Who Needs a Rebrand These Days? You Do! 

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  • Matthew
  • July 21, 2023

The most common misconception about rebranding is that it’s a lot of work. Rebranding is rebranding – it doesn’t have to be crazy, nor does it have to be scary. One thing is for certain, it will be tricky and challenging.

That’s why in this article, we’ll go through the nooks and crannies of doing a rebrand. We’ll go over some of the questions organizations may ask before diving deep into a rebrand themselves! This can help staffing firms and other organizations that will rebrand to execute and lay the process out correctly!

What Rebranding is NOT  

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of rebranding at least once. In case you haven’t, it is one of the common topics, especially in the marketing field. Why? Because it’s like building a new brand without starting from scratch.

Most people think of rebranding as simple as changing the name, colors, and logo of a business but it’s not. Those are only part of a full-blown rebranding.

Rebranding, in a nutshell, is a marketing strategy that would holistically change a business or an organization’s impact. The goal is to change and modify the clients’ perception about their service, product, or the brand itself.

Think of it like overhauling a business and changing it from the inside out.


What Motivates a Rebrand?  

A rebrand doesn’t just come out of the blue, there will be one thing that pushes the rebrand to happen. Brands and companies may have their exclusive reasons, but the most common things that push them to do a rebrand are the following:


Out-of-the-Trend Businesses

There’s nothing worse than competing with big dogs in a new field while still retaining that puppy-like image you had years ago. Businesses evolve, just like how our wants do, and not leveling the playing field is a silent killer.

Rebranding has been one of the most effective ways of catching up with competitors, as well as refreshing the minds of their market.


A Hyper Localized Brand

Niching down is good when you’re starting out, but what if you’ve traversed the seas and want to capture a different market? Hyper localization has been a common problem, especially for physical or geo-specific brands and businesses.

Businesses that have been hyper-optimized may fail to reach further than the circle of where they are. So, a full-on rebranding might just be the solution to this dilemma.


Market Shift

It’s an unspoken language that businesses rebrand when they’re trying to tap into different markets. In fact, some companies rebranded in the first seven years of business. Different requirements and needs call for different products! You must get that yin in your yang, you know.



And last but most definitely not least is digitalization. Digital transformation has been one of the top drivers of businesses that rebranded in the past decade. Talk about transforming traditional cars and vehicles to self-driving ones!

Companies are starting to inject these smart intelligent robots to their brand to better fit their market, as well as the current day and age.

These are among the most common motivations for a rebrand with modernization or digitalization atop the ladder. Like people, the last thing brands want is to be left out in a stampede of newer and more modern businesses.


How Much Time is Needed for a Rebranding Rollout?  

The time it’ll take to fully rebrand will depend on the coordination and collaboration within the team, as well as the changes needed. Rebranding doesn’t happen overnight! You’ll need a big scoop of hard work, and a bigger scoop of patience to get it done.

On average, the completion of rebranding can be done within 12 to 18 months.¹ This already includes the research, visualization, implementation, and the launch.

That doesn’t restrict the timeline of rebranding, though. There will always be lighter situations that can expedite the entire branding process like a kickstart in research, assistance in documentation and implementation, and more!


What are the Outcomes of Rebranding?  

Goals and aspirations of rebranding differ from one brand to another. Although all brands’ goal is to make more money, different industries would have shorter and more niche-specific goals, like staffing, for example.

Staffing firms are rebranding to grow their network. The goals would be to get more qualified candidates, get more clients, and gain better and heavier web traffic to be known by more people.

But, essentially, the four pillars of rebranding are:

  • Clarity of the brand’s efforts and offers.
  • Focus on collaborating and connecting the dots for employees.
  • Confidence in the position of the brand and where they are in the market.
  • Acceleration and growth of the brand from the inside out.

In case you’re wondering where the money is, it sits on top of these four! Kidding aside, these are four of the immediate outcomes you’ll see after a successful rebranding.


What Can You Expect When You Work with a Marketing Company?  

Rebranding takes a lot of gut, work, and time, and current operations could fall into a great deal of stress, especially during the pre-building stage of the brand.

And so, working with a marketing company can give you a sigh of relief, especially if you want to sweep the entirety of your brand out. Think of it like hiring an interior designer for an interior overhaul–you wouldn’t need to spend countless hours drafting! You simply have to lay the plans out to your designer, and they’ll be the ones to get their hands dirty.

Placing the load on a marketing firm will make your lives easier. Besides the fact that marketing companies have all the resources needed, you can skip the crucial thinking part and allow them to finish it for you!


Rebranding Isn’t a “Bad Thing”  

Most brands and organizations think that rebranding is linked to failure. But no that’s not what it is. Oftentimes, companies rebrand to maximize possible resources and to have better positions in the market. They could be achieving their goals, but they moved from what their goals are to another.

Some even rebrand because they’re unable to keep up with the market’s demands! So, break the stigma! Avoid thinking about rebranding as a “solution” to a grave problem. Think of it as a brand diverting or changing up what their needs, goals, and targets are.



Rebranding isn’t always easy. But, with Allied Insight, you’ll never worry about it! As one of the top marketing firms in the industry, we can work through your rebranding needs fluently. As a full-stack marketing firm, we’ll handle your rebranding by assisting you with the research, documentation, comparison, analytics to A/B testing, implementation, to launch of your new and improved brand!

We only have one goal – and that’s to help you meet your firm’s goals without putting a lot on your plate. We’ll appropriately populate the holes and gaps you have in your processes through accuracy, accessibility, impact, and holistic development. Contact Allied Insight and map a strategy out for your rebranding now!



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