NJSA Membership Badge 2024

The NJ Staffing Association (NJSA) is a non-profit organization focused on the staffing industry in New Jersey. They aim to amplify the voice of staffing firms by communicating pertinent issues to association members, legislative leaders, regulators, the news media, and the public. Backed by staffing firms and industry providers, NJSA provides a digital badge to recognize your commitment and support to the staffing industry.

User Guide and Badges


The NJSA Membership Badge User Guide provides instructions on how to use, publish and promote your current 2024 NJSA Membership on your website, social media, and any other company profile. In short:

  • Do Not Alter the design or orientation of the badge
  • Required Padding has been included in the downloaded version
  • Please use 1 of the 4 color variations to ensure prominence
  • Please link back to https://njsa.com/ for SEO


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