” 

Show off the opportunities for career advancement.

Potential hires want more than just a pleasant workplace. They’re also looking for chances and perks that outshine what they’re currently getting and pave the way for career advancement. 

Mention potential trajectories (e.g., Junior to Senior positions) and internal mobility opportunities. For startups, emphasize gaining brad experience. For larger companies, point out structured development programs and mentorship. Extra points for quantifiable data like “promotes X percent from within!” 

Give an honest rundown of the job opening. 

A survey found that 17 percent of American workers didn’t apply for jobs because the job descriptions were unclear or confusing, making it the second most common reason for not applying.² 

When creating a job description, be real and clear. Talk with people who’ve done it before to learn what’s important. That way, you can write a description that really hits the nail on the head. 

Paint a picture of the qualities that are as real as it gets. 

Skip the laundry list of degrees. Highlight the essential skills and experience, but be open to unconventional backgrounds. Great candidates can come from unexpected places! Focus on transferable skills and a willingness to learn. It’s about finding the right fit, not just the fanciest resume. 

For instance, instead of listing a rigid number of years of experience, consider using a range, like 3-5 years. This opens the applicant pool to those with transferable skills who might be a great fit. 

Try a little sneakiness. 

We all love the attention to detail. But the reality is that many applicants skim through job boards and apply indiscriminately. 

Add a straightforward task to your job posting to ensure applicants pay attention. For example, ask them to use a specific subject line in their email applications. This way, you can filter out those just applying to everything without caring about your role. It shows who’s detail-oriented and follows directions, which are important traits in potential hires. 

Approach it like a search engine would. 

When it comes to job searches, most people start online. So, it’s key to ensure your job description pops up easily on Indeed or Google. To reel in the right candidates, think like a search engine: 

  • What terms would your ideal candidate use to find jobs they’re qualified for? 
  • If you were in their shoes, what would you search for? 

Avoid abbreviations (“Senior” is more effective in searches than “Sr,”) and aim for a job title that’s crystal clear and easy to understand. “Bartender” or “Event bartender” beats out “Crew member” or “Event staff” and boosts your chances of catching the right job seekers’ eyes. Also, whenever possible, include simple, relevant keywords such as industry terms, brand names, and specific products. 

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Top Job Ad Examples: Inspiration for Your Next Post

Here’s the deal: writing a great job posting is just the beginning. You also need a solid plan to attract qualified candidates without spending too much. Here are some top job ad examples to get inspired for your next hiring push. 

Focus on Job Perks 

Marriott Careers Job Post: Warm, out-going, authentic, passionate, and inspiring? Raise your hand if that’s you. #EDITIONHotels is hiring associates with all of the above, plus imagine that backdrop as your office view. 

This job advertisement begins by describing its ideal candidate as warm, outgoing, authentic, passionate, and inspiring. Then, it casually introduces the job opportunity and emphasizes the special perks and benefits provided by the company. The standout feature? Instead of just listing the perks, this job ad showcases them to potential candidates. 

Inspiration to swipe:  

  • Share your job ad on different social media platforms. 
  • Include an eye-catching photo. 
  • Highlight the perks and benefits your company provides. 

“Top Workplace” 

Hubspot Job Post: We’re excited to be named a Best Workplace in Technology by Great Place to Work. We’re proud of the company culture we’ve built as we’ve grown to over 2,500 employees globally to make HubSpot a place that people love to come to work every day. Interested in adding to our culture? We’re hiring! Check out our open jobs at hubspot.com/jobs. 

Hubspot celebrated its “Best Place to Work” award on Instagram. In the same post, they invited potential candidates to join their fantastic company culture by applying for open positions. It’s a smart move to leverage your company’s awards as recruitment opportunities. 

Inspiration to swipe: 

  • Don’t hold back! Showcase all the “best place to work” awards your company has earned. 
  • Even if you haven’t received any awards, highlight your company culture in your job advertisement. Let your candidates know why your company is an amazing place to work. 

Make it Witty 

Dallas Restaurant & Bar Job Post: “A Fin Al Avvv Won Moh Befaw Ah Go Ome.” 

If you’re an experienced bartender and you can decipher this babble, we’d like to hear from you. 

Dallas Restaurant and Bar needed a bartender, and they knew the job could be tough (especially dealing with drunk customers). So, they added some humor right into the headline. The outcome? A creative and fun ad that makes the company more appealing to potential candidates. 

Inspiration to swipe:  

  • Injecting humor into your job ad can make it more memorable and engaging. Just ensure it aligns with your company culture and the tone you want to convey. 
  • Use a catchy and creative headline to grab attention right from the start. This sets the tone for the rest of the ad and entices candidates to keep reading. 

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At Allied Insight, we offer full-stack services encompassing every aspect of your digital needs. That’s why we offer expertise in marketing strategies and creating job posts that attract high-quality talent. 

From identifying key selling points to articulating your company’s unique culture and growth opportunities, we’ll guide you every step to ensure your job postings effectively attract and engage the best candidates for your team. Reach out to us today to get started! 


1. Stobierski, Tim. “15 Eye-Opening Corporate Social Responsibility Statistics.” Harvard Business School Online, Harvard Business School, 15 June 2021, online.hbs.edu/blog/post/corporate-social-responsibility-statistics

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Unlock the Secrets to Writing Job Posts That Attract The Best People 

Unlock the Secrets to Writing Job Posts That Attract The Best People 

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