Helping Staffing Agencies by Making Salesforce More Accessible as an ATS

Helpstone are experts in helping recruiting, search and staffing firms use Salesforce to its fullest potential. From pipeline management to workflow automation, your staffing firm can run more efficiently and consistently while having full funnel visibility. This level of transparency is aided through custom development along with the Saleforce’s ability to integrate with almost any enterprise software solution on the market. Business runs smoother and projects are more accurate with the right structure in place.

As a trusted vendor in our partner ecosystem, we work with Helpstone and their clients to ensure their projects get the lift and support necessary to realize the full project potential.

Helpstone Exclusive Offers

Lead Generation Launch: Starts at $3,500

New infrastructure and workflow automation means New Opportunity to CONNECT! We’ll work with Helpstone and your internal project team to assess your current email communication practices and current offers to develop a candidate-centric email drip sequence, a landing page for lead collection and craft one Marcom campaign for social media promotion to kick things off.
    • Pricing varies on existing content and available offers
    • Minimum of 8-weeks
      • Wk 1: Project Review
        Wk 2 to 4: Content/Design Development
        Wk 5: Review
        Wk 6: Revise and Test
        Wk 7: Final Review
        Wk 8: Revise and Release

Partnership Discount: 5% OFF

All actively billing clients of Helpstone will be eligible for a 10% Discount* off our monthly retainer packages

* Discount applies ONLY to monthly retainer (add-ons not included) and cannot be combined with other offers

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