Webinar: Winning in a Candidate-Centric Market

Webinar: Winning in a Candidate-Centric Market

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  • Jeff
  • October 14, 2021

the job market continues to be candidate-centric, how can you position your staffing agency to win? In this video, Allied Insight CEO and Founder Jeff Pelliccio and Sense Product Marketing Lead Wendy Lu share valuable insights on how your staffing agency can navigate today’s job market landscape and prepare for success.  

In order to improve each stage of the candidate lifecycle, you must first understand the current market conditions. The candidate pool has drastically changed due to a series of factors that stemmed from COVID-19 and led to mass unemployment, career migration, down to its effects on the structure of today’s work.  

Getting desired outcomes takes work and great candidate experiences are never accidental. And when candidates are placed front and center in all your initiatives, it will reflect on the candidate experience you provide.   

This includes staging the perfect environment that brings focus to the things that add value to a candidate’s journey. Automation plays an essential role in this by enabling engagement and consistent communication through autoresponders. Additionally, technology can also help improve your process and remove friction in the funnel by removing as many bottlenecks as possible.  

 It’s also important to motivate your candidates to stay engaged throughout the entire hiring process through high-touch automation.  And during onboarding, providing concierge services where your candidates feel valued and catered to can really help meet and exceed candidate expectations.  

When you apply these to each and every element of the hiring cycle, you can then foster advocacy and ambassadorship. Often an overlooked opportunity, fostering advocacy can really make an enormous positive impact on your bottom line and brand, on top of building a pipeline or referrals and tapping into the network of your successful and happy hires.  

If you need more assistance on how to navigate today’s candidate-centric job market, connect with us at alliedinsight.com. 


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