4 Ways to Elevate Your Staffing Firm’s Presence at Job Fairs

4 Ways to Elevate Your Staffing Firm's Presence at Job Fairsa

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  • August 4, 2023

Wanna rock the job fair scene and attract top candidates? It’s time to go beyond the basics and make a lasting impact on those job seekers!

Set up super cool interactive booth displays, plan engaging activities, and share specialized resources to wow those candidates! Don’t forget – prep like a pro before the event and follow up like a superstar afterward!

And guess what? Online job fair recruitment is the name of the game! Cast a wider net and connect with talent from all over the world! Get ready to elevate your staffing firm’s presence with these awesome tricks!

Strategies Before the Job Fair 

McKinsey says there are 11.3 million open jobs as of May 2022, and the voluntary quit rate is 25% higher than before the pandemic!¹ So, up your game and stand out from the competition with killer strategies at job fairs and career events! Get ready to attract top-notch candidates like never before!


Identify the Type of Candidates You Want to Hire

Consider your industry and the kind of candidates you’re after. If you’re on the lookout for tech-savvy IT and cybersecurity experts, dive into a tech job fair! It’s the place to showcase your employer brand and connect with top-notch talent in your field!

Or maybe you’re eyeing some fresh graduates for entry-level or internship roles? Head to universities and colleges and rock a career fair that’ll have them lining up to work with you!

Bottom line: Pick the right career fair, and you’ll get the best candidates!


Choose the Members That’ll Represent Your Brand

Recruiters and HR wizards are the MVPs! They know how to work their magic and draw in the best candidates! And don’t forget your hiring managers! They’ll ace the on-the-spot candidate screenings!

Want to add a dash of authenticity? Bring in some long-time employees who’ve got epic stories to share! They’ll show the candidates why your organization is the place to be!


Prepare Specific Questions for Job Applicants

You’ll likely have limited time interacting with each candidate who drops by your booth. So, it’s best to prepare meaningful questions they can answer to gather important information about them.

Dish out some role-specific questions! Ask about their career goals to see if their dreams match what your organization has in store for them. Lastly, ask company questions! It’s a great way to identify if they’ve done their homework about you.


Advertise Your Participation and the Event

Make sure everyone knows you’re going to be there! Hit up your socials to ensure you arrive early and hype up the event weeks before it goes down. Share a sneak peek of your booth setup and team members who’ll be there! Make sure to post details so candidates won’t miss out on you!

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Job Fair To-Do List 

Now you find yourself at the job fair, and so you ask yourself what you should be doing. Here are some reminders.


Connect With as Many Candidates as Possible

Connecting with as many candidates increases your chances of meeting the right one to hire. Remember to be welcoming and approachable to each of them!


Keep Interviews Brief

Keep interviews short and snappy. After all, no one likes long lines, right? You can also assign your team members to conduct the interviews to keep things flowing smoothly. That way, everyone gets a chance to shine without getting stuck in line.


Collect Resumes and Contact Details Digitally

Collecting printed resumes and contact details is fine. But encouraging candidates to submit their applications digitally through your website or career page reduces clutter.

Set up a few laptops on-site they can use to provide you with their documents. You can also prepare QR code displays they scan to lead them to your preferred landing page!


Advise Candidates about Their Next Steps

Immediately advise candidates who passed your screenings on when you’ll next reach out to them. Meanwhile, advise job applicants who didn’t pass that you’ll be keeping in touch with them for future openings they’re more suited for. You can also use the applicant information you gathered in broadening your talent pool.


Elevating Your Efforts: 4 Things to Do in Organizing Your Online Job Fair 

An online job fair is a great idea if you want to reach people around the globe for your job openings. Online job fairs are easy to access from within a candidate’s home and can provide them with quick updates on their application. Here’s how to have one.


1. Set an easy-to-navigate landing page for all the jobs and roles you’re hiring for.

Take advantage of your website. Use it for your online job fair by setting up a page that candidates can visit to submit their resumes.

And while you’re at it, make sure your landing page has very clear instructions on what they should do and what to expect. For example, include your screening process for the online job fair. To sweeten the deal, why not highlight that your screening process is quick and will match their qualifications with a specific role.


2. Create an automated application form.

Set an automated application form on your landing page to make gathering applications easy for you and for interested candidates.

Start with text boxes they can fill out with their basic information. You can also choose to set a Document Attestation with options that they can choose from. For example, you can ask about specific licenses or examinations you’re looking for with ‘Yes or No’ choices.

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3. Set a quick assessment once the form is submitted.

Since your form is automated, you can set it to immediately screen and update candidates about their job applications.

You could send out an automated email that informs them if they passed your screening or not. Also, remember to include in the email the next steps they’ll be taking. For candidates who didn’t pass, be upfront about the qualifications they missed and inform them that you may contact them for future openings.


4. Quickly schedule interviews with passing applicants.

Automating your whole job fair makes the entire process quicker and more convenient. Make sure to maintain these qualities even when scheduling for the next interview stages.

You could set a 3-working day wait for interviews to promptly get back to candidates. This shows you respect their time and are very interested in their qualifications. Make them feel that you’re interested to know more about what they can do for the role.


Don’t Forget About Post-Job Fair Measurements

Don’t forget to do some post-job fair assessments! It’s not just about interviewing candidates – it’s a chance to see how you rocked it overall!

Chat it up with your event squad, share your impressions, and spot those high-potential candidates! Did this job fair hit your recruitment goals? Weigh the pros and cons and decide if you want to do more of these cool events!

Check out those recruiting KPIs and compare them with other strategies! Ask your team questions such as the following:

  • “How many applicants did we source at the job fair?”
  • “How many candidates were qualified?”
  • “How many were interviewed?”
  • “How many of them did we hire?”


Hiring Events Can Brighten Up Your Recruitment Process 

Career fairs are like a breath of fresh air for your hiring process. They add some sparkle to the usual routine. Not only do they connect you with tons of candidates, but they also give your team a chance to pick up cool tips from industry experts! Get ready to shine in the recruitment world!



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1 De Smet, Aaron, et al. “The Great Attrition Is Making Hiring Harder. Are You Searching the Right Talent Pools?” McKinsey & Company, 13 Jul. 2022, www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/people-and-organizational-performance/our-insights/the-great-attrition-is-making-hiring-harder-are-you-searching-the-right-talent-pools.


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