Breaking Down Apple’s WWDC23: 3 Key Takeaways for Staffing Professionals 

Breaking Down Apple's WWDC23: 3 Key Takeaways for Staffing Professionals 

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  • July 3, 2023

Industries are consistently coming up with new innovations and advancements throughout the years. With so many changes in the world of work, it’s important for staffing companies to stay ahead.

Instead of relying only on meetings and conferences within the staffing industry, firms and agencies should also consider exploring events outside of their realm. For example, those related to technology or to engineering.

In analyzing the improvements in other fields, staffing agencies could pick up strategies they can implement in their own work.

Setting the Context 

In the early weeks of June 2023, Apple held its greatly anticipated annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Commonly referred to as WWDC23, the event aimed to bring together engineers, developers, and technology enthusiasts all over the globe eager to discover the company’s newest innovations.

Since the conference was primarily an online affair, many viewers tuned in to gain insight into Apple’s latest technological updates, inventions, and potentially groundbreaking announcements.

During the event, Apple released exclusive information regarding their latest software updates, new features to existing devices, projects currently being improved, and future plans their users should be excited about.


3 Takeaways for Staffing Professionals 

The recently concluded WWDC23 was an insightful event meant to showcase Apple’s unwavering commitment to advancement and innovation. Aside from technology buffs, the conference also featured ideas and concepts that anyone from any industry could reflect on.

Even for staffing professionals like you who are hoping to improve the quality of their services, there are a few key takeaways you can consider.


1. Product Positioning

Staffing firms are renowned for their expertise in the job market. They’re expected to be knowledgeable about the latest trends and innovations in the industries they focus on. Regardless of if they are helping companies fill face-to-face positions or remote work, they are considered as experts in their craft.

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From the needs of their client companies to the goals of their professionals, a staffing agency needs to know what people need so they can effectively position their services.

Take Apple as an example. Through observations and data analysis, they understood their marketed customers tend to use their products when conducting health-related activities. So, their WWDC23 update included a new and improved way to track milestones for hikers and cyclists alike.¹

Even though their old watchOS already included ways to track distance traveled, they still provided a fresh approach that made the usage of their products even more convenient and efficient.

In the industry of staffing, this points to the necessity of knowing what your target market needs even before they realize it for themselves. If you’re offering services like contract hire or direct hire, you need to understand when they’re best utilized.

Most of the time, companies reach out to a staffing agency because they lack people. They’re usually unaware of the best options to choose or the best solutions to their problems. As the experts in the field, you’re expected to inform them and offer specific services that will best fit their needs.

As a leader in the world of staffing, you need to always have a forward-looking perspective. You have to consider both the short-term and long-term goals of your client to best position your product or services offered.


2. Relationship Building

The most important factor that separates a great staffing agency from the rest is its people’s ability to build and maintain relationships with all of its stakeholders.

For example, it should have employees who can communicate with company leaders and clients to understand the roles they’re hoping to fill. Communication can also help you create a mental image of the people your customers are searching for. This’ll help your company find people in an easier and faster manner.

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On the other hand, the skill of relationship building can allow your company to reach out to job seekers who possess valuable skills and experiences. Establishing a strong network of professionals would also become a walk in the park if your people were good at building lasting relationships with experts from different fields

Speaking of Apple, they know a thing or two about relationship building too. At WWDC23, they wowed the crowd with their storytelling magic. Their new features, like mind-blowing augmented reality, created an immersive experience that left their audience craving more. It’s like they brought the internet to life, making interactions feel realistic!

For staffing professionals, the effort of leveraging technology and innovations to form stronger bonds could be adopted. Aside from separately communicating with your stakeholders, you can also cultivate a connection between companies and professionals who meet each other’s needs and requirements.

Establishing relationships and building them from scratch can help motivate more personalized interactions with your stakeholders and better overall experiences on their end. Moreover, it ensures clear communication and enhanced understanding of both employers and employees which nurtures stronger loyalty and trust.


3. Laser-Focus on Details

Through the advancements presented by Apple during their WWDC23, they proved their commitment not only to innovation but also to the major and minor details of their products.

For example, their new project the Apple Vision Pro was created with both comfort and aesthetics in mind. Instead of simply making wearable tech, they also considered how its design could be more user-friendly without compromising any of its technological features.

But it doesn’t stop there. Even their keynote presentations were a masterclass in attention to detail. Smooth transitions, flawless execution! Apple knows that good user experience is everything, and they’re dead set on making their customers happy.

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Now, let’s apply this laser-focused mindset to the industry of staffing. Paying attention to the tiniest details in employee acquisition adds a sprinkle of consistency to your services. Just like Apple, you want people to remember the bridges you build and how you built them. It’s not just about the end goal; it’s about the journey too!

Show your clients and candidates that you’ve got their backs by being consistent and detail oriented. Your reputation will skyrocket, and you’ll be the go-to staffing maestro in no time!

Remember the service you provide shouldn’t focus only on the end goal. Even if the bridges you build are strong, people will still remember how you created them in the first place. It’s less about the offer and the services and more about how you executed the steps to get there. Consistency and attention to detail will ensure that all the relationships you help create will last.



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