Get Reel: Why Video Content is the Missing Piece in Your Recruitment Marketing Puzzle 

Get Reel: Why Video Content is the Missing Piece in Your Recruitment Marketing Puzzle 

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  • May 17, 2023

Want to boost your job listing’s views? Well, here’s a not-so-secret tip: add some video content to your recruitment marketing! Yes, that’s right.

According to Glassdoor’s report, job postings with video content get 12% more views than those without. And interestingly, these videos can increase candidate applications by a whopping 34 percent.¹ So, why not flaunt your company’s vibe by adding non-static visuals to your job ads? Who knows, the perfect candidate might just be watching.

 Why Video Content Matters in Recruitment Marketing 

Videos are like attention magnets. Before you know it, you’ve spent hours scrolling through them without knowing it. But if you must apply this recruiting strategy, you deserve to know what you stand to gain. Here are three incredible benefits that’ll make you want to hit that record button ASAP:


1. Increased Candidate Engagement

Did you know that almost half of the candidates in high-demand fields turn down job offers because of a bad experience as an applicant?² But don’t worry, there’s a solution: recruitment videos! These videos are a great way to show off your company’s culture and work environment, which is something candidates really care about. Plus, they go beyond just the job description and give potential employees a taste of what it’s like to work at your company.


2. Improved Employer Branding

When candidates are on the hunt for their next gig, they don’t just care about cash. They want to know what the company is about and what they stand for. That’s why companies need to be unique and have a good reputation that people will dig. And here’s where recruitment marketing videos come in! This is like a fancy way of saying that companies need to tell people their story in a way that gets them pumped up. When you do this right, you can snag the top candidates and be the first thing on their minds when they’re ready to apply.


3. Higher Conversion Rates

The main goal of any marketing effort is to reach as many people as possible to generate more leads. The good news is that videos are the way to go! People love watching videos—they’re more fun than reading job descriptions. Studies have shown that video content is shared 1200% more than text and images combined!³ So, if you want to expand your funnel and reach candidates massively, video content is your secret weapon.


6 Tips for Creating Catchy and Effective Recruitment Marketing Videos 

When trying to convince someone to work with you, you only have about one and a half minutes to make a good impression. That’s not a lot of time, so it’s crucial to use it wisely. Your storytelling, scripting, and editing abilities are all essential aspects of your video content marketing.


1. Start with a strong hook.

The first few seconds of your video can either make or break it! If your viewer isn’t interested right off the bat, they might lose interest and stop watching. So, to hook them in, you need to focus on what makes your company unique and stand out from the rest.

You can start with something that’ll grab their attention, like a crazy fact or a jaw-dropping statistic related to your company or the job you’re hiring for. Or, if you’re feeling playful, you could add humor or an emotional touch to get their attention.

For instance, if you’re making a recruitment video for a tech company, you could begin by asking a question like “Do you want to work on the next big thing in tech?” or “Are you ready to join a team of innovators?”

Adding some personality and spunk, you’re more likely to keep your audience engaged.


2. Highlight your company culture.

Your company culture is a big deal! It’s what sets you apart from other companies and makes your workplace a unique and special place. Show off your company culture in a way that’s real and relatable. You want to give potential hires a peek into what it’s like to be part of your team.

You could feature your teams working together on a project, grabbing coffee in the break room, or maybe even playing some ping pong in the office! You can also showcase any sweet perks or benefits of being part of your team.

The key is to bring your company culture to life in the video. Show potential hires why your company is such a fantastic place to work and what makes your team stand out. If you can do that, you’ll have potential hires lining up at your door in no time!


3. Create an ideal candidate persona.

Your recruitment marketing video needs to be crystal clear about the job you’re offering. You want potential candidates to know exactly what they’re getting into, what skills they’ll need, and what they’ll be doing daily.

Start by giving an overview of the position and the tasks involved. So, if you’re looking for a marketing pro, provide them with the scoop on the kinds of campaigns they’d be working on, the channels they’d be managing, and what metrics they’d need to keep an eye on. That way, candidates will know what they’re signing up for and whether they have what it takes.

By being upfront and transparent about the job, you’ll attract candidates who are a great match and weed out those who aren’t a good fit.


4. Use testimonials to your advantage.

Testimonials are game-changers! Did you know that 90% of people say that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions?⁴ Here’s the good news – testimonials work just as well in the world of recruitment!

If you want to build trust with job seekers, you can incorporate testimonials into your recruitment marketing efforts. You can feature current or former employees talking about

  • What they love about the company culture
  • Engaged and interested in what you have to say
  • What they’ve accomplished while working at the company

Using these testimonials will give potential candidates a chance to visualize themselves working at your company and get excited about the possibilities.


5. Make the video visually appealing.

Make sure your scenes are high-quality and well-lit. Nobody wants to watch a video that’s dark and blurry! To keep your viewers engaged and interested in what you have to say, try doing some of these things.

  • If you need to explain some complex concepts, add some fun animations.
  • Add some music or sound effects to create an emotional connection with your viewers.
  • Use text overlays to emphasize important points and keep your viewers engaged.
  • Keep it short and sweet


6. Include a CTA or call to action.

Alright, let’s wrap this up with a strong finish! At the end of your video, don’t forget to include a clear call to action that motivates viewers to take action. Try something like: “Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to join our team! Apply now and let’s create something great together!” or “Ready to take the next step? Head to our website to learn more and submit your application today!”

Be crystal clear and include a link to your company’s career site or application portal so interested candidates can easily apply.


Don’t Forget to Track and Measure How Effective Your Content Is

Analytics can be your BFF when it comes to tracking the success of your marketing campaigns. You can keep an eye on the views, comments, and how job seekers interact with your content.

This way, you can see what’s working and what’s not and make the necessary changes to your recruitment marketing strategy. Plus, you can measure the ROI of your marketing spend and figure out where you need to improve.

So, don’t be afraid to dive into those stats and see what’s happening behind the scenes.



Allied Insight is a full-stack marketing agency that knows its onions when it comes to creating effective recruiting strategies specifically for staffing firms like yours. With our killer video content and targeted digital campaigns, we’ll help make your recruitment marketing goals a reality.

Don’t settle for a boring recruitment marketing strategy when you can build a dynamic and engaging brand that will make your company the talk of the town. Contact us today, and let’s build the future of your staffing company together!



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